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Brass Is Back: 12 Brass Decor Pieces to Love in 2013

Brass–it’s no longer a kitschy decorative material relegated to the bargain bin of the thrift store. In fact, brass is making a comeback in 2013! From furniture to small decorative items, a range of brass finds can be found online and in stores. Today we highlight some real showstoppers…

Brass finds from Jonathan Adler

Nobody has instigated the brass revival quite like Jonathan Adler. In fact, as you can see above, his brass creations range from bold furnishings to smaller cheeky items that celebrate warm tones and chic design. Today’s post features a range of Jonathan Adler pieces, as well as finds from other retailers that are helping to bring brass back into the mainstream. Enjoy browsing the shiny items below…

Brass Furniture

We begin with brass furnishings that are undeniably modern. Yet some can’t help but have a vintage look, like the Brass Teardrop Table from Jonathan Adler, shown below. Purchase one of these items as a bold accent, or buy a few and combine them to create one large statement.

Brass teardrop tables from Jonathan Adler

Next we feature another Jonathan Adler item–the Nixon Dining Table, complete with a brushed brass base of perforated metal and a walnut laminate top. This table oozes Mid-Century style and happily seats six:

Brass and wooden dining table

For a dash of brass on the side, check out the Martini Side Table from West Elm, crafted of recyclable aluminum in antique brass. This piece is hollow, making it easy to lift if need be. And given that it can likely double as a stool, you just might need to shift it around for additional seating when entertaining.

Brass side table

Brass Lighting

Brass lighting can look retro and contemporary at the same time. The warmth of this metal makes it well-suited for pieces that illuminate. In the next image, we see the Meurice 5-Arm Wall Sconce from Jonathan Adler. This antique brass item is crafted in a modern bamboo style that can veer into tropical territory. Very sleek tropical territory, of course.

Brass wall sconce

We recently profiled this Brass Dome Pendant from Dwell Studio, and we can’t help but shine the spotlight on it again. In fact, this polished brass piece is the ultimate in chic design, and a copper-plated interior adds interest and contrast:

Brass dome pendant light

From sconce lighting to pendant lighting to tabletop lighting… The Square Column Table Lamp from Restoration Hardware shines brightly yet subtly with its contemporary block base in a vintage brass finish:

Square brass table lamp

Brass Tableware and Accessories

We now move on to brass accessories that can pack a powerful punch. This Set of 3 Brass Bowls from Dwell Studio features polished brass that shines brightly and beautifully. Fill the bowls or leave them empty–they’re glorious enough on their own!

Set of 3 brass bowls

Brass is even working its way into our table settings, as shown by the Twig Flatware below. This 5-piece set from West Elm also comes in stainless steel, but we like the brass version and the way it creates an unexpected golden glow. The contrast between earthy handle and gleaming top is quite striking, don’t you think?

Brass flatware

We now return to the impeccably designed selections of Jonathan Adler, which are often infused with humor as well as style. It’s updated vintage with an edgy twist! In the next image, we see the Brass Squirrel Shoehorn, the Mr. & Mrs. Muse Brass Place Card Holder and the Brass Peacock:

Brass decor from Jonathan Adler

To add a warm metallic statement to your wall, check out the Bistro Antiqued Brass Mirror from Restoration Hardware. A beveled mirror is complemented by a clean-lined frame.  Not to mention, exposed screws add machine-age style. It’s industrial meets vintage flair at its finest!

Antiqued brass mirror

We end with an item that would look great on a desktop. And it would make a delightful gift! The Colored Pencils and Brass Holder Set from Dwell Studio adds function and L-shaped form to the surface of your choice…

Brass pencil holder

Over time, brass items can develop a patina. Don’t be afraid of it! In fact, some people enjoy this weathered look. However, if you prefer your brass shiny and pristine, keep it polished for an optimal glow.

Kate Simmons

Kate Simmons is a freelance writer and design blogger with a love of all things decor. She spent her childhood writing stories and working on interior design-themed DIY projects. Kate’s published writing reflects her special interest in how design has changed through the decades. Her blog Mirror80 ( http://mirror80.com/) explores the fashion and [...]

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