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Unique Bathroom Tub Ideas

It’s tub time! Today we feature an assortment of unique bathtubs for your viewing enjoyment. Did you ever notice that in many swanky bathroom remodel photos, the centerpiece of the image is none other than the tub?! If it all boils down to this one container, perhaps changing out the bathtub can be a helpful update, especially if you aren’t able to remodel the entire room.

After all, nothing evokes a resort and spa like an inviting tub. What’s the most unique bathtub you can imagine? A clear tub? An infinity tub? A tub made entirely of quartz? You’ll find those selections below, as well as other creative solutions for your space. Whether you’re looking for a traditional bathtub with a twist or you’re searching for a real showstopper, check out these amazing finds:

Rectangular Tubs

We begin with a popular bathtub shape: the rectangle. Only these rectangular tubs have a little something extra. Like the tub/shower combo below, with its long end that serves as a helpful ledge for the adjacent shower. Love the wooden siding! [from Mosby Building Arts via Houzz]

A modern rectangular bathtub

You may not make a habit of bathing in the forest, but imagine this next piece in your own bathroom. The Argo tub by Rexa is available in a variety of options, such as the model below, which features handy shelves for items like soaps and sea sponges.

The Argo bathtub by Rexa

It’s all about the geometry in this next space, a modern tiled bathroom with plenty of lighting. For a look that is sleek yet powerful, try a freestanding tub with a contemporary faucet. [from LOTOS Construction via Houzz]

A clean-lined rectangular tub

We’ve heard of canopy beds, but nothing beats a canopy tub! The selection below is given a dramatic twist, thanks to large pillars that connect to the ceiling. A generous ledge leaves room for bath-side towels and bath products. [from Prominent Homes Ltd via Houzz]

A rectangular tub with pillars

It’s time to get a little crazy! If you enjoy your privacy, lock the door before bathing in this next tub, The Hoesch Water Lounge. Yes, the lounge chair and lamp/table combo are included. Also of note are the soothing jets that provide a full-body massage. [from Spot Cool Stuff]

A clear rectangular bathtub

Oval Tubs

Sometimes a round tub is in order, and nothing beats the soft curve of an oval. To accentuate the shape, go with a tub that has a raised edge, like the modern selection below. Bonus: the edge makes a great ledge for small candles. This room also proves that a setting can make a tub as unique as the tub itself! This bathroom has a view of both the bedroom and the skyscrapers outside. [from RS3 Innovative + Architectural Design via Houzz]

An elegant oval tub

To really call attention to an oval shape, go with a free-standing tub. It’s sculptural, stunning and unexpected. [from NF Interiors via Houzz]

A free-standing oval tub

For a true multi-sensory experience, check out Sorgente by Teuco. This bathtub is unique in the fact that you use it like a typical tub or leave it full so it’s ready to go when you are. The secret: an automatic water filling system!

An oval tub by Teuco

A slatted wooden base can differentiate a bathtub from its strictly porcelain counterparts. Not to mention, wooden detailing can come in handy when you’re trying to call attention to natural materials. Note how the tub below mirrors the slatted wooden roof of the outdoor patio.  [from Culture of Style]

A modern oval tub with wooden detail

What’s That Shape?!

Sometimes a tub truly breaks the mold with its atypical shape! If you want a bathtub that’s also a conversation piece, check out the next batch of options. The Wasauna Glass Bathtub boasts a sleigh design and handheld shower. It’s clearly unique (my apologies for the pun)!

Wasauna’s Glass Bathtub

Sure, there are circles all around us, but rarely are they in bathtub form. We can see why the tub below was chosen to grace a fine hotel bathroom. [from Finest Lodges]

A modern circular tub

Is the next tub an oval or a rectangle? You decide! With an oval base that gradually morphs into a rectangular top, this free-standing wonder sure does make a splash! [from Epic Development via Houzz]

A unique free-standing tub

“Eat your beans,” your parents used to say. Now you can swim in one! The tub below is a whole lot of oval and a little bit of quirky, thanks to a bean-like curved side. Once again we see how a unique shape + a free-standing design = a true standout. [from d’apostrophe design, inc. via Houzz]

A bean-shaped bathtub

If only a bathtub could evoke the path of a flowing stream… Look no further than the Unico tub by Rexa, shown below. Now imagine it in your very own bathroom!

Rexa’s Unico bathtub

When it comes to corners, these nooks can be the perfect spot for a sprawling tub. The pointed edges of the next bathtub selection evoke a bit of geometry. Not to mention, stunning artwork turns this corner into a true retreat! [from Digital Properties via Houzz]

A unique corner tub

The tub below by Baldi is one in a million. Which is why there aren’t many of them and it costs close to $1 million! Another reason for the price: the piece is carved from a single slab of quartz found in Brazil. Even if a $1 million tub is not in your design forecast, this item is a wonderful reminder that playful shapes and stunning materials can turn a bathtub into a true art piece. [from Neatorama]

Baldi’s quartz bathtub

Infinity Tubs

We couldn’t do a bathtub roundup without including a selection of infinity tubs. What’s an infinity tub, you ask? We guarantee that flowing water is involved! In fact, take everything you’ve heard about not letting a bathtub overflow, and throw it out the window. Or over the edge! Infinity tubs feature a system of drainage outside of the actual container, so water can gently spill over the edge for a bountiful, relaxing effect.

With a bed of pebbles underneath, the Le Cob bathtub from Omvivo (shown below) lets its user know that it’s OK to make a big splash. Inspired by architect and designer Le Corbusier’s beloved chaise lounge, this sensational tub is designed by Joseph Licciarsi. [from Uniform Design]

The Le Cob infinity bathtub

When you combine the infinity tub concept with a view of the infinite sky, you get the penthouse tub at the San Francisco St. Regis! This bathroom showpiece is double the infinity fun! [from SocketSite]

A penthouse infinity tub

Another way to ensure that your tub can spill over? Put it in the shower! As long as there’s a drain on the floor, you’re covered! [from Elemental Design, LLC via Houzz]

A tub in the shower!

When an infinity tub has a wide ledge, there’s even room for candles! The bathtub below, featured at the Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe Resort & Spa, makes use of contemporary stone tiles and a variety of lime green votives.

An infinity tub at the Hyatt Lake Tahoe

We end with an infinity tub that has double the view. Watch the cityscape outside while you bathe, or watch the flat screen TV in front of you as the water pours over the edge. When it comes to the view, the bath and the entertainment, your cup runneth over. [from Peter A. Sellar via Houzz]

A rectangular infinity tub

If you’re not planning any bathroom updates in the near future but you like what you see above, take a cue from the images and let a little relaxation into the bath you already have! How? Try a vase of fresh flowers, some plush folded towels and an assortment bath-side soaps. Sometimes it’s the little touches than turn a powder room into a true escape!

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