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Step Up The Style Quotient Of Your Interiors With Sunken Living Rooms

The last few months have seen a grand revitalization of vintage and retro trends. If you are an avid Decoist reader, then you are already familiar with the growing trend of using Midcentury Modern decor along with bold, flowery patterns and brilliant metallic surfaces. Golden-hued brass and silver-toned metals are leading this revitalized vintage trend in the decor world with plenty of pomp. But when it comes to interior design and architecture, it’s sunken spaces that are making the biggest and boldest visual statement in 2014!

by Vega Architecture

We’ve already featured some of the most awe-inspiring outdoor sunken lounge areas, and today we take a look at step-down living rooms and sunken conversation pits that bring the magic indoors. Creating visual intrigue and a sense of inviting warmth, sunken living areas have a found a new lease on life, thanks to innovative architects who are bringing together the old and the new.

by AR Design Studio

by Hull Historical

by Switch Lighting & Design

The Cozy Conversation Pit

The idea of the sunken conversation pit dates all the way back to the early 20s, and pretty soon they found their way into the hot and happening nightclubs and Hollywood-esque homes of the 50s and the 60s. Midcentury masters like Eero Saarinen and Alexander Girard propelled them beyond the status of being mere tacky additions to functional spaces that truly combine form and function. The contemporary living room conversation pit draws from this Midcentury Modern inspiration while giving the concept a chic, modern makeover. Cozy, reclusive and aesthetic, the sunken conversation pit can become a snazzy addition that adds to the appeal of your living room.

by David Marquardt Architectural Photography

by Diligence International

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by Amber Flooring

Define Interiors Without Walls!

Design and fashion trends do tend to repeat themselves with the passage of time as each generation tries to reinvent the past with a fresh twist. But the revitalization of the sunken living room has more to do with necessity than mere decorating aesthetics. The universal acceptance of the open floor plan has meant that both interior designers and homeowners are having to come up with innovative ways to demarcate spaces and create clear boundaries between transition areas. The sunken living room is the perfect way to break up the monotony of the open floor plan while ensuring that the space still remains visually airy and consistent.

by Christopher Developments

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by Ownby Design

Sunken living rooms can feature flooring that is different from the rest of the open living space without seeming out of place. Sometimes a simple change in the grain of the wood or even the shade of the marble can make a big visual impact. Turning heads and sparking conversation, the sunken living room can play host to some intimate and dreamy evenings right at home!

by Design Line Construction

by S.I.D. Interior Designers

by Concept Photography

Step Down in Style!

The modern version of the sunken living room is probably more of a step-down living room where the difference in the height levels of the sunken area and the surrounding area is not that stark. Often, the difference in the height levels is just 3 to 4 steps, and that makes the sunken living room seem even more appealing! But these lovely dropdown living rooms are not always the best option for those looking at life from the other side of 50! Unless you have a railing around the sunken living area or a clear wall with built-in cupboards, there is always the danger of unsuspecting guests, kids and the elderly taking a fall.

by Natalie Epstein Design

by Rockwood Custom Homes

One of the best ideas that we have come across to prevent the danger of any accidents with step-down living spaces is the use of indoor plants as a lovely border for the sunken area. This adds ample freshness to the living room and also ensures that the unsuspecting do not take a nasty tumble. Creating a sense of excitement and adding exclusivity to your home, sunken living rooms are most definitely on the comeback trail.

by Diehl Interiors

by Colordrunk Designs

by Stuart Nordin Design

by Sutton Suzuki Architects

by Michael Kelley Photography

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