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20 Modern Sectional Sofas for a Stylish Interior

Sectional sofas–once a tacky reference to ’70s/’80s design, these ample seating solutions are once again appearing in modern living rooms. Remember that ultimate “out-of-style” statement called the teal green sectional sofa? Guess what? Sectionals are back! Even the teal ones …

Beautiful sectional sofas

Why go sectional? For one thing, if you entertain, sectional sofas are the perfect way to seat a group of people. Even if the purchase is strictly for you and your family, the comfy nature of sectional seating can seem positively luxurious. What better way to watch TV than by lounging? Not to mention, many sectionals are modular, consisting of smaller pieces arranged in the configuration of your choice. The versatility is appealing, and so is the option of moving portions of the sofa as needed. What’s not to like about seating that’s ideal for grand spaces and small spaces alike?!

Clean-Lined Sectional Sofas

Our first group of featured sofas celebrates contemporary style with clean lines and lean silhouettes. Simple and modern is the key. The Lorimer Sectional sits low to the ground, supported by dark wooden legs. Looking for a different color or style? No worries–the piece can be ordered in a variety of configurations and fabric options. [from West Elm]

A low blue sectional sofa

Great things come in pairs. Like the Klyne 2-Piece Sectional. The compact nature of this piece makes it perfect for small spaces. Not to mention, narrow arms allow for more room overall. Tuck this piece in a corner, or use it in the middle of a room to help define the layout. [from Crate & Barrel

A 2-piece sectional sofa

It’s a vision in royal blue! The Uptown Left Arm Sectional Sofa celebrates simplicity with a streamlined look. The piece’s stainless steel base is a sparkling contrast to the rich fabric. [from Crate & Barrel]

A sectional sofa with a stainless steel base

Boxy and low to the ground. This next sofa is a contemporary update of retro designs, like the chic modern sectional pieces of the ’70s and ’80s (which are making a comeback). Yet this sofa is clearly modern, and its dark shade will make a powerful statement in the space of your choice. [from Designitalia]

A modern Italian sectional sofa

Crafted of microfiber or suede, the Medina Sofa is available in a variety of colors and styles. We’re partial to the beige tone below, which is sure to brighten any room with a look that ranges from elegant to retro. [from Scandinavian Comfort]

A modern sectional sofa in beige

The white sectional sofa in the next image is curved rather than sharply angled. Glamorous without being flashy, the piece has a minimalist vibe that is playful at the same time. [from Designitalia]

A white Italian sectional sofa

What if your sectional sofa could be more than a couch? Why not throw in lamp and table duty?! The T35 Mini Modern White Leather Sectional Sofa includes a platform with a built-in light, as well as a side table. Because you might as well have a place to set your drink… [from OLX Los Angeles]

A white modern leather sectional sofa

Speaking of double duty, the sectional sofa below has arms that provide built in storage. Books and other collectibles now have a place to rest, right beside the place you rest! [from Designitalia]

A sectional sofa with built-in shelving

What could be bolder than a bright red sectional sofa? This one has a slight curve rather than a blatant L-shape. A unique form and an equally unique hue–it’s a winner! [from Designitalia]

A red sectional sofa

Tufted Sectional Seating

We now move on to tufted sectional sofas, which are elegant with a diamond pattern created by the placement of buttons. The Tillary Tufted Modular Seating shown below can be purchased in pieces and arranged just as you like. Need an impromptu guest bed? This seating can even be configured to accommodate overnight company. [from West Elm]

A modern tufted sectional sofa

Tufted seating is extra glamorous when presented abundantly. Live large with a wide sofa like the one below, complete with a chaise lounge component! [from HomeDesignPics]

A large tufted sectional sofa

Minimal tufting is distinctly sparse on the Jackson Sectional Sofa. In fact, tufting is confined to the back cushions of this piece, which features a movable ottoman that can be shifted left or right to create a chaise lounge in your location of choice. [from West Elm]

A sectional sofa with a tufted back

Speaking of chaise components, the next two sofas each feature a prominent lounging section. The Dual Chocolate Sectional can orient left or right to meet the needs of your layout. Do you have a traditional room? The tufting will add an elegant component to your space. At the same time, it can bring textured style to the most contemporary of rooms, like the interior below. [from CB2]

A chocolate brown sectional sofa

Guess what? This piece also comes in grey… The Dual Pebble Sectional is a cool-toned seating option for the room of your choice. Hint: this shade is dynamite with red accents, like the vibrant rug in the next image. [from CB2]

A modern grey tufted sectional sofa

Modular Sectional Seating

Modular seating. It’s hard to beat! The ability to move portions of your couch on demand definitely has its benefits. Entertaining? Break up the seating to get a better view of your guests. Need more space in the middle of the room? Dismantle your sectional and scatter its pieces to the edges of the space. The Tillary Moduar Seating below can be purchased in individual pieces or in sets. Make one large sectional, separate the components, or reconfigure them to form a guest bed! The choice is yours… [from West Elm]

A modular sectional sofa

There’s something about an off-white sofa in a vibrant room. The Cielo Ivory Sectional Pieces rest on brushed aluminum legs and consist of three separate components: an armless chair, a corner chair and a chaise. Arrange them to your liking and let the design magic unfold! [from CB2]

An ivory sectional sofa

Stripes abound on the Savino 7-Piece Sectional Sofa. This modular seating option celebrates Italian style with horizontal bands that emphasize the clean-lined design of the piece. Accent with striped pillows for double the fun! [from Crate & Barrel]

A 7-piece sectional sofa

For a unique take on the modular sofa, check out the Uno Caper Left Arm Sectional Pieces shown below. Not only can each item work alone as a chaise, two can be pushed together for a roomy seating option. [from CB2]

Modern chaise lounge sectional seating

A Blast from the Past…

You didn’t think we’d end this post without a bit of nostalgia, did you?! But rather than being a retro-tacky relic of yesteryear, the teal sectional sofa has made a proper contemporary comeback. Check out the Missone Magic Teal 3-Piece Sectional Sofa Package, which features modern stainless steel legs. Accent with eggplant pillows for an updated look. [from 201 Main]

A teal blue sectional sofa

For a teal statement that is more green than blue, order the Sebring Sofa, featured in the next image. A low-to-the-ground design combines with sleek metal legs to create a modern piece with stylish roots in the past. Don’t worry–if teal is not your thing, you can order this seating in beige! [from Scandinavian Comfort]

A modern teal sectional sofa

It’s a good thing sectional seating has returned! It’s just too darn practical to hide in the shadows. Updated styles have unleashed a new wave of popularity, and with good reason. Even the most minimal of designs have a luxurious feel. Do you live in a small space? Enjoy compact sectionals that maximize your seating options. After all, there’s a sectional size and style to meet every seating need!


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