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Inspiration Hollywood: Home Style With Eero Saarinen’s Iconic Womb Chair

It was way back in 1948 that Florence Knoll requested her architect and designer friend to come up with a chair “like a great big basket of pillows, that I can curl up in”. It did not take much time for the famous Finnish designer to come up with an iconic design that pretty much brought her words to life in uncompromising style. The designer was Eero Saarinen and the chair he crafted is the fabulous Womb Chair. Just like many of his lasting furniture pieces, the womb chair has grown into a recognizable and loved décor addition that has made multiple appearances across cinema and television.

The Womb Chair shares spotlight along with Renee Zellweger in Down With Love

From Set Decorator Don Diers vibrant replica of the 60s in ‘Down with Love’, to the sets of Legally Blonde, the womb chair has played some colorful and stylish roles on the big screen. In company with stars like Reese Witherspoon and Renée Zellweger is indeed a chair fit for the stars! Placing it within the walls of your homes is not as difficult as an Arco floor lamp.

Here are a few contemporary inspirations that showcase this modern design classic –

Eero Saarinen’s Womb Chair making an appearance in Legally Blonde
Fuchsia Womb Chair doubles up as an accent chair in a neutral setting
Baby-blue Womb Chair in the corner blends beautifully with the plush rug

by sagemodern

Brown womb chair forms an interesting focal point in a seemingly black and white setup

by Pepe Calderin Design

Cozy womb chair in the bedroom offers a scenic spot to grab early a cup of morning coffee!

by Design Line Construction

Minimalist living room in white and gray with the womb chair adding a splash of red

by CONTENT Architecture

Modern living space for those who love ample gray

by Sheri Olson Architecture

Sink into the womb chair as you enjoy the waves in the distance
Angled cabinets and the compact fireplace make an interesting background for the womb chair

Creative and Colorful

In a world where we are constantly being surrounded by clean and well defined lines, blandness can often sit in pretty quickly. Varying geometric patterns and textures are an absolute must to create interiors that are complete and engaging. The curvy design of the womb chair offers the much needed contrast. Despite its rounded design, the chair itself as a whole is compact and contemporary in form. It is this enveloping design that brings together coziness and elegance that makes the Womb chair truly inimitable and sought-after.

Arco floor lamp stands tall in the presence of the womb chair!

by m.a.p. interiors / Sylvia Beez

Bright yellow womb chair for sun-kissed neutral interiors

by Shirley Meisels

Colorful combination for an eclectic home

One of the additional perks of opting for the womb chair is the array of bright colors and varying shades it is available in. This is an option that the likes of Eames Lounger (no disrespect intended!) simply do not offer. When it comes to visual impact as an accent décor addition, few match the rich sophistication offered by the womb chair.

Elegant modern bedroom presents a perfect backdrop for the womb chairs

by Chloe Warner

Take in the lovely view outside as you relax in the womb chair

by Cathy Schwabe Architecture

Ergonomic nature of the womb chair allows it to be placed pretty much anywhere

by John K. Anderson Design

Sectional sofa coupled with the womb chair to create an ergonomic appeal

by Phil Kean Designs

Add gentle green accents with the womb chair in yellow-green

by Dijeau Poage Construction

Chic womb hair in pristine white is a minimalist’s delight

by Balfoort Architecture

Grab your favorite title as you settle into the enveloping warmth of the womb chair

Photography by Michael J Lee

Functionality ahead of Form

One of the trademark features of the great Finnish designer is the sense of frugality in his designs. It is well known that Saarinen disliked the ‘slum of legs’ in the US furniture scene at the time. He made it a point to not just ensure that his designs were aesthetically pleasing, but they carried a distinct design that put ergonomics above all else. The pencil thin legs of the womb chair are a wonderful case in the point. Despite all the comfort it offers, the sculptural quality of the womb chair makes it a standout addition no matter where it is placed in the room.

A perfect place for a lovely conversation!

by Northbrook Design

Eames Lounger and the womb chair – Spoilt for seating choices

by Patrick Perez Architect

Family room acquires dazzling charm with the womb chair in vivacious red

by Glenn Gissler Design

A chair should not only look well as a piece of sculpture in a room when no one is in it. It should also be a flattering background when someone is sitting in it. While designing a piece of furniture its significance is as important as the design of the décor item itself. This philosophy of Saarinen is showcased in the womb chair.

Large living space brings together the Womb Chair and Wassily Chair by Marcel Breuer

by Griffin Enright Architects

Mix and match the vivid womb chair with other decor to create a playful atmosphere

by Cathy Schwabe Architecture

Noguchi table coupled with the womb chair and ottoman

by HP Rovinelli Architects

Place the womb chair in the corner of a room to create a daft little reading nook with ease

by Chuck Mills Residential Design & Development

Polished modern living room sports a womb chair in red

by Andrew Snow Photography

Saarinen’s classics come together- Womb chair and the Tulip Base table

by Jennifer Weiss Architecture

Tranquil and relaxed setting for the womb chair – A moment of serenity!

by West Chin Architect

A Plush Focal Point to Pamper Your Senses

Available in three different sizes and in a multitude of shades, the womb chair is pure and unadulterated seating ecstasy. Coming with a matching Ottoman, the chair is still best described by the requirement put forward by Florence Knoll. It is a seating option which instantly tempts you to curl and take refuge in its enveloping form irrespective of whether it is placed in a minimalist living space or a quiet reading nook next to the fireplace. Fashionable and luxurious to the core, it seems to carry all the traits ideal for a glittering life in tinsel town.

Use a womb chair that matches the wooden hues around for a warm and inviting look

by Fine Focus Photography

Combination of colorful classics in the living room
Womb chair with matching table lamp next to it draw your attention instantly

by Kaufman Segal Design

The womb chair has inspired several generations of designers. It has become an indispensable part of many homes and a décor superstar that many aspire to bring home one day. Accentuating interiors of various styles, themes and colors for decades, the womb chair instantly makes you feel like a celebrity. Therein lies the real secret of this timeless Eero Saarinen creation!

Curves of the womb chair make it a distinct and sculptural addition to your home

by ALTUS Architecture + Design

Couple of red womb chairs in the family space seem almost overwhelming

by Webber + Studio, Architects

Enjoy a serene moment in the bedroom draped by the womb chair!

by the Construction Zone

Eero Saarinen’s Womb Chair with Ottoman seems an ideal fit for the home library

by Baltis Architects

Pick a womb chair in muted tones for interiors with dark backdrops

by Martha O’Hara Interiors

Pink womb chairs on Down With Love sets – Life of a womb chair doesn’t seem all that bad!

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