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60 Stylish Bachelor Pad Bedroom Ideas

The general perception out there is that bachelor pads are poorly kept spaces that bear a striking resemblance to haphazardly designed dorm rooms. Yet that could not be further from the truth. Bachelor pads can also embrace a classy, elegant and organized look while keeping their masculinity intact. Some say that as a general rule, guys don’t take much interest in interior design. Of course, this isn’t a hard and true fact, but even if it were, there’s great news: Creating a trendy bachelor pad is rarely demanding and requires a lot less time and effort than you think!

Exposed brick walls add an eclectic appeal to the room

Being single might be all about a carefree life with little attention to detail, but it’s best to introduce some style and organization into your bachelor pad… unless you plan to live the rest of your life as bachelor as well! Often, these spaces include small bedrooms that demand extra attention during the design process, both because of the spatial constraint and the unique needs of  the active single life. Here are 60 inspirational contemporary spaces that will help you in picking out the style, colors and decor that best suit your own little haven…

Exquisite bachelor pad with a walk-in closet

by Architology

Gorgeous bedroom in cool grey hues
Platform bed integrated with built-in nightstands

by Ian Engberg

Rugs and drapes add class to the bachelor pad!

by M Square Lifestyle Design

Turn your bed into the focal point of the room
Bachelor pad uses a tufted headboard to demarcate the bedroom area

by Damon Liss Design

Compact bachelor pad with a smart home workstation
Platform beds bring unassuming style to the bachelor pad
Minimalist bedroom with stylish wall-mounted sconces

by Shirley Meisels

Fabulous bedroom with a simple workstation

by Willy Gufron

Folding screen and four-poster bed usher in an exotic retreat style

by Robert Passal Interior & Architectural Design

Max Out the Multipurpose Decor

A bachelor pad bedroom may also be a multipurpose room. Adding a few furnishings that can easily be folded away when not in use can help save a precious few square feet. Murphy beds allow you to convert a living space by day into a bedroom by night. For those who have a bedroom that is just an extension of the living room, use cool headboards and stylish dividers to clearly demarcate the space. A nightstand that offers additional storage space or pendants that double as bedside lighting also help immensely.

Bachelor pad bedroom design idea for small studio apartments
Open bathroom and bedroom design idea for a compact bachelor pad


Murphy beds help save precious space in the small bachelor pads

by Normal Projects

Combine your media needs with the bedroom in a stunning fashion!

by DSI Entertainment Systems

If you are blessed with a bit more space to spare, then add a stylish workstation and a small reading nook to your bedroom design. Most bachelor hangouts include ample entertainment options. But keep the electronics in the bedroom to a minimum and use a wall-mounted entertainment unit and organized cabinets to hide excess wires and equipment.

Sleek and modern bedroom with plenty of shelf space
Sliding glass doors for a small bedroom with a compact workstation
Sensational Hollywood Hills bachelor pad bedroom
Hints of orange and red spice up the beautiful bedroom

by Beyond Beige Interior Design

Cool bedroom with a sleek and polished look
Small bachelor pad bedroom design idea
Wood veneer wallpaper adds warmth to the posh bedroom

by Bryan Alan Kirkland Designs

Warm colors and smart lighting brighten the bachelor pad

Small Bachelor Pad Designs

Decorating a small space always demands additional care. That holds true for a bachelor pad bedroom as well. The freedom of being single means getting to do what you want, but fight the desire to bring home any furnishing and accessory you can get your hands on! While it might not sound very masculine, it is best to pick a single decorating theme and stick to it. Eliminate anything you do not love dearly and create a coherent style. Do not use more than two or three paint colors so as to keep visual fragmentation of the bedroom to a bare minimum.

Brilliant bedroom sports green wall planters
Interesting headboard adds cool contrast to the bachelor home bedroom

by i3 design group

Let the bedroom become a natural extension of the small living space
Modern bachelor pad uses dropped pendants as bedside lighting

by Caitlin & Caitlin Design

Some bachelor pads may be a bit short on space, and foot room becomes a precious commodity inside these small urban apartments. Floating cabinets and wall-mounted lighting options create more room inside these compact rooms. Use vertical space to your advantage while keeping the visual symmetry and minimal style intact.

