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50 Beautiful DIY Wall Art Ideas For Your Home

Just weeks away from the Holiday Season and with Halloween almost knocking at the door, many of us are thinking about adding cool new decorations and colorful accessories. So instead of splurging a fortune on an art installation, it is time you got a bit more hands on with things. DIY wall art and decorating ideas are fun, fascinating and can be a great way to bring the family together over the weekend.

Here is a collection of 50 gorgeous DIY wall art ideas along with links that will lead you to detailed step-by-step guides and tutorials. So, pick your favorite and get started and very soon you might be creating your own unique DIY art installations!

Colorful Crafts for your Home

There are plenty of simple and easy DIY wall art ideas to get started with and most of them barely involve anything beyond a trip to the stationery store at the best. From colorful paper and crayons to water colors and some tape, these stunning DIY ideas come from pretty a humble background!

Paper Rosette Backdrop

Here is a quick and wonderful way to add color to any setting. These beautiful paper rosettes instantly light up a setting and are a smart and easy way to add color to a party setting. Just change the color combination to green and red for a Christmas-themed decoration or to spooky violet and orange for a Halloween touch! [from: Brit.Co]

Melted Crayon Canvases

Bet your kids are going have a whole lot of fun with this one. Apart from the canvas, all you need here is a bunch of colorful crayons, a blow dryer and some glue. You can go monochromatic as well with this art installation, but the rainbow version is definitely cooler! [from:  College Gloss]

Bubbles With Tissue Paper

This bold DIY is pretty basic and costs almost next to nothing. Working with a wet tissue paper demands a tad bit of patience and you can alter the colors and the shape of the cut to create bright patterns using triangles or even random shapes. [from: Mr. Handsome Face]

Sectioned Canvas Wall Art

The bamboo sticks and the cool turquoise of the photograph give this DIY a very organic and refreshing look. The fragmented look appears a lot more artsy than the usual giant framed photograph hung on the wall. [from: adorkable duo]

Modern Wall Art DIY Project

This is one of our favorites for the sophistication and the class that it exudes. All you need is a blank canvas, some painters tape and plenty of acrylic color. Your creativity is the limit with this one as you play with geometry and different design possibilities. [from: the new domestic]

Canvas with Colorful Shades

Simple pick three shades of same acrylic color and use to create simple, stylish and elegant wall art pieces. The varying color gradient and the contrast of individual colors make for a great visual when set against a neutral backdrop. [from: bhg]

3D Geometric Wall Art

Any art installation with a 3D effect instantly pops out and adds a distinct charm to your interior. These colorful 3D circles look elegant and are a perfect fit for an urban setting. [from: curbly]

Shoebox Wall Art

It is hard to believe that these amazing little cubes are simply shoe boxes covered with smart decorative paper. It barely takes anytime to get the shoebox wall art installations done and you can use a combination of 9 such boxes to create a giant square that looks like a stylish art installation in the dining room or the bedroom. Add a couple of bamboo sticks or sleek wooden slats and you take it to a whole new level! [from: cremedelacraft]

DIY Circle Punch Art

If you have little ones at your home, then this is a great way to keep them engaged over a weekend. Just punch out circles in various pattern and colors and use them to create graphic patterns. [from: Mermag]

Fabric Panel Wall Art Installation

Fabric panels not only add color to the wall, but they also offer a lovely textural contrast. Imagine a bunch of these on a sleek and glossy white wall in a posh setting and you will instantly realize their true charm. Keep the backdrop as neutral as possible to get the best out of the fabric panel DIYs. [from: Bella Dia]

Paper Scrap 3D Wall Art

Here is another cool idea for those who prefer the 3D look on their DIY wall art projects. The paper scrap installation brings both depth and color to a space, even as it sports a fun and playful look. [from: cupersia]

Rainbow Paint Chip Art

This one is so mesmerizing that we are tempted to try it out ourselves. Obviously you will need to collect the paint chips to get started. Be patient and wait for all the shades you need. Once you have them, punch out a pattern of your choice (hearts in this case) and your art installations will be up in no time! [from: I Heart Organizing]

Fabric and Foam Art Installation

Bring together some Styrofoam, fabric in various patterns and some hot glue to create this eccentric art piece. You can use simple bold colors and additional accessories to turn it into a more elaborate piece. [from: Crafts N’ Coffee]

Picture Perfect Walls!

