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Outdoor Inspiration: Stunning Design Ideas For Fireplaces By The Pool

Modern design is as much about the outdoors as it is about the interiors. A stunning contemporary home often brings along with it a fabulous patio or backyard that sports a refreshing pool. Whether it is an infinity edge pool that leaves you awe-inspired or a wonderful Jacuzzi and swimming pool combination that brings home the spa experience, dramatic outdoor settings have become an integral part of most houses. Adding a fireplace to this backdrop accentuates the charm of your deck space several fold.

Picture perfect setting for a lovely night under the stars

by mark pinkerton / vi360 photography

With modern fireplaces coming in a multitude of styles and materials, you can always pick one that complements your pool best. From the sleek and minimalist to those clad in distinct stone, a hint of blazing flame next to the energizing pool gives a whole new aura to the outdoors. Here are some spellbinding inspirations that will tempt you to tread down the same dazzling path –

Stunning way to bring together two contrasting elements!

by Studio H Landscape Architecture

Never too far away from fire and water!

by Horst Architects

Amazing combination of fire, stone and water!

by the construction zone

Beautiful desert patio with a pool

by Prideaux Design

Contemporary patio and shallow pool steal the show here!

by The Fechtel Company

Lighted rocks and cactus create a desert setting

by Sterling-Huddleson Architecture

Modern Lighthouse Fireplace next to the outdoor pool

by EcoSmart Fire

Custom designed glass fire and water feature for the pool

by Pool Environments

Light, Warmth and a Dramatic Visual!

There are plenty of reasons for bringing together the outdoor fireplace along with the inviting blue appeal of a beautiful pool. The most significant one though is the simple visual appeal of it all. Blending two different natural elements in such style elevates the aesthetics of your relaxed backyard or pool deck right away. The warm yellow and orange hues of the fireplace also add an inviting appeal to the entire area. With custom designed fireplace solutions now available, you can get a fiery enhancement of your liking.

An awesome way to enjoy the sunset!

by Da Vida Pools

Contemporary Jacuzzi and pool with sizzling fireplace lighting up the space

by AMS Landscape Design Studios

Cozy nook next to the pool

Rooftop terraces with amazing pools are becoming a more common occurrence and adding a lovely fire-pit also helps bring in some much needed warmth. Fireplaces need not always be extravagant. Adding natural stone and some greenery around also allows you to fashion a vibe that seems in-sync with the surroundings.

Fire-pits next to the pool add some spice to the outdoors!

by Downunda Aquatic Environments

Fireplace and pool seem to exude a natural vibe

by Red Rock Pools and Spas

Gorgeous stone fireplace next to the pool

by blurrdMEDIA

Pergola allows you to enjoy both the pool and the fireplace

by J. Brandon Jones

Stone fireplace warms you after a soothing dip

by Custom Dreams Construction Group

Wooden deck and fireplace add uniqueness to the pool area

by Adam Wilson Custom Homes

Bring home the resort-styled backyard

A Fabulous Focal Point

Irrespective of the available space, you can always incorporate a fireplace in your outdoors. This instantly gives the space a lovely and animated focus point. Addition of a fire-pit or a full-fledged fireplace with a glass enclosure also allows you to enjoy the chilly nights under a star-lit sky with comfort. Try and build a convenient seating arrangement around this focal point and ensure that the comfy chairs or couch allows you to in the lovely views on offer. For those who need some shelter from the midday or evening sun, the extended roof of the home or a beautiful pergola can provide the ideal solution.

Add a touch of traditional design to the fireplace

by Katherine Field and Associates

Contrasting hues of the pool and the deck

by WA design

Outdoor fireplace next to the pool completes your patio or deck space

by Audrey Matlock Architects

Design of a rooftop terrace or lovely backyard is all about balance of different elements. Both aesthetically and ergonomically, the combination of a fireplace and a pool work effortlessly. Outrageous at times and deceptively simple on other occasions, you can always opt for a style that fits your own home the best.

Understated fire pit for the pool deck

by Frederick + Frederick Architects

Home’s roof extends above the integrated fireplace next to the pool

by Tate Studio Architects

Just make sure you do not fall asleep too close to the flames!

by Globus Builder

Large dining space next to the pool and the fireplace

by Dean Herald

Serene pool with a lovely fireplace next to it

by RJ Elder Design

Bringing together different elements for a picture perfect patio

by Artesian Custom Pools

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