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A Grand Entrance Makeover: Entryway Decor Ideas For Your Home

The entryway of your home is the first area seen by your guests. It welcomes them to your dwelling, and it welcomes you each time you walk through the front door. Does your entryway have a “style”? Is it modern? Traditional? Rustic? Eclectic? When it comes to selecting entryway decor, there are many possibilities for this inviting space. Today we explore a range of ideas that will help create a grand entrance at home.

Modern glam entryway

[photo by Eric Piasecki, from Mendelson Group]

Beginning this January, Decoist launched a makeover series. We’ve explored ways to refresh your living roombedroombathroom and front porch. Today it’s all about the entryway. Check out the images that follow and see if a concept, furnishing or accessory grabs your attention. Don’t forget to tell us about your favorites at the end of the post!

Your Entryway’s Purpose

Begin your entryway makeover by defining the needs of your space. Will this area of your home help you organize your belongings, as shown in the modern entry below? [from Jennifer Weiss Architecture]

Organized modern entryway

Or perhaps your entryway will be a display area–a home for art and creative vignettes… [from Lonny]

Eclectic small entry

Maybe your entryway will be a little bit of both. If you need a place to stash items such as keys, shoes and a purse, there’s no reason why your entry can’t be stylish as well as practical! [from Lonny]

Seating and artwork in a modern entry

Entryway Artwork

When it comes to specific decor ideas, we’ll begin with the artistic possibilities your entryway holds. No matter how big or small, your entry likely gives you some wall space to work with. Even if your entryway is nothing more than a gallery, enjoy this area of your home to the fullest. Start your makeover with a spectacular piece of art. Sometimes one large piece makes the biggest statement, as shown below. [from Teton Heritage Builders]

Modern art in a large entryway

Now is your chance to strategically use color. Can you paint your entry an eye-catching hue? Or maybe you will decide to select a vibrant painting that introduces one or more bright shades to your interior… [from MAK Design + Build, Inc.]

Statement art in a narrow entryway

One work of art speaks volumes. But so does a gallery-style collection of framed pieces, as shown below. [from Lonny]

Gallery-style entry

There’s no rule that says your art has to be framed. In the next featured image, we see the striking appeal of a grouping of tribal masks. [from Gatling Design]

Cottage entryway with tribal masks

Entryway Furnishings

Console tables, benches and stools are three popular furniture choices for the entryway. Continue your makeover by selecting a new furnishing. Of course, what you add to your entry will depend on the amount of space you have available. For example, larger areas can accommodate substantial pieces like the chest of drawers below, which also serves as a “bar cart” of sorts… [from GR Interiors]

Elegant entryway chest and bar cart

If your entry can only hold one key furnishing, make sure it’s an eye-catching selection. The eclectic space below features a unique table from a Paris flea market. [from Duffy Design Group]

Unique narrow entryway table

If you’re pressed for space, consider a floating console, which conveniently mounts on the wall, freeing up floor space underneath. [from Lonny]

Floating console in the entryway

In fact, a slender table is an ideal choice for small entryways. Even with limited space, you can still choose colors and furnishings that make a big impact, as shown in the next featured image. [from Kaleidoscope Design Build]

Small entryway table solution

Do you ever leave the house in a hurry? Sometimes you need a place to sit while rummaging through your purse for the keys. Or a place to zip up those boots and tie your laces. An entryway chair provides an ideal spot for regrouping before heading out. Or a place to crash and take a deep breath at the end of a long day! [from Meyer & Meyer Architecture and Interiors]

Comfy seating in a large entryway

Benches are popular seating choices for the entryway. Not only will a bench save you space, this piece can help cement the style of your entry, whether you’re going for a modern look, an ornate feel or an earthy vibe. [from Heather Merenda via Houzz]

Modern entryway slatted bench

Entryway Accessories

Don’t forget about the icing–those accessories and special touches that really help your space come together! In fact, your entryway may already hold the basics. Perhaps your makeover will consist of filling in the gaps with a few flourishes. Like pendant lighting. There’s nothing like a grand light (or two) to set a stylish tone. [from HGTV.com]

Pendant lights in a stunning entryway

Then there are the practical details, like a place to put your wet and muddy boots during the winter. How about a boot tray?! [from Ez Puweda via Going Home to Roost]

Entryway boot tray

An entry rug can set a strong foundation for your home and make a big first impression. As the entryway is a high-trafficked area, just make sure you select a rug as durable as it is stylish! [from Design Shuffle]

Vibrant entryway rug

A fresh coat of paint. A new piece of artwork. A bench. A table. A pendant light… So many possibilities for your entryway makeover! Which will you choose? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below…

Kate Simmons

Kate Simmons is a freelance writer and design blogger with a love of all things decor. She spent her childhood writing stories and working on interior design-themed DIY projects. Kate’s published writing reflects her special interest in how design has changed through the decades. Her blog Mirror80 ( http://mirror80.com/) explores the fashion and [...]

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