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Nautical Decor Ideas: Riding The Waves With Sailboats And Surfboards!

Modern Nautical is arguably one of the most popular styles when it comes to current interior design themes. It is easy to work with, falls within the scope of contemporary neutral shades and seems to be relevant all year long. Moreover, bringing in a hint of freshness that draws from the wind, waves and surf is a never a bad idea. If you cannot get to the beach, why not invite home that cool vibe? Kids’ bedrooms and playrooms are obviously the easiest places to incorporate nautical style. Yet adult spaces can imbibe some inspired nautical décor with ease.

Seems like a picture-perfect spot for a sailboat model!

by American Lighting Association

Both surfboards and sailboat models or replicas are a perfect fit in this regard. They instantly turn a room clad in turquoise blue and white into a setting that reminds you of that inviting beach getaway. Simple navy blue and a conch shell here and there and you are all set. Here are a few modern inspirations that draw from the charm of the sailboat and the surfboard –

Stunning minimalist kitchen counter for the die-hard sailors!

by Russell

Contemporary bedroom with painted surfboards on the wall

by b+g design

Watch the waves in the distance relaxing in the LC4 Chair

by lohrbachstudio

Lovely living room in white with a wonderful view

by Patterson Custom Homes

Living room sports colors of the ocean!

by Karen Grace Interiors

Light blues bring in the nautical touch elegantly

by Chatfield Design

Keep your nautical themed decor simple and understated

by Flagg Coastal Homes

Wall mounted surfboard becomes an instant attraction

by Meritage Homes

Create a Coastal Escape

Designing a room with nautical touches is all about balance and color. White is generally the easiest one to work with and often forms the backdrop for any such theme. Various shades of blue and a touch of red here and there complete the theme. Vary the use of the colors and you can even achieve classic Americana. With modern homes going for a clean and well defined look, it is best to keep things simple and uncluttered. Using a few special accessories and décor items helps streamline things.

Colorful painting that is all about the surf!

by Clive Daniel Home

Bright surfboards add to the color scheme in the room
Perfect idea for home with tall ceiling

Sailboat models and replicas are not too hard to find. The ardent enthusiast can even try his hand at making one. Placing the sailboat model right is all about understanding the dimensions of the room and the size of the model. Often, shelves next to the window or the space above the fireplace seem the most appropriate.

Gorgeous coffee table inspired by surfboard design

by Workshop

Nautical theme accentuated with sailboat motif in kids’ bedroom

by Charleston Home + Design Mag

Elegant mounted surfboard in the bedroom

by Hart Concrete Design

Addition of a sailboat instantly drives home the nautical theme

by Sheffield Furniture & Interiors

Attic bedroom with a hint of gold

by Beach Chic Design

Sleek surfboard makes a beautiful decor item

by Henderson Design Group

Poised Curves of the Surfboard

At first glance, the idea of using a surfboard as a decorative might be hard to fathom. But some of the beautiful interiors on show here tell you otherwise. In fact, the surfboard is a better fit in contemporary homes than the sailboat. It is sleek, elegant, sports sensuous curves and carries with it an innate sense of balance. The shape of the surfboard also offers wonderful contrast geometrically to the well defined straight lines that largely surround us. Paint the surfboard, wall mount it or use it as an inspiration to design your kitchen countertop! You will be surprised with the sophistication that the surfboard brings.

Add the surfboard to that quiet little corner in the dining room

by Geschke Group Architecture

Colors of a nautical theme work beautifully in kids’ rooms

by ducduc

Stylish kitchen counter shaped like a surfboard

by RD Architecture

The ocean is soothing, peaceful and majestic. Standing on a surfboard and riding a wave allows you to take all that in and achieve a unique Zen experience. It is precisely this magic that a surfboard carries along with it. It is inherently uncomplicated, elegant and natural in its form. Adding it to any space immediately transfers these virtues to the setting!

Contemporary family room in white and blue

by GEORGE Interior Design

Sofa table displays a trio of sailboats

by Marcelo Brito & Pedro Potaris

Set the surfboard on the wall next to the staircase

by Marengo Morton Architects

Space above the fireplace is perfect for the sailboat replica

by Mackle Construction

Organized kids’ playroom with surfboard decor addition to the wall

by Style On A Shoestring

Sailboat replica adds to the freshness of the room

by Polhemus Savery DaSilva

Instant Focal Point

Using a sailboat replica or a surfboard is a much better idea to just put in photographs or posters. Three dimensional wall art really breathes life into a room and pops out instantly. But, make sure that the color scheme you pick for the room offers a flowing backdrop the accessories. To create a breezy coastal style, do not use more than two color shades for the room. This approach not only makes the room visually more appealing, but it also helps make the interiors far more airy and spacious.

Replica of iconic 1901 America’s Cup racer Columbia

by Williams-Sonoma Home

Unique lighting installation for the pool table

by About:Space

Reclaimed sails in the patio can create an Arabian Nights styled imagery!

by Suite 102

Just because you live in a landlocked area does not mean you cannot bring in the coastal touch. Of course, those amazing sea views outside the window might be hard to replicate. But the aura inside your residence can sure paint a whole different picture. Appealing, exceptional and inspired, surfboards and sailboats give the nautical theme a perfect exclamation point.

Kids’ room with mounted surfboard that disappears into the background

by Darci Goodman Design

Space conscious bedroom with wooden hues

by Jeri Koegel Photography

Surfboard adds color to the bright kids’ bedroom

by Harrison Design Associates

Boys’ bedroom with surfboard rug!
Dark floor offers a stylish contrast to the white setting

by Jane Kelly

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