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Trendy Trio Of Side Tables That Are Versatile And Sculptural

How many times have you turned your attention to the finer things that make up your home’s interiors? Side tables and accent tables might not always top your shopping list, but they might be that one last missing piece you need to truly complete your home. A gorgeous side table can uplift the ambiance of the room and bring together practicality and aesthetics with effortless ease. While there are plenty of timeless icons to choose from, today we showcase three chic and sculptural side tables that bring home much more than mere functionality.

Martini side table replaces the traditional coffee table in the living room

by Scheer & Co

A side table obviously comes with a multitude of benefits that even your modern coffee table cannot offer. It can be moved around with ease, often takes up very little space, gives a geometric visual balance to the room when used in pairs and makes your life a whole lot more comfy. From holding your books and drinks to adding color and glamour, these great side tables can do it all!

Eames wire base table next to the Lounger

by Kristen Rivoli Interior Design

Living room with a touch of Scandinavian style

by Tim Cuppett Architects

A side table that fits in even the tiniest of spaces

Ravishing Martini Side Table in Antique Brass

Stylish basement family room filled with mid-century modern decor

Offi Mag Table in the Modern Bedroom

by A3 Architects

Perfect bedside tables for the contemporary home

by Catherine Nguyen Photography

Martini Side Table: A West Elm Icon!

As smooth and refreshing as the drink itself, the Martini side table is a West Elm best seller that has taken the decor world by storm. Its gorgeous design, sleek finish and the colorful options ensure that it blends in with any style or color scheme of your choice. This hollow and lightweight side table can be moved around with ease from room to room, while its lovely curved form breaks up the monotony of simple, straight lines in the contemporary home. You can even bring two or three of these exciting little side tables to create a whimsical and dynamic coffee table in the living room.

Beautiful contemporary bath with twin Martini side tables in white

by Lisa Petrole Photography

Home office features the Martini side table in lovely green

by Michael J. Lee Photography

Add some metallic hues to your home with the cool Martini Side Table

by Flow Home Staging & Design

Serving you as a bedside table, ushering in accent color and obviously doing its duty as a functional side table at the end of the large sectional in the living room, the Martini can multitask at the blink of an eyelid! Available in a host of vivacious colors and metallic hues, it is the antique brass version of Martini that we love the most.

Versatility of the Martini Side Table allows you to use it in any room

Martini side table adds to the orange accents of the room

by Karen Bowen Interiors

Splash of yellow in the beach style bath

Smart way of using the stylish side table

Add a touch of color to the bedroom

by Susan Diana Harris Interior Design

Sleek and Sculptural Offi Mag

The Mag Table from Offi is an exceptional piece of decor that is ‘one of a kind’. While one might use that term loosely a lot of times, in the case of the Mag Table, it is the absolute truth. Designed by Eric Pfeiffer for Offi (who has now moved on to create his own firm, Pfeiffer Lab), this minimalist side table serves you in more ways than you can ever imagine. Apart from the usual benefits of an ultra-light and resourceful side table, it has a perfect little niche to hold your favorite magazines and can even be flipped on its side to double as a snazzy laptop stand!

Offi Mag in red brings both color and organization to the kids' room

Complete your living room with the perfect side table

by Suzette Sherman Design

Side table adds a hint of minimalism to this living room

by Jordan Iverson Signature Homes

Eric Pfeiffer’s creations are known for the simplicity of their form and the practicality that sets them apart from the other mundane furnishings in the market. Available in walnut, birch and glossy laminate finish, the Mag Table boasts a durability that allows you to use one of these as a smart workstation for your little one! Priced at $199 -$249, depending on the model, it is indeed an absolute steal!

Sleek Offi Mag takes up little visual space

by Walter Jacob Architects

Stylish side table blends practicality and aesthetics

Gorgeous side table accentuates the appeal of the room

by Michael Lee Architects

Offi Mag table used as a laptop table in the kids' room

by Philpotts Interiors

Minimal design of the Offi Mag Table

by Takt – Studio for Architecture

Timeless Eames Wire Base Table

How can we talk about side tables and leave out the Mid-Century modern era? While most modern side tables do look exquisite, the iconic Eames Wire Base Table has an enchanting aura of its own. For starters, it was designed by Charles and Ray Eames in 1950, and that means there is plenty of history attached. A quick search reveals that these 10-inch-high side tables were used to host traditional Japanese tea ceremonies for the likes Isamu Noguchi and Charlie Chaplin! Crafted from metal wire rods and birch, these tiny tables can be tucked away with ease when not in use.

A perfect way to complete your reading nook

by Emerick Architects

Stylish side table with black top

Smart Eames wire base table next to the couch

by Sieg Design And Construction Associates

The best side tables are the ones that find that perfect line between form and ergonomics. The three beautiful side tables on display today do a lot more than just that. Whether it is adding a punch of color, an imaginative silhouette or timeless sophistication, these small wonders get the job done in a grand manner!

Wire base table doubles as a bedside table

Twin wire base tables tucked under the coffee table

Eames Molded Plywood Lounge Chairs along with the Wire Base Table

by Chelsea Atelier Architect

Side table vanishes into the white backdrop

by Chelsea Atelier Architect

Versatile side table in a minimal living room

by Dean Nota Architect

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