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Organic And Minimalist Interior Inspirations From The Far East

Interior design styles often vary as you move across the globe. From the cool Californian Coastal style to the magical Mediterranean and from the stylish Scandinavian design to the mystic Oriental, it is all about what works best for you. Asian design seems to imbibe a sense of tranquility and an atmosphere of serenity inherently in its plan. Modern apartments and homes from the region showcase a seamless blend of the Far East and the fashionable West.

Today, we have a collection of minimalist interiors from Taiwan that exude an organic and refreshing vibe while embracing contemporary sophistication.

Contemporary minimalist living room

It is indeed pretty hard to find urban spaces that offer a serene and laidback getaway after a long day’s work. The interiors on display here are the perfect peaceful hubs that allow you to relax even as you enjoy a modern lifestyle. Wood is a key element in these designs and the inherent warmth of the material makes it an ideal choice for creating calm interiors. Another key aspect that can be found in all these homes is the use of a soothing, natural color palette with minimal use of accent tones.

Modern living room with wooden flooring and walls

Gorgeous living space in warm grey

Oriental semi-minimalist interiors

Plush rug softens the look of the room

Home work station and dining table

Living room with high ceiling for an airy appeal

Simple hues of grey, beige, off-whites and browns combine well with the wooden flooring and the walls, even as large glass windows usher in plenty of natural light. A balance of various elements has always been an essential component of Oriental design and has been carried forward in design principles like Feng Shui. Smart shelves that tuck away any mess, a hint of lovely natural green and plush decor complete these gorgeous and relaxing settings.

Spacious, sensuous and minimalist, these room designs offer great inspiration to those looking for natural and calming interiors that still offer an opulent lifestyle. If nothing else, we are tempted to bring home that fabulous spa-like bath that should offer an revitalizing dip right at home!

Natural lighting sets the mood in the living room

Smart shelves and decor in the organic dining room

Interesting focussed lighting above the dining table

Natural wooden shelf design

Sliding glass doors for natural light

Stylish pendant lights above the dining area

Dining room in white with wooden surfaces

Beautiful kitchen counter in white

Sleek and stylish wooden cabinets with minimalist form

Elegant home office design

Contemporary spa-like bathroom at home

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