Photographs and digital images offer a wonderful opportunity to add color and personality to an interior. Instead of creating monotonous wall displays with framed photographs, try out some of the playful and ingenious DIY ideas here to give your home an air of exclusivity. It is not just all pictures, as words, stencils and quotes can make equally compelling imagery.

Abstract Digital Photographs

Stylish and attractive, abstract wall art is all the rave currently. Why not join in on the trend in a cost-effective, DIY fashion? These bright colored photographs make for a lovely collage and breathe a new lease of life into muted modern space. [from: Twinkle and Twine]

Framed Photos Wall Clock

With all the smartphones and tablets around, looking at a clock has become a bit obsolete. That could all change with this wall clock that showcases your favorite snaps. Personal and fully functional, it makes for a great wall art idea. [from: photojojo]

DIY Postcard Wall Art

A college of postcards is bound to be a brilliant focal point in any room. This particular DIY was crafted using 100 vintage Penguin book cover postcards. You can improvise with your own collection to create a display that will keep the guests busy for hours. {from: How About Orange]

Framed Digital Art

Not all of us are blessed with great painting skills and even after that last mix of eccentric colors did not work, then turn to modern photography for some bright and vivid art installations. Obviously, the fabulous fuchsia frames add a touch of panache to the entire concept. [from: Centsational Girl]

DIY Drip Painting

One of the things about our DIY wall art ideas is that you do not actually have to be an artist to pull them off. Yet, they definitely give your interior a rich and ravishing look while you can take home the bragging rights. The DIY drip painting project is ultra-easy to execute and the result is a striking wall art installation that steals the show. You can frame one of these to achieve a cultured art gallery look! [from: take the side street]

DIY Halloween Skull

Fancy some colorful skulls that will last well beyond Halloween as artistic additions for your walls? A Mexican-styled design like this one does have an eclectic appeal about it. It obviously pays homage to Lucha Libre tradition of masks. But you are free to go all white with 3:16 on them as well! [from: cuckoo4design]

Scrabble Wall Art

In love with letters? The scrabble DIY wall art is one of the best DIY projects we have ever come across. It works well in both feminine and masculine rooms and is probably the perfect compromise as an art installation in the living room of a young couple. [from: insideways]

Classy Quote Wall Art

Inspirational artwork does lift you up when down in the dumps. The patterned fabric and simple execution of this wall art makes it a timeless addition. Place it on the bedside table or hand it up in the dining space to complete that lonely corner niche. [from: make and do girl]

DIY Plates Wall Arrangement

Are you keeping all the fancy china locked up hoping to unravel them the day Queen decides to visit your home? Well, that is not happening anytime soon and you might as well use them to create a stunning wall display in your dining area. Map out the pattern you wish to use beforehand and use peel-and-stick disk hangers or wire plate hangers to get it done.

We stumbled upon this cool plate arrangement DIY and the wood slice art installation below at Rare Delights, which has a few interesting decor ideas on display.

Wood Slice Artwork

This one is going to take a bit of skill and some patience. Wood instantly adds warmth to any space it adorns and if you sport a home or office that is draped in concrete and glass, this is the perfect way to bring in some much needed contrast. A few branches and some cutting and organizational skill get your wooden slice installation done.

