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55 Modern Interiors That Incorporate The Floor Lamp With Dazzling Charm

Lighting installations and fixtures arguably constitute the most important aspect of interior design. No matter how stunning your home is, dark corners and poor illumination can turn it into a less than appealing affair in an instant. There are plenty of lighting installations that help showcase your interiors in the right fashion and expert interiors designers believe that the best way to move forward is by adding several layers of lighting that complement each other.

Stylish floor lamp is the perfect way to highlight the exquisite Noguchi Table in the room

by Eleven Interiors

While pendant lights and recessed lighting are all too common, the classic floor lamp is something you do not want to give a miss. Available in a multitude of styles, floor lamps bring along with them flexibility and versatility that is often unmatched. Browse through these contemporary interiors that use the floor lamp in diverse setting and you could very well be inspired to bring one home yourself!

Dazzling modern for lamp for an uber-stylish contemporary bedroom

by Nieto Design Group

Distinctive floor lamps become stylish focal points in a modern setting

by Morrison Homes

Donghia floor lamp along with table lamp and a lovely chandelier illuminate this exquisite bedroom

by Michael Abrams Limited

Golden yellow lamp shade brings in some much needed color into this family room

by O Interior Design

Grey living room with floor lamp in metallic tinge
Illuminate your reading area with a floor lamp in minimalist style

by See Materials

Installations like the Bag Outdoor floor lamp are perfect for your backyard and patio space

by usona

Interesting and multidimensional floor lamp fits in perfectly with the colorful setting

by Bruce Palmer Coastal Design

Lucille floor lamps on either side of the sofa along with metallic floor vases add glitter to this room

by Heather Garrett Design

Minimalist setting in grey with a cool floor lamp

Blending In While Standing Up!

One look at the interiors that do sport floor lamps and you will realize why they are so unique and exceptional. Available in a multitude of designs that vary from classic to contemporary and from the minimalist to the traditional, floor lamps fit in seamlessly with pretty much any setting. With both varying styles and altering needs the choice of the floor lamp changes. Whether it is lighting up that dark and forgotten corner or illuminating your reading room beautifully, floor lamps get the job done without much fuss.

Plush decor, floor lamp and drapes in matching hues for a coherent look

by Urbanspace Interiors

Pottery Barn floor lamps stand out in this green and white living space

by Cynthia Lynn Photography

Shed some spotlight on your coffee table with class!

by Elad Gonen & Zeev Beech

Floor lamps are both classic and contemporary at the same time. Their form and outline is ideal for the current interior design trends. Yet the warm hues and inviting aura that they exude allows you to believe that there is an innate sense of elegance and timeless charm deep within.

Slender Tripode floor lamp adds to the charm of the beautifully-lit family room

by Dunlap Design Group

Small contemporary living rooms can also utilize floor lamps in a smart fashion

by Paul Anater

Sun dial mirror coupled with sleek floor lamp light up the room beautifully

by Lea Frank Design

Twiggy Floor Lamp by Foscarini in white blends in with the setting in black and white with ease

by Urbanspace Interiors

Unusual and wiry Roman Ring floor lamp makes for a unique addition

by Moroso Construction

A floor lamp can become an art installation in itself in an eclectic room like this one

by Kerry Ciardelli

ARA from Usona is offers a stylish and brilliant contrast to the white backdrop
Contemporary living room with a floor lamp that steals the show

by Brandon Architects

Eclectic bedroom with matching floor lamps in turquoise blue

by Pal + Smith

The Happy Nomad of Your Interiors

There are some among us who are so fickle that we tend to move around our furnishings once every couple of weeks just for the sake of change. Others might do it few times each year. But rearranging your furniture periodically to spice up the look of your home is an inescapable task. This is where the versatility of the willing floor lamp comes to the fore! While other lighting installations are hard to move around, the floor lamp can be shifted with ease.

