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Iconic Modern Chairs That Usher In Color And Sculptural Playfulness

Are you missing that one defining piece of furniture that will truly add something special to your living room or bedroom? With modern decor so firmly entrenched in crisp design that professes clean, well-defined lines, maybe it’s time to shake things up a bit. Nothing makes a bold visual statement like an iconic chair that brings along with it a sense of timeless elegance and flowing aesthetics. While choices like the Eames Lounger look both sophisticated and stylish, the trio of dashing chairs on display today moves away from the mundane and ushers in intriguing geometry and bold color.

Pops of cheerful fuchsia in the bedroom

by Urbanspace Interiors

Designing a chair is much more than simply creating a functional piece that will serve its purpose. A chair must enliven a space and add to the wide array of textures and geometric shapes that already exist in the room. Both whimsical and graceful at the same time, these cheerful chairs promise to put the fun back in your life with colorful glee –

Exceptionally decorated contemporary living room with Pumpkin by Pierre Paulin

by Angelica Henry Design

Relax version of the Fjord lounge chair

by Elad Gonen

Kids' playroom with the Pumpkin Chair in bright blue

Stunning living room with the Fjord relax chair in black

by Moroso Construction

Indulge in opulence with multiple Pumpkin chairs!

by A3 Architects

Plush and Fun-Loving Pumpkin

We start off our collection with a chair that truly defines everything that Pierre Paulin’s brilliant designs represent. The Pumpkin Chair is one of the most recognized creations of this famous French designer who redefined furniture design with fun and colorful creations that appealed to the young audience of the ’60s and the ’70s. Many of his designs seem to be inspired by both Scandinavian and Japanese styles, and the Pumpkin is no different. Both playful and sculptural, this is an ultra-comfy seating option for those who love to spend long hours in the chair while flipping through a page-turner or taking in the view outside.

Plush seating to sink into as you marvel the majestic view outside

by New Mood Design

Teenage girls' bedroom with a daring dash of hot pink

by Hollub Homes

Appearing as if carved out of a cylinder, the Pumpkin offers a wonderful compromise between a conventional chair and the traditional beanbag. Available in many different colors, it looks as much at home in a contemporary living space as it does in a fun kids’ room! If you are not crazy about the Pumpkin or already have a comfy chair, then you can complete your reading nook or living room with the Pumpkin ottomans, which look equally enticing.

Pumpkin Chair in beautiful blue in the bedroom

by Alexander Butler Design Services

Pumpkin chair in purple stands out in the open plan living space

Comfy Pumpkin chairs in stoic grey

by Ivey Design Concepts

Pumpkin ottomans look as plush as the comfy chairs!

by Ligne Roset Chicago

Use the Pumpkin chair and ottoman along with a plush couch in the family room

Lounge in Style with the Fjord

For those who might have already browsed through our collection of stunning pendant lights, the name Patricia Urquiola must seem pretty familiar. The designer of some of the most beautiful and captivating furnishings and lighting fixtures in recent years, the Spanish architect is renowned for her snazzy creations. The Fjord lineup of seating is another one of her iconic works that brings together a semi-minimal design with classic Spanish touches and exquisite ergonomics. The Relax version of the Fjord lounge chair is the showstopper of this collection with its inimitable silhouette and futuristic appeal!

Minimal living room with bright accents of red and the Fjord chair

by Randall Architects

Fjord Relax Chair in the Contemporary Living Room

Taking a look at the Fjord relax Chair from a different angle

by Niki Papadopoulos

On first glance, the Fjord Lounger looks like a missing piece from a spaceship of the future, and its high back ensures that it stands out no matter where it is placed in the room. Coming in a brilliant array of hues, the chair can be used to induce and enhance the accent color of your choice in the bedroom or the living room. A more restrained version of the chair in black, white or brown looks at home in monochromatic settings.

Mesmerizing living room and home office with ocean views in Miami

by Nieto Design Group

Elegant Fjord relax chair in the bedroom

by Adeeni Design Group

Fjord chair used to enliven the entry

For those looking to paint a less extravagant picture, the armchair version of Fjord is the ideal option. If you wish to take the Fjord charm into the kitchen, then the collection also offers some amazing bar stools that promise to turn heads and transform the ambiance of your kitchen. You can check these out along with other trendy bar stools here.

Armchair version of the Fjord seating by Patricia Urquiola

Fjord bar stools for a fun modern kitchen

by Curtis Laney & Laney, The Design Company

Exciting Twists from Verner Panton

The S-shaped plastic chair created by Verner Panton is without a doubt his most famous masterpiece, and you can see these chairs still pop up ever so often in dining rooms and living areas across the world. But when it comes to chic glam and sizzling finesse, it is the Cone Chair and the Heart Cone Chair that steal the show. The main idea behind the creation of these two dramatic chairs was to “provoke people into using their imagination and make their surroundings more exciting”. While the Heart Cone chair looks like it has just emerged out of a Hollywood set from the ’60s, the Cone chair seems far more contemporary, even if in a flashy kind of way

Cone chairs look both sophisticated and trendy

by Tori Golub Interior Design

The heart Cone Chair along with wallpaper recalling Andy Warhol's Marilyn series

by Christopher A Rose AIA

The futuristic appeal of these two chairs was so apparent that they caused a traffic jam when placed next to a display window in New York City back in 1961! While the Cone chair was first designed in 1958, its more enchanting cousin came up a year later. If you have a few thousand dollars to spare, there’s no doubt that the Heart Cone Chair will make for one amazing Valentine’s Day Gift

So, which of these gorgeous chairs would you love to take home?

Cone chair in red adds to the charm of the colorful kitchen

by Poolehaus Residential Design

Heart Cone Chair in Yellow in the Living Room

Art gallery style living room of NYC apartment with the Heart Cone chair

by Robert Granoff

Vernor Panton's Cone Chairs in Black at the Dining Table

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