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Bedroom Accent Walls to Keep Boredom Away

While we did spend most of January showcasing some of the top design trends that are expected to rule the year ahead, accent walls are a perpetual favorite! With contemporary themes and neutral color schemes taking over most interiors, it is only apt that accent walls find greater prominence in the interior design universe. And it is the bedroom that’s often the starting point for most of our experiments with the vivacious accent wall. The privacy of your bedroom offers you a freedom in trying out unabashed hues, patterns and styles that you might otherwise shy away from.

Gorgeous dark blue accent wall enlivens the room

Today we take a look at some fabulous bedrooms that offer ample inspiration when it comes to choosing the right accent wall for your own home. Since featuring every single color is a touch monotonous, we have showcased several different available themes and options so that you can be inspired to create an accent wall that goes beyond just offering color contrast!

Wallpapers allow you to switch between accent shades with ease


A perfect accent wall idea for this year’s Valentine’s Day!
Add interesting geometric patterns to the bedroom with accent walls

by Sticks and Stones Design Group

Who knew black could make a great accent wall color?

by sonya

Exquisite layered pattern & textures bring the bedroom alive!

by Leanne McKeachie Design

Sparkling and posh bedroom for the modern diva!

by Design-OD

Grey accent wall in a white bedroom

by Space Harmony

Bring Back Some Color!

For most of us, the accent wall is the perfect way to add some much-needed color to our interior. Having a bedroom that is largely neutral with a single accent wall allows you to switch between hot color trends with ease. Couple the wall with a few accent pillows and maybe even matching bed covers and you’re pretty much set. But the advantages of an accent wall become even more apparent while designing a small bedroom. It creates an instant focal point in the compact room without resulting in visual fragmentation of the space.

Purple accent walls are pretty popular in contemporary bedrooms

by Window Works

Hot pink and lovely decal work give the bedroom a cool personality

by Bowery Interior Architecture

Top color trends for 2014 predict that both grey and purple will continue to dominate the accent wall world. While grey is often associated with a neutral backdrop, modern designers are using warmer and bolder shades of grey as accent hues while the rest of the bedroom is kept predominantly white. This lends a sense of flair and sophistication to the space that is hard to replicate with other colors. Purple is obviously a perennial favorite, thanks to its opulence and effervescence.

Grey accent walls in the bedroom are predicted to be a hot design trend this year

by Chr DAUER Architects

Refreshing splash of sea blue in the bedroom

by Irvin Serrano

A hint of surf green adds tropical charm to the room


Accent walls need not always be the ones behind the bed!

by Goforth Gill Architects

Cool bedroom exudes a mid-century modern vibe!

by Shirley Meisels

Tantalizing Textures and Posh Patterns

But adding an accent wall is not just about color alone. Think of your room as more than a composition of various hues, but also of different textures and shapes. Add some imaginative textural contrast to the room with an accent wall that also comes with 3D art additions. The added dimension brings the space alive, and you will immediately notice the vast difference in the ambiance of the room. For the less adventurous, beautiful paisley motifs and exposed brick walls present some elegant and less mundane alternatives.

3D wall art additions help fashion a truly amazing accent wall

by Sohu Designs

Textured wall tiles draw your attention instantly

by Chris Jovanelly Interior Design

Since it is the bedroom we are talking about, think of accent wall ideas that are unique to this particular part of the house. A fully tufted wall is an exquisite idea that oozes class, comfort and luxury that promises to pamper your senses. It can double as a giant headboard, and if you are planning to usher in a chic, Hollywood Regency style, then this is surely the ideal option.

Paisley or buta pattern for the bedroom accent wall

by Kropat Interior Design

Cool accent wall stands out with ease

by A.GRUPPO Architects – San Marcos

Play a little trick on your mind with this interesting accent wall

by Britto Charette

Luxurious tufted accent wall in soft suede graces this contemporary bedroom

by Enviable Designs

Tin tiles that have been faux painted to make an inimitable backdrop

by Contour Interior Design

Unravel Some Wallpaper Magic!

So, you want to add an interesting accent wall but are not very sure about opening that can of paint? Then it is time to turn your focus toward wallpaper. Wallpaper brings the best of both worlds together as you get to add both colors and patterns with relative ease. With most wallpapers today, putting them on or removing them once you wish to switch to a new, bolder print is not hard at all. From sweeping floral patterns to intricate and complex designs; wallpapers can be used to usher in any new motif of your liking. It is also a pretty inexpensive and affordable alternative compared to other makeover options.

The library wallpaper sure adds an erudite look to the bedroom!
Give your bedroom the woodsy winter look with wallpaper

by Leclair Decor

The accent wallpaper you pick can be even used to accentuate any intricate patterns and designs that you have used around the bedroom. Once again, throw pillows and duvets with similar print will lend further beauty to the room and should also give it a far more organized look. But when you are choosing wallpaper laced with complex and bold patterns, make sure that the rest of the room is as neutral and uncomplicated in its design as possible. Otherwise, the room could seem far too cluttered and overwhelming.

Patterned wallpaper in the white bedroom adds both color and style

by LUX Design

Accent wall idea for those who love their greens!

by Todd Davis Architecture

Splash of yellow for the accent wall in the kids’ bedroom

by Flegel’s Construction

Wallpapered Accent Wall in the modern bedroom

by Montgomery Roth architect

Pink patterned wallpaper for the bedroom accent wall

A Warm, Woodsy Approach

With winter here, wood is one of our favorites, as it brings snug warmth to any interior it adorns. Your bedroom accent wall is no exception, as a gorgeous wooden surface has its own undeniable charm! A wooden accent wall takes a bit more work than a simple paint job, but the result is well worth the extra time and effort. If your contemporary or minimalist home is dominated by concrete, glass and stone, then an accent wall with wooden paneling is arguably the best choice. It lends softness to the bedroom and makes it a far more inviting setting.

Wood slats give the bedroom accent wall an inviting warmth

by Soelberg Industries

Stunning weathered wood and stone accent wall

by DKOR Interiors

Recycled timber and soft greys in the modern bedroom

by Capital Building

Rustic bedroom idea with a wooden accent wall

by Design Associates – Lynette Zambon

Solid rosewood paneling for the bedroom accent wall

by Caden Design Group

Wood wall paneling adds both visual and textural contrast

by Facaro

Show Your True Stripes

Stripes have a truly amazing quality of turning even the most ungainly space into one that exudes sheer brilliance! Stripes define a room, give it order and can often be used to visually trick our brains into believing that a room is bigger than it is in reality. Using stripes for the bedroom accent wall often involves combining a darker shade of the color used for the other three walls with a lighter shade. This is a look that you simply cannot go wrong with, and often the results will tempt you to adopt the stripes in the living and dining rooms as well.

Chevron wallpaper for the bedroom accent wall always lends a touch of sophistication

by Lauren Mikus

Horizontal stripes add flair to the bedroom in an understated fashion

by Julie Sumile Interior Design

Subtle addition of stripes to create a classy accent wall

by CHROMA design lab + interiors

Vertical pink stripes add chic glam to the room

by Cornerstone Architects

Silver and brown stripes blend in with the color scheme of the bedroom

by Alfonso DiLauro

Adding an accent wall to the bedroom is not all that hard. But try to think beyond just color and you will open up a whole new world of possibilities. So, what is your bedroom accent wall style?

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