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Amazing Outdoor Beds Help Fashion The Ultimate Backyard Lounge!

Summer is all about enjoying the warm outdoors, putting your feet up and getting some much deserved rest. With summer just a couple of weeks away, it is time to start planning how you are going to spend those long summer evenings and pleasant nights under the star-studded sky. An outdoor bed is the perfect way to bring the charm of the summer vacation home as you take in the many sights and sounds outside while sipping your favorite martini! Stylish, functional and comfy, outdoor beds are available in a wide variety of shapes and styles and can be used even in the tiniest of spaces.

by LKID Interior Designers & Decorators / Photography by Steve Passmore

From enhancing the appeal of your apartment balcony to putting the exclamation point on your backyard retreat, the outdoor bed is all about opulence and indulgence. While some function as amazing daybeds that allow you to spend some time in serene solitude, others offer king-size comforts that you can share with your loved ones. So, delve in and enjoy these plush outdoor delights –

by Dan Forer, Photographer / Architecture by Mike de Hass

by PatioProductions Furniture & Accessories

by Kyle Lindsey Custom Homes

by Touzet Studio / Claudia Uribe Photography

by BellaWood Builders

by James Cloud, Miami

Poolside Summer Delights

You would have already noticed that pretty much any luxurious tropical holiday retreat or hotel has a beautiful outdoor bed right next to the pool, encouraging you to spend more time outside than indoors. That is precisely what an outdoor bed does for your home as well. Within a few months, the breezy warmth of summer and the lovely colors of fall will give way to chilly winters, so now is indeed the time to cash in on those fleeting moments. The outdoor bed next to the pool not only adds a hint of sophistication to your pool deck or backyard, but also gives you a chance to fashion a romantic getaway once dawn takes over.

by Island Stone

by Tropical Architecture Group

It is important though that you pick an outdoor color scheme and stick to it when shopping for a bed that goes next to the pool. The style of the outdoor bed must complement that of the landscape outside and of your home’s exterior as well. You can use chaise lounge chairs in similar styles and hues to further accentuate this look.

by Escale Design

by Urrutia Design

by Bernard Andre Photography

by Liquidscapes

Contemporary and Creative

When you think of the outdoor bed, it is often the large canopy beds that instantly come to mind (which we will get to in a minute or two). But there are plenty of other ingenious options out there that offer you a balance between the right form and function. Size is a very important factor in picking the outdoor bed, and you do not want a giant four-poster outdoor bed with a canopy cover on a small balcony! Contemporary daybeds with smart retractable shades offer a fine solution. You can even pick up a trendy hanging bed for the outdoors if you are planning to put it in a shaded patio or pergola.

by Angel Mangarakov

by Contour Interior Design, LLC

by A Pleno Sol

Look beyond the outdoor bed while planning for a great summer outside. An outdoor dining space, a cozy fireplace and a few additional seating options combine to give the patio a truly remarkable appeal. But if you do not have as much space to spare or are not too keen on the excess decor, then a simple, king-size outdoor bed, string lighting and a few candles can turn your balcony or rooftop into a romantic, dreamy hub!

by flott home design

by Adriana Aristizabal

by MCM Design

A Shroud of Mystery!

There is no doubting the fact that outdoor canopy beds elevate the aura of your backyard, pool deck or garden to an entirely different level. Putting one of these big boys in a secluded little niche surrounded by a natural canopy makes the setting even more magical! Quality outdoor canopy beds can last a lifetime if you take proper care, and they allow you to slip between unabated views and complete privacy with ease. As you can see with the many inspirations here, a simple garden stool, a bench at the foot of the bed or even a cool outdoor coffee table is the perfect way to complete a picture-perfect outdoor space with the canopy bed.

by Turtle Beach Construction & Remodeling

One of the things that we love about the outdoor canopy bed is the geometric contrast and symmetry that it brings to the landscape it adorns. While modern interiors are filled with simple, straight lines, the great outdoors are filled with curves and eclectic patterns. The crisp silhouette of the canopy bed instantly draws your attention when placed against a natural backdrop and seems to bring a sense of order to the entire scenery.

by Susan Lachance Interior Design

by Momentum Construction LLC

Different Styles for Different Folks

Outdoor beds do well in spaces of all shapes and sizes. In fact, it is the smaller balconies and patio where they make the biggest impact. A cool outdoor bed in a small backyard instantly becomes the focal point of the area and anchors the space elegantly. You can plan for the remainder of the outdoor decor around the bed. While most outdoor beds fit into any style of your choice, you need to be a bit careful when picking one for really specific themes that incorporate styles like the Mediterranean or the Asian. More than the bed itself, it is the accessories, lighting fixtures, accent fabric and throw pillows that set the mood in such cases.

by Elad Gonen

by Busybee Design

by ELEVATE interiors + design

Much like the bed for your bedroom, the outdoor bed is essentially a small piece in the larger picture, and you need to look at your backyard or terrace as a whole to truly transform into an amazing summer hangout. But the outdoor bed is definitely the defining piece that stands tall and sets the tone for the entire area. So, as you prepare for some summer fun, now is the time to complete your backyard lounge and give yourself a treat you deserve!

by Jeni Lee

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