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Classy Contemporary Kitchen Offers Refined, Innovative Space Solutions

There is absolutely no doubting the fact that the kitchen has always been the heart of the house and its undeniable driving force. But the current crop of innovative designers is turning it into the heart and soul of the contemporary home, even as exciting open-floor living plans are putting it under the spotlight. Scavolini has shown us their ability to produce stunning social kitchen compositions in partnership with Diesel, and today we have another beauty from the renowned kitchen maker that does its best to deliver a space that steals the show at every turn. Dubbed Mood and crafted by Silvano Barsacchi, this stunning kitchen design brings together style and sensibility.

Kitchen with central workstation and integral island in white oak, blue glossy shelves

Mood brings forward an amazing array of aesthetic and spec-conscious design solutions that help in shaping a kitchen that fits in with the exact style and theme of your home. Each composition can be custom-crafted to meet your specific lifestyle needs, and the extraordinary array of finishes and textures ensures that you have a truly exciting space. From classic oak finishes to glossy, mirror-like modern surfaces, the dynamic appeal of the cabinets, elegant worktops and creative kitchen islands with extendable tables combine to deliver the kitchen of your dreams.

The Italian flair of each of the Mood kitchen compositions is simply unmistakable, and the under-top frames and central strip and handles give it a sleek, minimal vibe. Exclusive and adaptable, here is another fascinating kitchen from Scavolini that seems like an inviting, natural extension of your living space.

Sophisticated kitchen composition with smart snack area

Smart kitchen combines living room elements with kitchen design

Lovely Moooi Random light enhances the flawless functionality of this kitchen

Extra white and super-sturdy quartz qorktop of the kitchen gives it a refined appeal

Gorgeous white sheers add to the style of the contemporary kitchen

Light oak finish of the cabinets lets the metallic elements of the kitchen stand out

Tasteful contemporary kitchen Mood from Scavolini with adaptable design units

The subject is born from an idea and the idea from the subject… the Mood kitchen expresses personality, good taste and elegance… it becomes the center of attention in the modern house, an idea of living in tune with the present day and the beauty of life.

– Silvano Barsacchi

Customized modern kitchen with trendy wooden charm

Beautiful all-white kitchen composition is ideal for the small home

Brilliant way to add a dashing accent hue to your kitchen!

Elegant use of grey oak and lime green in the modern kitchen

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