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Ingenious Apartment Showcases A Symphony Of Architecture And Music!

Great architecture is not just about repetition and execution. It demands innovation and precision, and it opens up a whole new world of possibilities that we never thought existed. Some of the greatest architects of our time showcase all of these traits along with balance and innate ergonomics. And architect Kobi Zik could very well be one of them! This gorgeous contemporary house designed by Zik attempts to bridge the gap between music and architecture, even while displaying the connection between the two in a fashionable and flowing manner. Located in Jerusalem, Israel, the Musical Apartment brings to life the symbiotic relationship between art and architecture!

Contemporary IKEA living room idea

It’s hard not to marvel at a creative apartment that welcomes you with a cool living spaces clad in IKEA furnishings. But the real wonders of the 90- square-meter family home unravel as you step further inside. Windows inspired by musical notes and piano keys, shelves that pay tribute to the symmetry of the Fibonacci series, and colorful chairs at the dining table that pay homage to musical chairs are a few of the many musical delights that charm you instantly.

A modern ergonomic kitchen with sleek shelves showcases Zik’s take on classic jazz music, even as the electronic keyboard and the piano are neatly integrated into the design of the apartment. Lovely neutral colors, an open floor plan, contemporary bedrooms, a gaming area and a home library are all inspired by some of the great musical compositions of the past.

Window that displays internal rythms in music

Interior of the Musical apartment by Kobi Zik

Open floor living plan of the modern home

Gaming library designed in the spirit of the Fibonacci series

A series of cubes in the gaming library also double up as cool drums that you can play, while the rail strings in the balcony allow you to strum a tune or two, if you fancy your guitar skills! For those interested in additional details, the architect also offers some fascinating insights into the correlation between music and architecture through human civilization, even comparing some of the features of gardens of Versailles and Mozart’s compositions that evoke images of royalty and opulence! Creative, captivating and original, this beautifully designed apartment will truly leave you buzzing with joy!

Window panels inspired by the piano keys

Track lighting in the Israeli home

Modern kitchen inspired by Jazz music

Shelves that are shaped like drums

Balcony railing that mimics cool guitar strings

Balcony of the modern Jerusalem apartment

Conceptual drawings of the apartment by the designer

Sherry Nothingam
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