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5 Mid-Century Modern Accent Chairs

Thinking about bringing home an iconic and timeless piece of decor? Obviously, functionality and form are two equally important aspects that define your choice. Nothing brings both of these together like a cozy chair that you can snuggle in as winter draws close. Chairs are a great way of adding a bit of textural, geometric and visual contrast to the room. And if you ever need to alter the design scheme of your living space or the bedroom, simply move one around to create a different visual effect.

Mid-century modern decor paradise!

by HMH Architecture + Interiors

While there are several stylish seating options around, nothing matches the aura and the sophistication offered by the fabulous five on showcase here. Crafted by names like Jens Risom, Philippe Starck and Norman Cherner, these mid-century modern pieces transcend time and design styles.

Cherner chairs at the dining table
Beautiful example of how to use different shades of grey!

by Sheri Olson Architecture

Stylish kitchen with mid-century modern decor

by Portico Design Group

Use the Mademoiselle Chair as an accent addition

by blurrdMEDIA

Wooden surface of the Cherner adds warmth and contrast to the room

by Lucy McLintic

Curvaceous Wiggle Chair

Accent chairs are all about adding that hint of difference to the room that ensures there is no monotony. Few chairs around seem to usher in that contrasting vibe like the curvy and ultra-cool Wiggle Chair. Designed by Frank Gehry way back in 1972, this chair looks stunning in any contemporary space. With clean and well defined lines becoming the current trend, all those curves instantly grab your attention by standing out from the pack.

Gorgeous black and white living room with the Wiggle Chair

by FJ Interior Design

The Wiggle Side Chair fits in pretty much anywhere

Gehry was famous for experimenting with various materials and crafted from ‘corrugated cardboard’, it even lends great textural variation. Priced around $1000, it is well worth all that dough and makes for a great occasional chair!

Combine the Wiggle chair with the more stoic decor pieces

by Jody Brettkelly

Curves add lovely contrast to the contemporary bedroom

by Pepe Calderin Design

Modern living room with the dynamic wiggle chair

by Webber + Studio Architects

Wiggle stool also brings some lovely curves

by Ehrlich Architects

Leather Clad Paulistano

Take a look around your room and how many plush leather-clad surfaces do you see? Accent chairs are not about color or geometry alone. Adding another texture also creates an instant focal point and leather does evoke images of luxury and opulence. Crafted by architect Paulo Mendes da Rocha in 1957, the elegant Paulistano Chair ($1550) has stoic and stylish appeal about it. Made using carbon steel and a leather sling, its simple and uncomplicated design makes it an ideal choice for the semi-minimalist home.

Pair of Paulistanos in the contemporary living room

by Laura U

Plush Togo sofa in apple green coupled with twin Paulistano chairs in brown

by PLACE, hl johnston architect

Combine a couple of these with a sectional sofa or a large couch and an armchair and you can create an exclusive and trendy living room with ease. If leather does not do it for you, then you can opt for an improvised cotton canvas version of the chair.

Iconic Noguchi Table paired with a couple of Paulistanos

by Shirley Meisels

Simple silhouette of the Paulistano Chair

by Design Within Reach

Solitary Paulistano adds style to the minimal bedroom

by Florense USA

Enjoy the lovely view outside as you sink into the Paulistano Armchair

by DeForest Architects

Combine the chairs with a sectional sofa

by Travis Price Architects

Minimal Cherner Chair

With all the concrete and glass around, wooden decor additions always offer a refreshing change. Combining contemporary minimal design with flowing organic goodness, the Cherner Chair ($729) is an incredibly popular mid-century modern design. The hour-glass design of the chair and the variety of finishes that it offers makes it a universally loved furnishing. There are several different variations of the chair and you can even get gorgeous Cherner kitchen bar stools with seat pads.

Cherner Chairs – A popular seating choice at the kitchen counter

by Rich Mathers Construction

Cherner children’s chair in the family room

by Beth Dotolo

Combination of Cherner armchair and side chairs at the dining table

by Rachel Reider Interiors

Vintage modern styled dining room with the Cherner

by Stacie Velten

Eclectic kitchen with modern cottage style

by Dufner Heighes

Cherner Chairs in black with a metal base

by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

Divine Fabrics of Kartell Mademoiselle

Looking to add a bit of color to your life? The Kartell Mademoiselle Chair designed by Philippe Starck for Kartell is a perfect choice. Unlike the other chairs here, it is not a mid-century modern creation, but the lovely upholstered fabric and the transparent legs definitely take you back in time. Despite its modern lineage the design style of the Mademoiselle ($950) somehow reminds you of the long gone, golden-era of Hollywood! You can choose any fabric to upholster the chair and even opt for solid black legs if acrylic is not your style.

Fun florals add color to the space
Kartell Mademoiselle chairs with colorful Missoni Fabric

by SVOYA studio

Pair of Mademoiselle chairs at the workstation

by Becki Peckham

Pick a vivacious fabric of your choice

by Tara Seawright

Mademoiselle chairs in the kitchen

by valerie pasquiou interiors + design

Sober and contemporary version of the chair upholstered in plain fabric

by Jennifer Welch Designs

Ingenious Jens Risom Chair

They say that necessity is the mother of invention and in case of the Jens Risom Chair that is spot on. World War II saw a shortage of furniture material and this is when an inventive Jens Risom decided to use birch wood and surplus parachute straps to create the beautiful Risom Lounge Chair ($805). Modern versions of the chair use cotton instead of those parachute straps, but the story behind the chair should make it an instant hit next time you have guests over. Available in an array of colors, the chair sports a polished look even while adding a hint of playfulness to the room.

Classic Jens Risom chairs seem to sit snugly in the chic modern setup

by McKinney York Architects

Twin chair arrangement adds more visual symmetry to the room

by Steinbomer, Bramwell & Vrazel Architects

Furniture is not sculpture, nor is a particular design created only for visual appearance. Furniture should clearly satisfy all requirements – It should be used, enjoyed and respected.

Jens Risom Lounge Chairs in cool shades

by SHKS Architects

Iconic Risom chair epitomizes sleek and crisp Scandinavian design

by Stern McCafferty

Spacious and ventilated reading nook with the Jens Risom chair

by Whitten Architects

Add color elegantly with Risom Lounge Chair in maple

by Designworks

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