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1888 Hotel In Sydney Promises Free Stay For Instagram Savvy Guests!

Dreaming about staying at a hotel that is custom-designed for the shutter bug in you? 1888 Hotel in Sydney could well be the one you are after! Dubbed as the world’s first Instagram Hotel, this gorgeous place is perfect for those who love to snap up and share their travel experiences over the instant medium that is the modern social media. Offering a free night’s stay at the hotel for anyone with more than 10,000 followers on Instagram, the hotel will truly lure in those who love to snap and share!

Lobby of the 1888 Hotel

Named after the year in which Kodak launched the first box and roll camera, a stay at this eclectic and bold hotel will tempt even those who do not wield their cameras all too much to draw out their smartphones and tablets. The interior has been built to encourage you to capture those fun and special holiday moments and with complimentary Wi-Fi and an iPad in each ready to serve you, getting connected is just a click away.

Luxurious suite at the Hotel 1888

Purple seems to be a favorite shade in Hotel 1888

Private suite with 55-inch flat screen for your entertainment

Exposed brick walls of 1888 Hotel

Attic suite at Hotel 1888

Colorful decor additions to the attic of the hotel

While the offer of free night’s stay at the hotel for Instagram users with 10,000+ followers expires after the first 50, you can still get a freebie from the hotel by simply clicking the best ‘photograph of the at 1888’. Just photograph the best features in the hotel and share them on Instagram and if it is judged as one of the best, then you can get another free night at 1888!With lovely and vibrant décor in purple, sunny yellow and beautiful reds, the hotel does exude a sophisticated, yet playful vibe.

With a giant digital photo frame that displays the best visitor shot images and over 100 amazing images shot by previous consumers displayed across the hotel, 1888 is all about putting you squarely in the spotlight. Combining the old love affair of travel and photography with modern social media, 1888 makes offers an inimitable and ingenious staying experience for travelers who wish to explore the best of Sydney. So, can you capture that perfect image?

Modern bathroom in black and white

Complimentary iPad serves you at 1888 Hotel

Reception at 1888 Hotel in Sydney with Instagram feed

Facade of the 1888 Hotel in Sydney

Get some selfies at the Instagram Hotel in Australia

Instagrams maps at the front desk

10k for a free stay at 1888 Hotel in Sydney

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