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Contemporary Chandeliers That Dazzle With Their Heavenly Charm!

When we think of chandeliers, the first image that strikes us is of extravagant and at times imposing designs that overwhelm with their grandeur. But many of these might simply not fit with your existing, modern design scheme. That is precisely why we have three exquisite, trendy and stylish chandeliers lined up for you today. Instead of confining you to the traditional idea of an expansive glass chandelier, these chic designs go beyond the obvious by drawing a hint of inspiration from the heavens above!

Mid-century Modern Satellite Chandelier in a contemporary living room

Choosing a light fixture is not always about functionality alone. A new pendant light, floor lamp or bedside table lamp must also bring along with it another visual, textural or sculptural dimension to the room. This approach not only gives your home or office a revitalized look, but also enhances the space even when the lighting installation is not in use. So delve in and take a look at this exciting trio of modern chandeliers –

An indoor cloud that complements the ones outside!

by Bertram Architects

Gorgeous Logico pendants above the kitchen counter

by Peter A. Sellar

Grand Sputnik Chandelier in the living room

by frank pitman designs

Beautiful pendant stands out when set against a contrasting backdrop

by FORMA Design

Logico Suspension Pendant in the dining room

by Charlie Simmons

Orbit Chandelier hangs stylishly above the dining table
The Big Bang seems perfectly at home in an uber-modern home!

by Chipper Hatter Architectural Photographer

Space-Age Sputnik Chandeliers

We definitely are seeing a grand revival of Mid-Century Modern decor pieces in the last few years. Not that they were ever completely out of style! But these timeless furnishings, lamps and pendants are now being more generously used by homeowners and designers than a decade or two ago. The charismatic Sputnik Chandeliers fit this billing perfectly. Spurred and inspired by the launch of the first artificial satellite and the ensuing space race, the Sputnik is a single globular unit with many arms that sport individual light bulbs.

Sputnik chandelier sheds some light on the Saarinen tulip base table and the Ghost Chairs

by Annette English

The Sergei Chandelier lights up the lovely dining room
Keeping it simple and modern

Thanks to its Mid-Century Modern heritage, Sputnik Chandeliers seem perfectly at home in sleek, modern spaces. Their minimal form coupled with an unmistakable metallic glint makes these chandeliers truly exceptional. Coming in various sizes, shapes and individual styles that range from the Satellite Chandelier to the Bubble Chrome and the Orbit, they blur that fine line between a pendant and a chandelier with sparkling splendor!

Splash of red draws your attention instantly

by Cravotta Interiors

Small Sputnik ceiling light fixture in the attic bedroom

by Shirley Meisels

Bubbles offers a modern take on the classic Satellite chandelier style

by Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

Stylish Sputnik Chandelier with metallic glint

by Marc B. Spector

Gorgeous contemporary family room

by Heather Garrett Design

Spot a Few Indoor Clouds

While man’s early space adventures inspired the design of the Sputnik collection, the Logico Lamp might just inspire you to take a sky-diving lesson or two! Of course, if you are not much of a daredevil like some of us, then you will settle for maybe watching the clouds race across the evening sky. Mimicking the form of a fluffy cloud in the sky, the Logico Lamp was designed by Michele De Lucchi and Gerhard Reichertand in 2002. It is the Triple Linear Suspension version of the lamp that is a true showstopper and a great choice for a fashionable modern chandelier.

Chic Logico shines through in an eclectic dining room

by Moroso Construction

A trendy lighting installation idea for the modern kitchen

by Schwartz and Architecture

Do not relegate chandeliers and pendants to kitchens and dining rooms alone

by Kaufman Segal Design

The sheer size of Logico and its elongated form ensure that it does not feel diminutive, even in a large room with a pretty high ceiling. The wavy nature of its design also adds geometric contrast to a contemporary interior dominated by clean and well-defined straight lines. Crafted from hand-blown glass, it is becoming an increasingly popular choice in kitchens and dining rooms.

Combine recessed and focused lighting efficiently

by Abramson Teiger Architects

Exquisite Logico is a perfect addition to even minimal and formal interiors
Logico placed in a natural and organic setting

by Resolution: 4 Architecture

Simple long light in the backdrop pales in front of the luminous Logico!
Rustic room with lovely contemporary overtones

by Echelon Custom Homes

It all started with the Big Bang!

Unlike the Logico and the Sputnik, the Big Bang does not remind us exactly of the cosmos. But it is indeed called the Big Bang Chandelier, and since everything did start with the Big bang, it is only fair that we showcase it as well. Crafted for Foscarini by Enrico Franzolini and Vicente Garcia Jimenez, this minimalist lamp seems like a perfect reflection of the current obsession with simple, straight lines. Having said that, the design of the Big Bang also reminds us of a few origami designs, and eerily enough, even the 2012 Olympics logo! (That is particularly true with the red Big Bang chandelier).

Geometric lighting fixture looks good in any setting

by McClellan Architects

Big Bang by Foscarini in Red
A closer look at the sleek Big Bang

by Habitat Studio

That aside, the chandelier is well and truly an exceptional sculptural addition to any interior. Made of intersecting metacrylate frames, the light instantly draws your attention (even during the daytime) and is a great standalone addition that seems to transform into an even more enchanting installation after sunset.

Smart use of the creative modern chandeliers in a large living room

by WA design

Add an interesting lighting fixture to the bedroom
Love how the chandelier stands out even from a distance
Cool Big Bang Chandelier doubles as a sculptural addition

by Urbanspace Interiors

The elegant chandelier takes over after sunset

Which of these fascinating modern chandeliers would you welcome into your household?

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