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Architectural Beauty Blends With The Nature in Brazil

The ideal house is no longer just four cinderblock walls covered with a water-repellent roof; instead, it has become a living establishment that blends itself into nature, becoming a part of a grander scale of beauty. Studio Arthur Casas recently completed a modern residential complex that boasts forward-thinking designs and peaceful arrangements.

house blends in with nature

modern architecture - baleia condo

Elegantly positioned in São Sebastião, Brazil, the Baleia Condo effortlessly serves as a model for Zen-inspired architecture. Wouldn’t it be amazing to live in an environment where the only sounds you hear are those of trickling waters and song ballads from blissful birds? Heaven on earth is not just a myth.

The design studio built four houses – which was out of the request of the client – strategically using every corner on the plot of land. That way they revealed the true magnificence of the surrounding landscape and atmosphere. In an effort to create a community within the forest, the designers imagined a single plan for all the houses that brings together unity, giving the residents both privacy from the outer world while preserving a wholesome amount of intimacy. From the photos, it can be assumed the buildings have met and exceeded all expectations.

beautiful modern home brazil

brazil modern house

A Green Oasis of Pleasure

What is the most important factor when trying to figure out what kind of home you would like to build? Landscape. As soon as you find a plot of land that embodies your inner self, then, without a doubt, inspiration will come knocking on your doors even when you are least expecting it.

In the case of the Baleia Condos, the forestry foliage of South America and the romantic shores of Baleia were catalysts for something fabulous. You can easily skip out to the pristine sand domes to soak in the sweeping beauty of the ocean. This nature-infused abode is enveloped by lush greens and aromatic flowers – plants that are found only in the Southern Hemisphere.

modern architecture brazil

green roof house - brazil

baleia condo blends with nature

open living room - baleia condo

While the core elements of the house are to bridge the gap between nature and modernization, the divide between exterior and interior design is what makes this home so distinctive. The division of spaces allows for a more versatile setting. For starters, the backyard deck opens to a gem-like pool, tiled to better accent the color scheme of the house’s exterior facade.

The living room then connects to the outdoor deck without any interruptions. You can just as easily recline by the pool as you do indoors. A rectangular tunnel that serves as the overall structure of the living room lets in ample lighting and natural ventilation.

Comfort Inside and Out

An interplay of neutral and soft color tones paints the walls. The interior decor of the house was selected to represent a more modern and high-class lifestyle, while exercising a magnitude of minimalism at the same time. Entering the house is, in other words, exploring uncharted territories of comfort and luxury. But, in efforts to maintain the level of energy nature prescribes, wood flooring and nature-themed furniture were brought in to flirt with the home’s urban chicness.

outdoor relaxing area

open space living room

large relaxing living room

modern hallway design

stunning bedroom view

Regardless of the time of day, this chain of condos will serve as a spiritual retreat for those in search of fashionable comfort. The fortune that this setting bestows on its owners is a gift only a select few can indulge in, but it doesn’t mean that same fortune cannot be found in your own life . An important thing to keep in mind is that anyone can discover a sensual setting such as this – beauty is discovered by those willing to indulge in their senses.

Take inspiration from the Baleia Condo and tie natural details into your home – you too can experience what it feels like to live in a beautiful dream.

pool area

baleia condo - brazil

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