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Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas for a Festive Touch

Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? If you’re like me and you still have a few items to check off your list, no worries. You’ve still got time! Especially with the help of resources like our 2013 Decoist Holiday Gift Guide. But while you’re out shopping, you might as well pick up some gift wrapping supplies such as paper, bows and tags. I have a confession to make: Sometimes I enjoy wrapping gifts more than I enjoy picking them out! It’s a chance to really get creative, don’t you think?!…

That’s why today we present 12 holiday gift wrap ideas that will add a dash of festivity to your Christmas. In fact, some people enjoy wrapping empty boxes for display-only purposes. After all, wrapped gifts look amazing on a tabletop, a holiday mantel, or of course, under the tree! Below you’ll find some amazing DIY projects, a few gorgeous combinations of wrapping paper and baubles, and some unconventional uses for items such as pencil erasers, baking cups and stickers. Enjoy!

Colorful and Crafty Gift Wrap Ideas

We begin with a celebration of color! These ideas are all DIY in nature, which means you can put your own special touch on each finished product. The Personalized Polka Dot Gift Wrap below showcases an unexpected display of confetti-style speckles and festive words. You too can create the look with vinyl letters, paint (which you’ll apply with a pencil eraser), and an X-Acto knife to remove the letters once the paint has dried. Check out all the project details at Brit + Co.:

Polka dot gift wrap

Feeling dreamy this Christmas? The enchanting gift tag below can be yours with the help of a free printable. Designed by Amy Moss for Oh Happy Day, this quirky embellishment is Moss’ “attempt to channel the wide-eyed wonder that Christmas used to inspire in [her] as a child.” We thank you for sharing the wonder with us, Amy! And we also love the star paper on the gift in the image, which could easily be recreated with some stamps and yellow paint…

Whimsical gift wrap idea

Need an eye-catching bow to top your gift? Maybe something cute rather than formal? The Washi Tape Bow Tutorial from Vivid Please will show you how to make the striped bows in the next featured image. All you need is washi tape, paper and stickers…

Washi tape gift bow

And speaking of bows, we’re loving the clever use of store-bought gift bows showcased below. These Big Bow Gift Toppers from A Subtle Revelry are colorful, full (thanks to some layering), and super easy to create with a few snips of the scissors:

Holiday gift bow idea

Gift Wrap with Retro Style

Ready to go retro? With many of today’s most popular Christmas decorations being retro in nature (including my silver tinsel tree), it makes sense that holiday enthusiasts would enjoy creating wrapped gifts with a similar look. For a super-fun way to add vintage flair to your Christmas packages, check out this Snowscape-Wrapped Gift DIY from Oh Happy Day. The finished product makes a big impact with black wrapping paper, white fabric batting, fake snow and vintage decorations such as bottlebrush trees and reindeer…

Snowscape gift wrap idea

If you’re looking for another free printable, this holiday greeting tag and pocket just might be for you. Once again designed by Amy Moss (this time for her own blog Eat Drink Chic), the result is a classic holiday look that celebrates retro style:

Retro-style gift tag and envelope

Keep in mind that certain patterns and colors instantly channel a retro vibe. Lattice designs, geometric repetition, and prints such as houndstooth look especially vintage when paired with items that evoke the past. Keep that in mind when purchasing wrapping paper! And there’s nothing like metallic solids in shades such as red and gold… [styled by Danielle]

Colorful Christmas display

Keep in mind that pastels can also create a vintage look. The gorgeous spread of gifts below was created by Heather Bullard. We’re loving the combination of floral paper, eye-catching baubles and an abundance of ribbon. You might even consider ordering vintage embellishments to top your gifts… [via Vintage Indie]

Vintage indie gift wrap idea

Gifts of Silver and Gold

We end with gifts that celebrate two of our favorite colors this season: silver and gold! Combine them, or focus on one tone, then embellish it with other vivid hues. For example, in this foil baking cup gift wrap tutorial from Hey Look, warm gold and hot pink combine to create a radiant display of string, sequins, ribbon, baking cups and more. The key is squishing the center of the baking cups to create a flower shape. The result: a festive, modern presentation that looks good enough to eat!

Foil baking cup toppers

Sometimes it’s as simple as buying an assortment of wrapping paper in shades of silver and gold, then embellishing the wrapped gifts with beautifully tied ribbon, as shown in this mantel vignette from The Stay at Homeista:

Silver and gold gift wrap

Silver and gold can be shiny and sleek, but this combo also has the power to channel an earthy look, especially when mixed with shades such as brown. In this delightful image from Kayla Barker Fine Art Photography, we see how including gifts wrapped with paper bag paper can add a rustic look to a holiday display. Especially when numerous ribbons and bows are involved!

Gold and silver Christmas wrap

We end with a fun idea that instantly caught our attention–greenery frosted with metallic tones. In the silver- and gold-wrapped gift below, a bit of evergreen foliage adds a refreshing touch. You can recreate the look by dipping the greenery in paint, or by dabbing it with glue, then sprinkling with glitter. More details at Domaine

Shimmering greenery on silver and gold

For even more gift wrap fun, check out this post on adding style to your holiday wrapping… Now that’s a wrap!

Kate Simmons

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