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Beyond White: Colorful Bathtub Ideas For A Trendy Bathroom

Modern homeowners and designers are placing as much care with the style and color scheme of their bathrooms as they are with the remainder of the house. A drop in the pricing of lavish bathroom fixtures and accessories, and a willingness to spend extra dough for the home spa experience have truly altered the dynamics of contemporary bathrooms. And one of the current happening bathroom design trends is the standalone bathtub. While we already showcased some amazing freestanding bathtubs at the start of the year, it is now time to reinvent these tubs and paint them in an entirely different hue!

Luxurious bathroom with a claw-foot standalone tub in gentle blue

A colorful bathtub adds life to your bathroom and can define the color scheme of the space. It could be a flashy, new bathtub in one of those rare, exotic shades or an old claw-foot bathtub that’s been repainted with panache. No matter what path you choose, one thing that these color-draped bathtubs are not is boring and mundane. So, why not bring back some fun and brightness with a splash of bold color in the bathroom?

Claw-foot Bathtub in Bright Red brings together the modern and the vintage

by Adi Tatarko

Exquisite bathroom with a standalone bathtub painted in a metallic finish

by Kathryn Long, ASID

Spey Classic Roll Top Tub in Jade Green looks Stunning

from Drummonds-UK

Custom-painted bathtub brings the night sky indoors

by Rikki Snyder

Yellow bathtub adds a hint of freshness to the tropical bathroom

by GH3 Enterprises

Iron reactive paint gives this bathtub a natural, rusted look!

by Key Residential

Grey ushers in a hint of contemporary minimalism

by Beccy Smart Photography

A New, Vibrant Lease on Life

There is a reason why most of the painted bathtubs that you see are revamped and reinvigorated old claw-foot bathtubs. Somehow, a paint job on these classics seems far more energizing and visually appealing than on a modern ceramic tub. Add to it the fact that their claw feet can be painted in a different color or left in a neutral shade to really drive home the point, and you have a luxurious classic that is quickly becoming a staple in modern homes. The tub comes in a variety of styles, such as the classic roll rim top (which looks the most lavish), the flat rim top, and of course, the slipper tub.

Eileen Gray Side Table next to the bathtub in blue

Relaxing bathroom with a beautiful splash of blue

by Lifeseven Photography

Orange bathtub looks both classy and funky

Purchase a true antique claw-foot bathtub that is still a precious collectible, and you will have to fork over a considerable sum of money. Modern replicas, though, are far cheaper, and you can more freely experiment with the paint job. If you are placing these tubs in a contemporary setting, then pastel hues (which are also currently dominating the fashion world) are the ideal choice. Bathtubs in black and gray also seem more modern than vintage.

Brilliant use of pastel hues in the modern bathroom

by Leivars

Bathroom in soft grey and blue with herringbone floors and a painted bathtub

by Scott Davis Photography

A touch of green for both the bathtub and the sink

by Hanson General Contracting

Relaxing and stylish bathroom in blue and white with a colorful bathtub

Not Just the Claw-Foot!

Colorful bathtubs are not just relegated to the claw-foot lineup alone. Another ageless classic, the pedestal bathtub, is also a fine fit for the multi-hued makeover. These look far more regal and make their presence felt no matter where they are placed. Since freestanding bathtubs often have very little footprint compared to the rest of the bathroom, using a bold color does not really overwhelm the space. There are also many contemporary ceramic bathtubs along with wooded and stone versions that bring in a distinct hue. These might not be as stark as bright red or jade green, but they are a lot better than the simple white versions.

Cool contemporary bathroom with a unique bathtub in orange

by Audino Construction

Gorgeous pedestal bathtub makes quite a visual impact

by Wendy Black Rodgers Interiors

Amazing use of color to enilven the bathroom with a view

It is always better to first pick the color scheme of your bathroom and then use the brilliantly adorned standalone tub to accentuate it. But if your existing bathroom is monochromatic or clad in unassuming cool neutrals, then the choices are indeed endless. Remember, though, that the color you choose will play a pivotal role in setting the mood of the room, and hence always opt for a shade you are comfortable with.

Contemporary bathroom with a ravishing red bathtub

by Miller’s Fine Decorative Hardware

Bathtub in bright orange set against a turquoise backdrop

by House + House Architects

Bathtub in black is a popular choice in the contemporary bathrooms

Eclectic bathroom with red standalone tub and Tom Dixon Lighting

by Beccy Smart Photography

A Spectrum of Styles

The colorful bathtub is not just about a myriad of hues, but also about an array of styles! The invigorating and peppy red bathtub is for those who might want to give their bathroom a vintage or retro makeover. Cool blue bathtubs look at home in modern bathrooms and obviously evoke a serene yet opulent aura. Gentle tones of yellow bring in freshness and mellow charm in equal parts and are ideal for cottage-style and farmhouse settings. You can even coat the bathtub with special iron-reactive paint to get that custom, rusted look. Greenish-blues portray a more audacious and eclectic approach to bathroom design.

Craftsman style bathroom with a lovely bathtub in dark blue

by Sarah Greenman

Farmhouse style bathroom with a unique claw-foot bathtub!

Give your bathroom a truly vintage makeover with the painted clawfoot bathtub

by BWArchitects

Obviously, the color that you choose only works well if the rest of the bathroom is in tune with the vibe of the bathtub. And you can even use a sleek, red bathtub in a minimal space or a selection in yellow pastels for a modern bathroom. Once again, it is time to get inventive, and do not hesitate to push the envelope in terms of style. Choose a matte finish for an antique look or keep it glossy and energetic; at the end of the day, it is all about what color you want to surround yourself with.

Master bathroom in blue and white with painted ceiling and bathtub

by Centerline Architects

Colorful rolled rim clawfoot bathtub allows you to enjoy the views outside

by Whitten Architects

Painted clawfoot tub and mulitcolored penny flooring give this bathroom a tranquil vibe

by Kelly Scanlon Interior Design

Beach style bathroom with a bathtub in lovely greenish-blue

by Ken Gutmaker Architectural Photography

Bathtub in yellow in the backyard is an idea you can take to the bathroom!

by swelldone

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