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10 Trendy Ways To Transform Your Living Room Corner Space

Decorating a corner space can be a tricky affair and often a task that leaves even the best designers perplexed. It is not so much the fact that the lonely little corner is incredibly difficult to decorate, but the complexity lies in making the right choice in relation to the rest of the room. Decorating a living room corner space is all about figuring out what works best for your home and the design theme that you have going. While some rooms demand an intricate and captivating corner makeover, others look stunning with simple, minimal additions. And yet there are times when a room looks balanced when the corner is left untouched and idle!

Combine several different decorating ideas to create a stylish living room [Design: Studio MM]

While we’ve already explored some lovely bedroom corner decorating ideas, today we delve into the many ways in which you can give that forgotten corner in your living room a stylish and sensible makeover. From saving up precious square footage to giving your room a creative new dimension, here are 10 fabulous ideas that transform the awkward corner –

1. Stylish Sectional Couch

This is probably the simplest and easiest idea that one can start off with, and since sectional sofas are specifically made for the living room corner, you really cannot go wrong here. This works especially well if you have a small living room where every inch of space is absolutely precious. Simply add a few pendant lights or wall sconces and you can easily transform this space into a serene reading nook as well.

Couch in the corner and the window give the room an airy look [by Magdalena Keck Interior Design]
Custom corner sofa allows you to enjoy a quiet cup of coffee [Design: Lisa Rubenstein – Real Rooms]

2. Bring Home Some Fire!

Both fireplaces and beautiful water features have an allure that I am immediately drawn to, and that is probably one of the reasons why we have so many amazing fireplaces, dazzling pools and a combination of both on Decoist! While it is harder to bring water features into the living room, a freestanding corner fireplace is easy to install and instantly becomes the focal point of the room. Couple this with the right mantel decor and lighting, and you have a gorgeous corner addition.

EcoSmart Fireplace brings contemporary elegance to the corner [Design: Mahoney Architects & Interiors]
Trendy living room with chic Art Deco style [Design: Dan Waibel Designer Builder]
Living room that uses its corners in a smart fashion! [Design: Maison21]

3. A Cozy Nook

If you do not have too much space to spare and are looking for a functional and practical decorating solution, then a simple reading nook in the corner works best in the living room. All you need is a comfy chair, an ottoman and maybe a side table, and you have a relaxing spot where you can while away many an evening. Once again, some smart lighting is the icing on the cake that lets this corner nook shine through.

Black and white living room with pops of color [Design: bnl-interior design]
Turn the living room corner into a simple reading nook [Design: Lien Luu]

4. Serving Your Entertainment Needs

Corner entertainment units are a lot less popular than elaborate wall-mounted fixtures that take up a lot more space. But placing the television in the corner not only opens up additional space, it also ensures that electronic additions do not become the focal point of the room. Just a simple corner stand for the flat screen TV keeps the arrangement understated and practical.

Corner entertainment unit saves up on ample space [Design: Studio Thomas James]
Corner TV allows you to turn the fireplace into the focal point of the room [Design: Artful Styles]

5. A Cool Conversation Spot

An intimate and beautiful conversation nook in the corner is a popular addition to living rooms across the globe. There are many different takes on this basic idea that you can adopt, and they vary from a simple Asian-style minimal setting to a more elaborate corner conversation nook with a fireplace and wall-mounted shelves. The trick here is to pick decor and accessories that complement your living room couch and seem like a natural extension of the existing space.

Shaping a unique conversation hub in the corner [Design: Jace Interiors & CreateGirl Blog]

6. A Snazzy Workspace

With more and more homeowners either working from home entirely or preferring to bring part of their work back home, it is only natural that a beautiful home office is quickly becoming a must in most modern residences. But for those who cannot afford to have a dedicated home office, the living room corner offers an ergonomic and practical solution. Just add a smart work desk, some floating shelving units, and of course a snazzy chair, and you are good to go.

Stylish and versatile corner workspace in the living room [By Cory Connor Designs]

Corner living room workspaces also allow parents to keep an eye on their little ones as they turn the living room into their playroom each evening! You can even keep an eye on the football game or the latest news as you flip through work, thanks to this smart addition.

Turn the living room corner into a productive workspace [Design: Swan Architecture]

7. Light It Up with Style!

Not looking for decorating solutions that demand too much work? Then why not enliven that lonely living room corner with a dazzling lighting addition! Often, floor lamps make a big visual statement and also automatically ensure that the corner is no longer dull and forgotten. With oversized light fixtures gaining popularity in 2014, this is both a safe and trendy bet. You can even use a beautiful table lamp coupled with the right corner table if floor lamps do not tickle your fancy.

Oversized floor lamp in the corner steals the show! [Photography: Two Column Media]
Arco-style floor lamps ensure that the corner is put to good use [By Positive Space Staging and Design]

8. Striking Shelves and Displays

Another instant hit among those looking to utilize every inch of vertical space, corner shelves also double as chic living room displays that bring aesthetic value. In case you are less organized, closed cabinets ensure that one can easily tuck away the mess. Custom corner shelves are easy to design, give you an opportunity to showcase everything from your book collection to the latest DIY creation, and maximize storage with style!

Sleek shelf accentuates the Mid Century modern style of the room [By Kropat Interior Design]
Combine open shelves with closed cabinets for greater flexibility [By KannCept Design]

9. Invite the View Indoors

Not all of us are blessed with a view outside the living room that is filled with mesmerizing mountains or relaxing waves in the distance. But don’t let that stop you from opening up your living room to the outdoors. Instead of filling up the corner, use glass walls to bring that backyard or the pool deck “indoors”. This seamless connectivity with the outdoors also gives the living room a more cheerful and airy appeal.

Corner glass window brings the outdoors inside [Design: Dick Clark + Associates]

10. Sculptural Style and Greenery

Decorating the living room corner is a lot easier than thinking of ideas for the bedroom or kitchen corner area. Simple sculptural additions, captivating art installations and even a refreshing natural potted plant instantly transforms the vibe of the living room with ease. You can even switch between these corner additions with changing trends and seasons to give the living room a more contemporary appeal.

Sculptural addition in the corner adds to the serene ambiance of the room [By Amy Lau Design]
Add some natural greenery to your living room [By Barry Grossman Photography]

Remember that decorating the living room corner does not mean you stuff every corner with decor that leads to a cluttered space. As we discussed earlier, sometimes decorating with nothing is the perfect way to go. Just make sure that whatever addition you choose, it balances the room visually while serving as an organic extension of the rest of the living area.

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