Poetic Wall Art Installation

Do not pass by those uber-cheap, vintage painting barely worth anything net time you visit the flea market or the local thrift store. Put some stenciled words from Keats or Shelly and you not only have a captivating piece of wall art, but a romantic gift for your Valentine! [from: the lovely side]

Calendar Art

Shoes, flats, heels; there is no stopping a girl when it comes to footwear and the collection is never complete. This though is a calendar art DIY that turns the pages of your old and lovely Page-A-Day calendar into savvy artwork ready to be hung. [from: etcetorize]

Corner Heart with Photo Prints

Simply snap a few smart images from your iPhone or download a few cool wallpapers and print them out to bring this giant heart to life. We would prefer a scarlet ribbon as border to further drive home the point, while giving the wall art better definition. [from: postal pix]


Adding A Multitude Of Textures

One of the reasons why most of us wish to bring in some engaging pieces of artwork into our homes is to add both visual and textural contrast. 3D DIY art installations, textured projects involving strings and wood achieve this objective with amusing charm. From hexagonal wall treatments that can be crafted at home to simple ceiling medallion additions, explore the multitude of options on offer –

Quilled Monogram Letter

Rolling paper coils to create 3D artwork does sound pretty fantastic and the result on show here speaks for itself. Quilled monogram letters look especially great next to your large book collection and have a touch of minimalism about them. [from: craftastical]

Coffee Stirrer Wall Art

How many times have you thrown those unused coffee stirrers away in the bin? Not anymore, as you need to save up every coffee stirrer you can get for this easy art addition. Along with them, grab a wooden frame and a few colors of your choice and you have an inimitable art addition ready to adorn the walls of your home.

Buttons on a Wooden Panel!

Sewing might not really be everyone’s cup of coffee, but this lovely wall art DIY that involves buttons sure is. Just make sure you are not tempted to rip the good ones off of the shirts you use because you fell short by a few!

Quirky Cork Wall Art

If you thought working with buttons was a bit out there, then the DIY Cork Heart will force you to rethink. Collecting enough corks is not that hard (especially if you are a love your wine) and it can be a beautiful reminder of all the good times you had opening up those intoxicating delights. [from: Decorating diy]

Pressed and Framed Botanicals

If you have done this already in high school, then maybe it is time to go back and relive those nostalgic days. Framed ferns, flowers or other botanicals are a great way to showcase your love for nature. [from: ECAB Online]

DIY Hexagonal Wall Treatment

You really need to be good with your DIY skills to get this one done. The DIY honeycomb wall looks stunning when done and it is well and truly adds textural contrast to the room. It obviously also brings a different geometric pattern and in a world dominated baby circles and squares, that is a welcome change. [from: Vintage Revivals]

Ceiling Medallion Wall Art

This looks so classy and works so well in a modern setting at that it is hard to give this idea a miss. Make sure you paint and group your ceiling medallions just right to obtain the maximum visual impact. Dark walls coupled with white wall art create a rich and luxurious look in the bedroom. [from: remodelaholic]

Coaster Wall Art

It is not always that wall art has a practical upside as well, but these snazzy coasters double up with ease. Use them to keep those rings away from the table when needed and then hang them back up when you are done; simple as that! [from: paper n stitch blog]

DIY Threaded Heart

Who knew connecting the dots would create such a suave art installation that will fool your guests into thinking that you are a master craftsman! While the giant DIY threaded heart looks complicated, it is pretty easy and loads of fun. Just be careful with the nails…

Custom Toilet Paper Wall Art

Your guests might not really know that the intricate wall art installation showcased below was created using toilet paper rolls unless you tell them. Sprayed with an acrylic paint finish, it is pretty inexpensive, easy to put up and durable. [from: apartment therapy]

DIY Fish Scale Wall Art

Gold is one of the colors of the season and textured walls one of the hottest design trends of fall 2013. Bring them together using a DIY project and you have the fish scale wall art installation. While it looks large and impressive, the entire project will barely cost you $30. [from: lets go sunning]

Simple Textured String

As a standalone accent piece in a stylish room with muted tones, nothing looks better that the simple textured string wall art. It brings color and obviously has a great texture to it. When it comes to string art, this truly stands head and shoulders above the rest.

