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20 Contemporary Bathroom Tubs for a Soothing Experience

Its tub time! Don’t worry–we won’t make you wash behind your ears. Today it’s all about looking at pictures. We’re sure you’re aware that tubs come in all shapes and sizes, like rectangle and oval. You may have even foreseen the egg shape, but did you ever imagine that a spiral would inspire a modern tub design? Today anything and everything goes, which is good news if you’re in the market for a new bathtub.

Contemporary Bathroom Tubs

Let’s browse a slew of designs that are breaking the mold (and preventing the growth of mold with their superior construction)! We’ll start with a sampling of truly innovative designs, then take a look at how a contemporary tub can steal the show or seamlessly blend with your powder room decor, depending on the approach you want to take. After all, your bathtub is a mini-spa. Don’t be afraid to go bold!

Modern Bathtub Designs

We all know that rectangular tubs are classic. But some of today’s most interesting rectangular designs incorporate shelving. Why shouldn’t you have room to store books, bath products and other essentials for your in-home spa retreat?! Check out the Thais-Art tub below, a model with two layers of shelving. [from BluBleu]

A bathtub with built-in shelving

Another popular trend in rectangular tubs: a bit of a curve! Note the stylishly bent edges in the next image. The Kali’-Art bathtub is available in the dark finish shown below, or it can be ordered in bleached oak. [from BluBleu]

A modern tub with wooden detailing

On a similar note, Yole is asymmetrical, complete with two with two straight lines and two curved. A wall-mounted faucet is the icing on this free-standing cake. [from Mastella Design]

A contemporary white rectangular tub

Oval tubs are soothing with their rounded edges, but don’t think they are limited to standard geometry. The Yuma-Art tub has long lines and rounded corners, as well as a completely straight edge so it merges effortlessly with the wall. [from BluBleu]

A long bathtub with round edges

Let’s hear it for the egg! Especially this freestanding egg tub from Mastella Design. A definite scene-stealer with a calm, organic look, Vov is an asymmetrical take on the oval. Sculpturally artistic, don’t you think?!

A dark, egg-shaped tub

What if the egg were attached to a rectangle? I know–we wouldn’t have thought of it either. Good thing Mastella did! Not only is the Bahia tub unique in shape, it’s made from a recyclable material called Cristalplant. This nonporous bathtub is also said to have a velvety feel. We’re intrigued… [from Mastella Design]

An egg-shaped modern tub

We end our tub geometry lesson with something extraordinary–a bathtub based on a spiral! The Anahita tub was inspired by the fluidity of water. We’re inspired by its breathtaking form:

An artistic round contemporary tub

The Modern Tub as a Focal Point

When it comes to the powder room, remember that this is the place where you unwind, a little retreat from the hectic day. It’s your tub, and when you leave it, you’re refreshed. So it makes sense that some prefer to use the tub as a focal point in the bathroom, a true standout. Does this mean the tub has to be covered in gold or mirrored tiles? Of course not! It may be as subtle as a clean-lined contemporary bathtub in a room filled with ornamental elements, as shown below. [from Neuhaus Design Architecture, P.C. via Houzz]

A contemporary white bathtub

Sometimes a white tub can shine like a pearl in a bathroom with a noticeable absence of this pure hue. In the next space, we see a sand-colored walls, cabinetry and flooring, heightened by pops of white from the window trim, sinks and modern oval bathtub. [from Joel Kelly Design via Houzz]

A white oval tub

The Aquamar Bathtub has a truly unique form, with a curving dip in the middle. Why hide such a unique piece against a wall of the same shade? Below we see this stunning tub against a vivid red background. For a dramatic effect, place it on a black slab and let it shine on its new stage! [from PSCBATH]

A modern round bathtub

What’s one way to make a tub stand out? Cover it in shimmering black tiles! Our next featured tub literally sparkles, so it makes sense to place it in front of a bountiful light source (like the natural light of an epic window). Plus, the bathtub’s dark color is a wonderful contrast to the bright scenery outside! [from PSC Bath via Houzz]

A black tile tub

In the next featured bathroom, a pure white tub is a refreshing contrast to horizontal wooden planks. An earthy, modern effect is achieved, especially since a cabin-like feel is created by outdoor evergreen trees and wooden balcony railing. Note the straight lines of the tub and the way it angles outward from bottom to top. [from At-Six Architecture via Houzz]

A modern rectangular tub

We end with a true showpiece–a zebra print tub! If you really want your bathtub to steal the show, make it the one patterned piece in a room full of solids! [from Nieto Design Group via Houzz]

A zebra print bathtub

Contemporary Bathtubs that Fit Your Space

There are times when the tub is a strong contrast to the rest of the bathroom, and there are other times when you may want it to blend seamlessly with your decor. This doesn’t mean that your bathtub is any less eye-catching. But perhaps you want to use it as a way to create harmony in the powder room. Take the rectangular tub below, which appears to be concrete, much like the wall beside it. [from Jay Hargrave Architecture via Houzz

A concrete bathtub

The next bathroom features porcelain tile that has the appearance of stone. This tile covers wall, floor and tub, creating a unified look that is soothing and elegant. [from Gretchen Boulanger via Houzz]

A porcelain tile tub

The contemporary oval tub below is white like the walls and flooring. The result: a fresh, crisp look that makes the overall space feel clean and modern. [from NIMMO via Houzz]

A white contemporary tub

On a similar note, we see a white tub complement white walls in the next featured space. Recognize this bathtub? It’s the egg-shaped Vov from Mastella, featured above (this time in white). As noted on the Mastella website, “…it fits harmoniously in the bathroom to become a discreet protagonist.” This is one tub shape that has the power to make a statement without stealing the show!

A white egg-shaped bathtub

Tub accessories can also be used to unify the room. Note how in the space below, the tub is white like the walls. Yet it sits against a tiled wall protrusion that matches the tile of the shower. Now look at the horizontal plank that stretches across the tub like a handy tray! It perfectly mirrors the horizontal stripes created by the shower tile. [from Abramson Teiger Architects via Houzz]

A contemporary rectangular tub

You can’t beat a tub with a view! In the next space, the bathtub fits perfectly in the corner, resting in its own special room that overlooks the treetops. Now that’s seamless design! [from Birdseye Design via Houzz]

A bathtub with a view

We end with a tub that simultaneously blends with it surrounding AND stands out. Stylistically, it perfectly enhances the nautical theme of the bathroom below with its deck-like construction. Yet the wooden planks really pop against this all-white interior. A brilliant choice for a sunny space! [from Lonny]

A nautical bathroom

Which bathtub above was your favorite? Perhaps you got an idea or two for your next bathroom remodel (or your next tub purchase). Today’s selections remind us to think outside of the box. Instead of the usual rectangle, try a a tub with a slight curve. Or a pure rectangle with built-in shelving! Tired of the oval? Go with an egg! Sometimes choosing a bathtub with one or two unexpected variations can turn a plain bathroom into a contemporary space that makes a splash.


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