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Retro Living Room Ideas And Decor Inspirations For The Modern Home

Retro-inspired interiors and living spaces have made a bit of comeback in the last year or so. With bold colors like purple and violet being touted as the hottest colors of 2014. and gold and silver accents being featured in top interior design trends of the year ahead, now is the time to introduce a hint of retro charm into your living room. While most often modern homeowners seem to relegate vintage styles and retro patterns to the kitchen , it is time to think beyond the obvious. Chic and fashionable, simple retro decor can often make a big difference to the ambiance of any living space.

Fabulous living room with a cool collection of vases

by UPinteriors

Going retro does not mean you have to go overboard with bright colors and vivacious patterns. Instead of opting for an entirely retro theme, the more innovative style is to introduce cool Mid-Century modern chairs, an orb-style fireplace, patterned rugs or select retro pieces that enhance the existing contemporary style of your home. Instantly standing out from the mundane, here are some fabulous inspirational images to get you started in the right direction –

Sophisticated Mid-Century design style for the contemporary living room
Another look at the gorgeous space…

by Sarah Greenman

Bright orange and the geometric rug usher in the retro vibe

by Susan Diana Harris Interior Design

Twin chairs add a vintage style with ease!

by Chris Barrett Design

Lovely design idea for a small living room

by Rachel Reider Interiors

Living room combines several retro decor items even while staying modern

by Weego Home

Combine clean contemporary design with retro hues

by Holly Marder

Malm Lancer fireplace in bright orange does the trick here

by maison21

A Splash of Colorful Exuberance

Most often retro design ideas are linked with bold colors, intricate patterns and general design that is more over the top than understated. While this refreshingly rich look might not work with every living room and any given theme, it does feel organic and urbane when done right. Try to introduce a few classic chairs, a retro-styled table, and possibly a vintage decor item or two to accentuate the retro look. A completely retro-inspired living room can be a touch overwhelming, but therein lays its beauty!

Surround yourself with color!
A shelf like this could redefine the look of your entire living space

by Thomas Wold

Orange is a popular color choice for those looking to add a retro appeal

by Kropat Interior Design

Side tables, cabinets and brilliant chandeliers are also a wonderful way of adding retro style to the living room. Just couple of these select furnishings with the right throw pillows and a rug, and you have playful, hip space that sets the right tone for the rest of the house. When it comes to colorful design, the ’60s and ’70s offer endless inspiration…

Over-sized vintage cafe sign and a lava lamp in the living room

by Kailey J. Flynn Photography

Colorful and quirky living room
Inimitable Noguchi Coffee table bridges the contemporary and the retro!

by Chimera Interior Design

Keeping it colorful and trendy!

by Becky Harris

Looks like the set of a sci-fi TV series from the 70s!

by Max T

A fitting tribute to the vivacious ’60s and ’70s!

by Alex Amend Photography

Retro-style diner adds to the living room visual

by Smith & Vansant Architects

Contemporary and Retro!

While retro and vintage might currently be appealing, it might be just a matter of time before the world of interior design casts them aside once again. Getting stuck with a living room that needs a complete makeover is both expensive and inconvenient. This is precisely why many homeowners and designers are opting for a subtle addition of retro decor while keeping the theme strictly modern or contemporary. By adding a single furnishing, curtains, a coffee table or wallpaper to the accent wall, you create a sense of nostalgia without redecorating in an extensive manner.

Chairs are an easy way to add a pinch of retro to your home
Elegant rug and wood paneling give the room inviting warmth

by Michael Moran

Pops of yellow and purple and a shag rug bring in the retro

by Elad Gonen

The idea here is to create a living room that stays timeless and can be easily altered with changing design trends. While moving out a couple of chairs or replacing wall art is easy, if you commit to an exclusively retro design, make sure that you really love it and would stick to it for several seasons to come.

Modern retro living room with a bright couch and interesting wallpaper

by Fotograf Lisbet Spörndly

Retro design combined with bold ceiling color
The hanging Bubble Chair is another cool retro addition

by Susan Jay Design

Warm yellows showcase a ’70s retro look along with a tinge of Hollywood Regency
Chic glam meets cool retro overtones at this LA Loft

by Madison Modern Home

Neutral colors can also be used to usher in a vibrant retro look

by Burritt Bros. Carpets

Posh house exudes understated charm

by MAD – Modern Affordable Design Solutions

Retro-cool living room with a contemporary twist

by Sarah Greenman

Inspirational Mid-Century Modern Designs

Since the show Mad Men made its appearance on TV, Mid-Century modern has become a bit of a rage. If the conventional retro designs do not seem all that appealing to you, then delve into this particular decorating style. Remember that retro is not just the ’60s and the ’70s. Borrowing from this elegant and classy design style gives you some amazing decor options. Creations of some of the greats like Eero Saarinen, Eames, Isamu Noguchi and Arne Jacobsen open up a world of endless possibilities for you. To move away from conventional trends and to embrace a ‘vintage look’, pick these iconic furnishings in spunky hues like pink, red and orange.

Bertoia Bird Chair along with throw pillows adds a subtle retro appeal
Eames Elliptical Cocktail Table adds the retro vibe to the room
Mix and match Mid-Century decor icons to bring a refined retro look
Risom Lounge Chair adds Mid-Century modern vibe to the living room

by Jeni Lee

You really need not confine yourself strictly to one particular look when trying to add retro touches to your living room. Feel free to borrow from across various eras. With many firms now lining up to recreate these famous furniture pieces and accessories of an era gone by, there are plenty of options on offer. So, are you ready to dip your toes into some ravishing retro fun?

Cool interior borrows heavily from a Mid-Century style

by Tara Bussema – Neat Organization and Design

Elegant design with smart pops of color

by VisuaLingual

Stylish rattan seating takes you back in time

by Marcelo Brito & Pedro Potaris

An Orb-style fireplace is both cool and fashionable

by Optimise Design

Framed posters from cinema’s golden era!
Sleek and stylish space with Tom Dixon Pendant Lights

by Mikel Irastorza

Wood-burning stove with the beanbags also adds a hint of rustic charm

by kimberly peck architect

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