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Trendy Feminine Living Rooms With A Dash Of Delicate Finesse!

Designing and decorating a living room is all about finding that ideal balance between practicality and aesthetics. While a bedroom with a distinct feminine vibe is easy to shape and offers many more options in terms of decor and accessories, crafting a feminine living room requires a lot more care. For starters, not all of us are comfortable with a room that is filled with soft hues, pastel colors and decor that has a distinct feminine appeal. Most homeowners obviously tend to opt for gender-neutral settings that often seem more masculine, thanks to the use of clean, straight lines.

White drapes and cozy decor give the spacious room a trendy, feminine look [Design: BNO]

But feminine living rooms have a distinct style and aura of their own that makes them both inviting and visually appealing. Instantly bringing home a sense of serenity and calm, most feminine living rooms exude luxury while filling the space with pops of color. From the dashing to the delicate, here is a collection of the trendy best –

Simple and posh feminine living room [Design: Birdhouse Interior Design]
Bright pops of color enliven the chic living space [By Rikki Snyder Photography]
Contemporary living room with timeless regal charm [By Rikki Snyder Photography]
Beach-style living room with feminine flair! [Design: Whitstable Island Interiors]
Eclectic and tasteful living room with a warm glow! [Design: Tara Dudley Interiors]

An Array of Dazzling Styles

One of the inherent benefits of giving your living space that delicate touch of feminine charm is the wide range of styles and themes that you can adopt. While masculine spaces often are limited in the range of colors and styles that they bring in, feminine living rooms embrace everything from the chic bohemian look to the sleek contemporary style. While the use of a beautiful neutral backdrop and soft pastel colors allows you to turn towards country cottage, coastal and modern themes, the use of brighter colors and floral patterns opens the door to eclectic, Moroccan and even Midcentury modern themes.

Chic cottage-style living room with lovely, neutral hues [Design: Annie’s Designs]
Colorful living room with modern bohemian charm [Design: Fringe Home Design]
Fabulous living room with a unique style of its own! [Design: Kim Parker Interiors]

One of the biggest challenges in shaping a feminine living room is finding that fine line between a sensible and stylish space and a room that reminds you of a girls’ bedroom that is drenched in multiple shades of pink! Since we are decorating the living area, do incorporate a few subtle masculine features that give the room a balanced yet beautiful atmosphere.

Stylish living room filled with lovely flea market finds! [Design: Louise de Miranda]
Soothing and elegant living room with a dash of gold! [Design: S. B. Long Interiors]
Living room with a balanced blend of masculine and feminine touches [Design: Shirley Meisels]
Beautiful feminine living room with a traditional style [Design: Authentic Home]

A Splash of Fun Hues

Much like in the case of themes, a feminine living room also allows one to use a wider range of colors when compared to masculine spaces that limit you to gray, black and brown! While you have plenty of freedom with the colors of choice, remember to use them in a classy, restrained fashion. An overload of pink is not a welcome sign in the living room, and with pastel colors becoming a hot trend in 2014, you can surely use these mesmerizing and elegant shades instead of bolder, more conventional hues. The colors that you use obviously depend on the color scheme of the remainder of the house and also the chosen theme.

A touch of hot pink in a chic living room [Design: Caitlin Wilson]
An all-white backdrop and plush rug bring in the feminine appeal [Design: Virtual Studio Innovations]
Floral patterns and bold colors balance the masculine and feminine [Design: Peterssen/Keller Architecture]

While pink tops the list as always, coral, orange, green and relaxing blues are increasingly becoming popular when it comes to feminine living rooms. Gold and silver tones (along with metallic accessories) have also made a grand comeback in the last few years. Warm lighting with a soft glow is the perfect way to complete the serene and tasteful feminine living space.

A bold splash of green in the living room [Design: Borden Interiors & Associates]
Elegant contemporary living room with a restrained feminine vibe [Design: Digs By Katie]
Soft lighting plays a pivotal role in shaping the feminine living space [Design: CWB Architects]
Feminine living room in black and white with pops of pink [Design: Nichole Loiacono]

Cozy Decor and Textures

Decor that is visually delicate is a key aspect in shaping a living room with a feminine vibe. Plush rugs, soft textiles and cozy chairs and sofas with rounded edges are a great and simple way of achieving this look. In fact, you can always change a few central decor pieces to easily find the balance between a masculine and feminine appeal when you wish to give the room a makeover! If you have a fireplace, turn it into the focal point of the room, as its soft, warm glow helps enhance the feminine quality of the space. It is simple changes such as this that make a huge difference in the larger scheme of things!

Soft textures and colors usher in the feminine vibe [Design: Cornerstone Design]
Exquisite decor pieces and classical art in the living room [Design: Designer Premier]

Natural plants, acrylic coffee tables, mirrored finishes and colorful lampshades also add to the appeal of the feminine living area. At the same time, it is best to avoid sharp edges, too many simple, straight lines and a minimal approach to decorating when crafting a feminine living room. An overload of electronic gadgets also takes away from this design approach.

Contemporary living room with pink chair and sheepskin stool [Design: Eche Martinez]
Light and relaxing living room with eclectic design [by Chris A. Dorsey Photography]
Small apartment living room with a feminine vibe [Design: The Cross Interior Design]
Cheerful and serene modern feminine living room [Design: Dodson Interiors]
Twin chairs give the room a distinct feminine appeal [Design: Incorporated]

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