Bedroom of a modern bachelor pad in Tel Aviv
Distinct wall art adds personal style and flair to the bedroom

by Wolf & Wing Interior Design

Purple and silver make a glamorous combination in the bedroom

by Interiors by Cary Vogel

Stylish Sao Paulo bachelor pad bedroom
Unique headboard and the hat arrangement on the wall steal the show here!

by DesignLaB Interiors

Space-saving shelves help tuck away all the mess
Add some Vegas vibe to the bedroom!

by Alice T Chan

An open floor bachelor pad with the bedroom tucked behind a wall separator

by Design West

A Touch of Softness!

Creating a bachelor pad does not mean you overload the space with monochromatic shades and singular textures. Every home needs a dash of feminine softness, and the cool bachelor pad is no exception. Add a few plush textiles to the bedroom to counteract that sleek, contemporary edge. A lovely rug, some stylish drapes and even cool ottomans get the job done. For those not big on decor, shift from cold, neutral colors to warm, earthen tones to fashion a softer and more inviting bedroom atmosphere.

Contemporary bachelor bedroom in white
Neutral colors are ideal for small bedrooms

by Room & Board

Add a cozy reading nook to the bachelor pad bedroom

by Phil Kean Designs

High-end hotel styled bedroom with an over-sized tufted headboard

Use an uncomplicated color scheme. The current universal trend is to add few bold accent colors to a neutral color palette that employs two different shades. Grey, brown, white and black work brilliantly as smart and stylish hues. Elevate this look further with rich purple, bright red or deep olive green, and you have a bachelor pad bedroom that strikes the perfect balance between the masculine and the graceful.

Most bachelor pads embrace the warm and moody hues

by Imagine Living

Modern bedroom with generous views
Minimalist bedroom in dark colors and contrasting white drapes


Exaggerated headboard paints a warm and cozy picture!

by Simply Stunning Spaces of Darcy K

Combine a multitude of lighting installations to create a lovely bedroom

by Kate Lester Interiors

Bachelor pad bedrooms can exude elegance and grace as well!

by Kerrie L. Kelly

Cube ottomans in zebra print at the foot of the bed give the bedroom a glam makeover

by Fun House Furnishings & Design

Add a hint of textural contrast with plush rugs

by Nicole Hollis

Beyond the Bare Minimum

Bachelor homes need not be devoid of glamor or sophistication. The current trend is to incorporate rich hues and warm textures to create a cozy and relaxing bachelor pad bedroom. Add a bit of personality to the room with unique artwork or interesting prints. Remember that the bedroom is a private haven where you can express yourself in an unabashed fashion. You can opt for an open and airy look sporting light neutral shades and organic textures or a dark and moody style with deep colors and indulgent materials.

Cheesy bachelor pad bedroom with rich textures and a warm ambiance

by DKOR Interiors Inc- Miami

Contemporary bedroom with stylish textured walls

by Ashley Roi Jenkins Design

Floor-to-ceiling blackout curtains double as a stylish headboard!

by Denizen Design

Masculine bedroom with a modern rustic look

by IMI Design

Regardless of the style chosen, a perfect bachelor pad bedroom falls somewhere between a high-end hotel room and an inviting modern family bedroom. Borrow from both concepts to create an aesthetic and ergonomic space that suits your own personal needs best!

Extended headboard design with in-built recessed lighting

by Aspen Builders and Remodelers

Harmonious bachelor pad draped in plush and luxurious textiles

by Fabiola Avelino Interiors

Industrial-styled bachelor home bedroom in Brooklyn

by Mesh Architecture

3D wall art brings the alive the trendy grey bedroom!
Elegant bachelor pad bedroom keeps decor simple and minimal

by SuzAnn Kletzien Design

Glass windows give the small bedrooms a more airy and spacious appeal

by Black Dot Designs

Rail lighting idea for the modern bedroom

by Affordable Interior Design – Miami

Eclectic bachelor pad bedroom in Vancouver with a view of the city skyline

by A Good Chick To Know

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