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Iconic Serge Mouille Lamps Transcend Design Styles And Eras!

Europe in the mid-1900s produced arguably the greatest array of talent in industrial furniture design. Combined with their brilliant counterparts across the Atlantic, these inspirational architects and designers helped change the course of interior design and ushered in the timeless style of Mid-Century Modern. There is something innately captivating and timeless about the many designs produced in this golden era. Crafted with great care and unassuming brilliance, the ingenious lamps of Serge Mouille are part of this exclusive club, and they are still as popular as ever.

Warm and inviting living room

Born in Paris, Serge Mouille was obviously influenced by this glamorous city. Initially a silversmith who acquired great mastery over metal at a very early age, Mouille stepped into the world of French Industrial Design in the late 1940s. It was in 1953 that he made the first of the famous original arm lamps, which are now sought-after collectibles across the globe. At home in pretty much any setting, these audacious and polished lighting fixtures are both dramatic and minimal!

Serge Mouille Floor Lamp next to the Neo Sectional with Chaise

by Design Within Reach

Floor lamp that saves up on space

by Renovation Room

Eclectic living room with Serge Mouille floor lamp in white

by Digs By Katie – Katie Leede & Company

Cool Sputnik Pendant coupled with the Serge Mouille Floor Lamp

by Heather Garrett Design

Serge Mouille Ceiling Lamps are perfect for homes with pristine white interiors

by Leslie Glazier @ Properties

Serge Mouille 3-Arm Floor Lamps holds its own in this beautiful living room

by Bruce Palmer Interior Design

Living room with simple and minimal decor

by Susan Manrao Design

Lovely use of color in the living room

Sculptural Floor Lamps

Picking the right floor lamp can often be a difficult task. With pendant lights gaining popularity and space becoming a premium, many homeowners are looking for lighting options that are ergonomic and yet visually impressive. But the Serge Mouille floor lamps seem to defy this trend, and along with the classic Arco, they are arguably the most sough-after lamps in the genre. It is not too hard to understand why once you take a look at this petite creation. Crafted by Mouille as an austere response to the plethora of bourgeois Italian lamps flooding the market in the mid-’50s, the metallic delight is arguably the first true minimalist floor lamp!

Elegant and sleek floor lamp in the transitional home office

by Raji RM & Associates

Black and white color scheme with a Hollywood Regency appeal

by PROjECT interiors + Aimee Wertepny

Iconic decor comes together in this lovely living room

One of the biggest advantages of the Serge Mouille arm lamps is that they not only occupy little foot space, they also bring a sense of visual airiness to the space. Available in black and white hues, the lamps also add a dash of metallic glint to pretty much any space that they adorn. First displayed in the Steph Simon Gallery in Paris from 1956, these super-slim lamps with their many arms are still making huge waves.

Fabulous modern family room

by Jessica Gersten Interiors

Gorgeous form of the Mouille Floor Lamp makes it ideal for industrial themes

by LINEOFFICE Architecture

Floor lamp blends in with the color scheme of the room

by Laura U

Chic contemporary living room in New York

by Magdalena Keck Interior Design

Tropical living room with sweeping views outside

by A. Leese Image

Let the exceptional floor lamp stand out visually

by Cezign

Stylish and Functional Sconces

Sconces might not be as popular or as visible as the dazzling chandeliers and pendants in general. But when it comes to the Serge Mouille collection of sconces, it is all about simple elegance making a bold visual statement. These almost alien-looking lamps are an ideal choice for those looking to add bedside lighting to their posh, minimalist bedrooms. Taking up barely any space, the sconces are available in several different versions that range from those with a single rotation arm, to giants that spread out their 5 wafer-thin extensions that can be moved around with ease.

5 Arm Spider Sconce by Serge Mouille in a Gorgeous Blue Bedroom

by Amy Lau Design

Serge Mouille Rotating 2-Arms Wall Lamp illuminates the cozy nook next to the fireplace

by Sigmar

Single-arm Serge Mouille Sconce is a stylish sculptural addition in this minimal space

by Ian Moore Architects

If you are a bookworm who loves to catch up with a thrilling page-turner in bed, like some of us do, then the Serge Mouille sconces are the perfect choice. They are also great space-savers in small living rooms and kitchens where you need the right blend of functional and focused lighting. You can even opt for the inimitable Spider Sconce, if you have a few thousand dollars to spare!

Flexible comfort of the Serge Mouille Sconce Lighting

by d’apostrophe design

Serge Mouille wall lamp in the contemporary living room

by Elle Decor

Smart Sconce lighting for the attic bedroom

by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

Ingenious use of Serge Mouille Lighting

by Elle Decor

Sconce lights bring together practicality and style

Bedside lighting that is cool and comfortable

by West Chin Architects & Interior Designers

Arms from the Sky!

There is no doubt that the Mouille creations look like eerie extraterrestrials at times, and we mean that in a good way, of course! Painting a truly spectacular visual, the grand ceiling lights in the collection are an instant focal point in any room. Equipped with rotating arms and heads, these range from the modest three-arm ceiling lamp to the amazing 7-arm spider ceiling lamp that promises to serve all your lighting needs. Thanks to the flexible heads and arms, you can switch between ambient and focused lighting with ease, and a single fixture can serve you in more ways than one.

A different take on the dining room chandelier

Eames lounger coupled with the Serge Mouille Ceiling Light

Sleek and elegant Serge Mouille Lighting

Despite their nonchalant and whimsical approach, the Serge Mouille lamps are all business! Since the great man spent endless hours crafting many lamps on his own, a true original is well worth a 6-figure check! But you can get the current productions at prices that range from $3000 to $15,000 depending on the model and number of arms. You might still need you to save up for a while to own one of these, but it is well worth the extra effort… A true French icon

Accentuate the accent hues with a neutral backdrop

by Wettling Architects

The six arm version is perfect for large rooms with a high ceilng

by wUNDERground

Blend of contemporary and rustic in the Kitchen

by Beinfield Architecture

A flexible lighting option in the living room

by Kathryn MacDonald Photography & Web Marketing

Contrasting backdrop accentuates the beauty of the lighting fixture

by Topson Lighting

Unique pendant light in the hallway

by valerie pasquiou interiors + design

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