Beautiful curves of the floor lamp bring geometric variation to a room otherwise using straight lines

by Heather Merenda

Contrasting floor lamps in the room can help break away from monotony in terms of color

by Peg Berens Interior Design

Fabulous floor lamp ensures that the line of sight remains unobstructed thanks to its design

This is a trait that is particularly useful in places like the home library, the reading room, bedroom or home office where the floor lamp offers ample lighting exactly where it is required. Though pendant lights and track lighting can offer the same, they are far more difficult to move around along with your décor.

Sectional sofa in white with a low back and a floor lamp above for light
Tall floor lamps offer visual balance to the room

by W Design Interiors

Bedside table lamp and a tall floor lamp often form the ideal partnership

by Rachel Reider Interiors

Black and white pattern living room with a floral-styled floor lamp

by Polly

Floor lamps are a popular and smart addition to reading rooms and home offices
Flos lamp by Philippe Starck in the corner brings together both form and function

by Andrew Snow Photography

George Kovacs Arc Floor Lamp works beautifully in interiors with a high ceiling

by MN Design by Mauricio Nava

Homes with spacious and flowing interiors can easily add more than just one floor lamp

by Butler Armsden Architects

Living room in dark tones with a flamboyant floor lamp

by McGonigal Signature Homes

Balance and Brightness

As we have said earlier, any one type of lighting installation cannot perfectly light up your entire home. But adding several layers of lighting is not the easiest task in the world as these installations need to work in tandem to deliver the best possible result. The combination of table lamp on side of the bed or a couch and a matching floor lamp on the other side is a popular blend that seems to work beautifully. Similar blend of floor and desk lamps can be used in varying corners of the room to create a diverse and soothing atmosphere.

Glass Cylinder standing lamp lights up the sofa area in a subtle manner
Lamps on either side of the television might not always be the best option

by Chris Snook

Sibley floor lamp in one corner of the room complements the table lamp set in the opposite corner!

by Whitney Lyons

Simple and stylish way to use floor lamps on either side of the bed to create visual symmetry

by Jessica Bennett Interiors

Custom designed floor lamps illuminate the dull corners

by Glenn Gissler Design

Elegant floor lamp complements the lovely golden hues of these interiors

by Klang & Associates

Gorgeous living room in white and blue with a floor lamp that accentuates its relaxing ambiance

by Ziger/Snead Architects

Martian floor lamp in the corner offers lighting in multiple directions

by Peter A. Sellar

Noguchi Akari floor lamp is as much a work of art in itself as it is a lighting installation!

by Adrienne DeRosa

Here, There and Everywhere!

The floor lamp is a design that has survived many decades of change in interior design and has evolved with our changing needs. It is no exaggeration to say that some of the modern lamps such as the Arco are design icons that have stood the test of time. Not only are floor lamps available in an astounding array of styles, but they can be included in any room of your home. Designs that are space conscious and smart on energy consumption ensure that even the chic urban consumer living in the tiny studio apartment can also be a proud owner of one!

It is always best to mix several layers of lighting to eliminate any possibility of dark corners

by Robbins Architecture

Let the floor lamp take over from the skylight once the sun sets

by m.a.p. interiors

Old tree branch converted into a floor lamp with ease!

by a+b kasha designs

Floor lamps work well both indoors and outdoors and with growing number of residences opting for lavish patio and deck spaces and open living plans, they are often the ideal lighting choices. Ergonomic, stylish and practical they do seem like a ‘must have’ for every modern home.

Scandinavian styled dining area with floor lamp that fit in with the elegant appeal

by Ed Ritger Photography

Couple of floor lamps in this living room add to the freshness of the style employed

by Vintage Scout Interiors

Catch up on your favorite titles as you rest in a cozy little nook lit-up by a sleek floor lamp
Creative floor lamp at the entrance of the living room draws your attention at an instant

by Kate Gangi

Utilize a floor lamp in bedroom designs where you cannot fit in a table lamp
Stunning modern bedroom with a view sports a stylish and vintage floor lamp

by Chloe Warner

Sun-room with floor lamp offers a lovely little nook to escape from the rush

by Ryan

Stacked lampshades used to craft this unique floor lamp in the corner of the room

by Heather Merenda

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