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Stylish Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas

If you’ve bought your holiday gifts, you can now move on to the business of wrapping them. In fact, some people consider gift wrapping to be the best part of the process. You can personalize your presents with a little creativity, expressing yourself trough paper, ribbons, name tags and baubles. Today’s post features 20 stylish gift wrap ideas. Read on for some DIY holiday magic…

When it comes time to purchase your gift wrapping supplies, feel free to stick with a few basic items that can easily combine and re-combine to create a variety of looks. For example, a neutral paper, some lacy ribbon and a pack of patterned card stock can do wonders in the gifting realm. And of course, don’t forget to use what you have around the house. You never know when an extra piece of felt or that hidden stash of twine will come in handy!

Kraft Paper Gift Wrap Ideas

Let’s start with that wondrous wrapping supply called kraft paper. Or Kraft paper with a capital “K.” Or simply “craft paper.” However you choose to spell it, take note of its brown paper bag coloring, which is the perfect backdrop for a range of embellishments. Our first image–a collection of ornamental ideas–comes from Justina Blakeney. Which is your favorite?:

Creative gift wrap ideas

Japanese washi tape is a stylishly decorative material that is gaining popularity in the gifting arena. A little bit of kraft paper, some washi tape, and a feather just might be the answer to your gift wrapping dilemma, as shown in the next image from A Beautiful Mess.

Christmas gift wrap with a feather

It’s hard to top those dots you can purchase at the office supply store! Bring a little neon to your holiday and use them as decorative stickers. Note how craft paper and twine add class without overpowering the polka dots! [from Project Wedding]

Neon dot gift wrap

In another collection of ideas, we see how kraft paper can be enhanced with four amazing options: a paper snowflake, pom poms, an accordion fan and twine. Crafty tutorials can be found at A Pair of Pears.

Kraft paper gift wrap ideas

The understated splendor of kraft paper makes it the perfect backdrop for a holiday vignette starring a bottle brush tree and a plastic reindeer. [from She Makes a Home]

Christmas scene gift wrap

Keep it simple in the background, then let a rainbow array of string take center stage in the foreground. This one requires some knot-tying patience, but we think you’ll agree it’s worth the time and energy for a result this eye-catching! [from Mix 104.3]

Rainbow yarn gift wrap idea

Monogrammed Gift Wrap Ideas

Personalize your gifts with a monogram! Stamps, stickers, tags–they can all be used to your advantage. The monogrammed gift wrap design below requires strategic cutting, but we think you’ll agree that the leaves seem to jump off the surface of the paper. Check out all the details at Design Sponge.

Cut paper gift wrap design

Another stellar Design Sponge idea makes use of a re-purposed vintage letter to create a truly unique monogram, which is a gift in itself! In fact, vintage letters have made a design comeback in recent years. Can’t you see the red one below perched on a living room shelf?

Red monogrammed gift wrap idea

Or use a gift tag to add a monogram to your design. Check out the tutorial for these personalized creations at Haute Apple Pie.

Monogrammed gift tags

Handmade Paper Gift Wrap Ideas

There’s nothing like handmade paper! No, we’re not talking about paper you make from scratch! But we are taking note of paper designs that are pieced together from craft  supplies. Below we see Christmas gift wrap in soft shades of winter, such as aqua and lavender. Hang onto your paper scraps–they come in handy when it’s time to wrap, as noted by this quilt-style design that showcases a variety of patterns. Details can be found at decor8:

Christmas gift wrap in soft shades

In this next image, we see pom pom paper from Anthropologie. To make your own version, wrap your gift, then let your glue gun and a pack of mini pom poms be your friend! [from Chicago Shopping]

Pom pom gift wrap

Classic Paper and Ribbon Wrap Ideas

A beautifully wrapped gift can be created with stunning paper and a well-tied ribbon. Yes, it’s that simple! For example, the Ikat gift wrap below is a wonderful blend of bold color and a snow-white background, both enhanced by silky red ribbon. [from The Wife]

Ikat gift wrap

You can’t deny the crisp look that results when patterned paper meets ribbon in a contrasting color. [from P.S. Blog]

Crisp Christmas wrapping

Did you know that the Elli Wrap below is free printable gift wrap?! The patterns are part of the W00ly Woodland collection from Ellinee. We’re partial to the squirrel, owl and deer print (called Forest Friends):

Free printable gift wrap

If you’ve got the unforgettable paper and you’re looking for a way to create a one-of-a-kind bow, check out the wooden gift bow in the next image. Crafted from veneer, this item just might steal the gift’s thunder. View a full tutorial at You Are My Fave.

Wooden gift bow

Gorgeous paper–check. Lovely ribbon–check. Throw in some handmade gift tags, and you’re set. Check out the gift tag tutorial at Oh So Beautiful Paper:

Stunning Christmas gift wrap

Unexpected Gift Wrap Ideas

We end with some gift wrapping ideas that use unexpected supplies to create an unforgettable result. Yes, that outdated map in your glove compartment can be put to good use! Top it all off with a pipe cleaner bow. Details can be found at A Beautiful Mess.

Map-wrapped Christmas gift

Do you enjoy a good word search? What if the word search were used to cover your gifts, as shown in the next image? To create a similar gift wrap look, print out a Christmas word search, then circle one or two of the holiday-themed phrases. Now you’re ready to wrap! Don’t forget the bow! [from Miss Indie]

Word search-style Christmas wrap

On a similar note, don’t forget that you can also wrap gifts in newspaper. The black and white of the pages are the perfect complement to a woven paper topper in vibrant shades. [from Lark Crafts]

Woven paper gift decoration

If you want to be extra creative (and extra green), wrap your gift in leaves and flowers. Yes, real ones! A trip to your local florist is in order. Isn’t the result breathtaking?! Check out the details at Justina Blakeney:

Leaf and flower gift wrap idea

Which gift wrapping idea above is your favorite? Do you prefer a neutral palette or the bold use of color? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below…

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