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Accentuate With Majesty: Purple Passion for Contemporary Interiors

Colors play a significant role in our lives. Some come with notions that have been passed down over generations, like purple, which was a rare and extremely expensive dye extracted from shellfish. Others simply wow you. Either way, the colors that you choose for your home play a significant part in determining the many moods of your day.

When it comes to creating a stylish and sophisticated look while bringing in an uplifting joy, few shades work as well as the iconic purple. With modern home owners opting for largely neutral interiors that come in muted tones such as white, grey, brown and at times a hint of black, infusion of color seems an absolute must.

Stunning room in black and white with purple chairs for an extravagant look

by Last Detail Interior Design

Accent colors breathe life into an otherwise dull and borderline bland setting. Purple and its many variants are perfect in this regard. Dubbed as one of the ‘hottest’ interior colors of 2013, a dash of purple can alter your home’s vibe in a significant and positive fashion. Balance, as always, is the key to getting it just right!

Modern living room in grey with a balanced addition of purple

by Becki Peckham

Sometimes all you need is a couch in purple to liven up a bland setting!
Use the accent color to highlight a chosen nook in your living space

by angela varela cunha

Accent fabrics – Purple pillows and a throw draw you attention in an instant
Color a part of the wall or just one side of the room in purple to highlight the area

by Chris Snook

Contemporary bedroom in white with purple accents
Next to pink, purple is the most popular accent color used in kids’ rooms

by Great Neighborhood Homes

Rich, Refined and Imperial

Purple has always been known as the ‘color of the emperors’. Large part of this notion comes from the fact that its dye was the very expensive in ancient times and it took plenty of work to bring out the right purple hue. Flourishing ancient civilizations like the Romans and the Egyptians saw its noblemen and kings wear ‘purple’ for the grand occasions. While purple may not longer enjoy that royal exclusivity, it still seems like a majestic color that carries along with it an air of imperial aura!

Beautiful bedroom in grey and white with pleasing purple accents and zebra print
Lovely blend of various shades of purple and violet set against grey walls in the bedroom

by Beach Chic Design

Purple is a color of sound judgment and wisdom. It embraces and accentuates royalty and spirituality. In modern times it is color of people who love innovation and originality across fields such as art, culture, politics and fashion!

Add a bit of purple to your kitchen for a playful and bold appeal

by John Lum Architecture

Purple accent wall in the girls’ bedroom- Just as pretty as pink!

by Tuba Yavuzer

Simple use of purple pillow and rug to offer visual contrast in a neutral setting

by Matarozzi Pelsinger Builders

Stylish and creative way to add purple accents to a modern eclectic living space

by Nina Jizhar

Subtle touches like purple flowers and photo frames can make a distinct impact

by Roughan Interior Design

Beyond Décor and Paint

When we talk of using purple as an accent color, most people tend to automatically limit their imagination to either simple décor or the wall paint. Painting a single wall in the room with purple to draw attention to that particular niche is indeed a great idea. Also adding a plush couch in purple in an otherwise neutral setting sure helps create great visual contrast. But sometimes all you need is ‘accent fabrics’ such as a warm rug in purple or a cushion or two to create the effect.

Another wonderful example of how to use accent fabrics in purple to steal the show!

by Dayka Robinson Designs

Employ more than one accent color to create more vibrant interiors
Fabulous dining room covered in wooden surfaces gets a fresh makeover with purple accents
It need not always be decor or wall paint that brings out purple hues

by MusaDesign Interior Design

Lighting fixtures offer purple accents in an unusual fashion

by Heather ODonovan Interior Design

Purple drapes create a sense of sophistication to this stylish living room in muted tones

by Amoroso Design

Accent Color that makes an Impact!

Despite being a combination of red and blue in various proportions, there is pretty much nothing neutral about purple. If you are thinking about adding purple to your living room or the bedroom, then be prepared to let it stand out and shine in the spotlight. Purple accents do not generally tend to take a backseat to any other décor or furnishing in the room. In fact, Feng Shui suggests that purple is a color of high ‘vibrations’ and hence must be used sparingly. That s precisely what purple accents bring.

Teenage girls’ bedroom in white with a dash of purple
You can opt for milder shades of purple and violet in order to tone down on the glitz

by Sylvia Fridman

Remember that accent colors (no matter which one you choose) work best when the remainder of the room is in largely neutral hues. Too many colors in fragmented patterns work against the look and generally end up creating a clutter.

Elegant modern bedroom with lampshades that add an extra tinge of purple

by Window Works

Eclectic living room adds purple in a way you simply cannot miss!
Compact media room employs purple and cream
A splash of purple in the kitchen for a colorful and contemporary look

by In Detail Interiors

Sherry Nothingam

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