DIY Chocolate Heart Wall

Without a doubt the sweetest DIY on the list, this is a great little idea in case Valentine’s Day just skipped your mind and you need to put something together pretty quickly. A bundle of chocolates, some gold wrappers and a bit of glue get the job done here. Stop being cheap and throw a lovely bouquet of scarlet roses next to it and you have an art installation that will tug at your Valentine’s heart strings! [from: The Sweetest Occasion]

Stylish DIY Inspirations

DIY art installations can be much more than mere eye candy. Many of them are fabulous functional pieces that bring together both aesthetics and ergonomics. From the contemporary to the rustic, wall art that you choose must complement and enhance the existing theme and style of your home. Here are a few theme-specific art projects that should inspire you to get started –

DIY Sunburst Mirror

Sunburst mirrors are a stylish and chic way of adding some Hollywood Regency style to your home. If you have a lovely little round mirror at hand, then the project becomes a lot easier and less messy. Glue those kabob skewers right and give your bedroom walls an instant glamorous makeover. [from: catiescorner2]

Tulle Wall Art

If you notice carefully, most of the gorgeous DIY projects tend to use, blue, aqua, teal and turquoise as the colors of choice. These shades obviously evoke a gentle coastal vibe while blending with any contemporary backdrop on offer. Tulle is a sort of netted material and has an interesting translucent charm about it when use against a plain canvas. [from: hip homemaking]

Patterned Wall Squares

Another project that brings in geometric contrast to the room, patterned wall squares look stunning when done right. Make sure you pick up a flamboyant and intricate pattern that stands out when set against the walls of your apartment. If you are bored with squares, you can even give the engaging honeycomb design a shot.

3D Framed Starfish

We have had plenty of coastal and nautical themed inspiration and ideas over time and it is time to add to those with a cool DIY. The 3D framed starfish barely takes an hour to create and apart from the obvious starfish, all you need is a contrasting frame and some hot glue. Using natural beachy tones for the frame helps drive home the theme. [from: Mom Endeavors]

Floral Wreath Guestbook

Looking to throw a very special party? The floral wreath guestbook is a pretty and elegant way to remember the event even years down the line. With each leaf carrying a message from the guest, it not only is a striking wall art addition, but also a memorable one. [from: Oh Happy Day]

DIY Light Bright Installation

With the holiday season barely a month away, this is a DIY project that one should get started on right away. The constellation-styled arrangement of the Christmas lights does make it a captivating art installation that comes to life after dusk. You can give twinkling red and green lights a shot as well to paint a jollier picture!

DIY Pallet Indoor Living Wall

Never ignore the power of green! Living walls usher in natural freshness and an organic vibe to enhance your sterile and concrete urban home. The pallet living wall is just one of the many eco-friendly DIYs that we shared with you a while back. You can even turn one of these into a herb garden that doubles up as living and breathing wall art.

Instagram Art!

There are plenty of Instagram fans out there and here is a DIY art idea especially for you. Just snap up the best Instagram pictures and display them with an artistic twist to create picturesque wall art. Much like 1888 Hotel in Sydney, we are sure Instagram fans would love to turn their virtual world obsession into real world art. [from:  dot coms for moms]

DIY Gold Chevron Painting

Transfer the zigzag pattern to the canvas using a paper stencil and then add a touch of golden glint to complete this abstract piece of art. Zigzag stripes are a popular trend currently in the world of fashion and decor and the gold chevron DIY captures this beautifully. The metallic tinge also helps create brighter interiors. [from: jess lively]

DIY Heart Wall Lamp

A string of red LED lights, a white foam board and some tape should get this one ready pretty quickly. The DIY heart wall lamp has a minimal, Scandinavian look about it. You can use the same technique and a stencil to add the name of your loved one, if you wish to make it extra special. [from: paper plate and plane]

Stars and Shutters DIY

Rustic and Americana in appearance, the shutters and stars project is great both of kids and adult bedrooms. It hardly takes any effort and the all-white look coupled with a few corals might tempt you to believe that the ocean is just a stone’s throw away. [from: creek line house]

Here are a 25 more DIY wall art inspirations, in case you are in the mood to check out some more, before committing to a project. And as you get started with the one that tickles your fancy the most, remember that with a hint of creativity you can always come up with cool and personalized versions of these DIYs. So, do you have any great DIY ideas you would like to share with us?

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