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10 Feng Shui Tips For A Happy And Harmonious Home

Feng shui has been embraced by the western world gleefully in the last few decades. From being a predominantly Chinese phenomenon, modern feng shui is a global design tool. Architects, interior designers and home owners are now far keener to drape their bedrooms and living rooms in feng shui goodness. Now, who would not want to be in the good books of chi! While most people relegate feng shui to the bedroom, it is a practical conundrum to many interior design problems all around the house. And unlike popular perception, there is nothing magical metaphysical about it.

Feng Shui – A balance of elements

Most of the simple and easy to use feng shui tips appeal to your common sense. In fact, many might already be using feng shui unwittingly around the house. While it literally translates to ‘wind-water’, feng shui is all about balance and tapping into the positive energy of the universe.

In essence, it is for a happy, healthy and prosperous lifestyle. Here are a few fundamental and easy-to-use feng shui tips that will get you started on the journey to harmony.

Feng Shui for the Front Door

The idea of good feng shui starts at the doorstep of your house. A good entrance-way is an absolute must for this. Feng shui says that the path leading to the door must always be curved and not a simple straight line. This way the good chi can flow in, but the bad energy stays out. Even from an aesthetic point of view, it is hard to disagree. A curved entrance always has more appeal. Make sure that nothing blocks your doorway and that it is always uncluttered.

Red at the doorway ushers in wealth!

Using an accent door is another great idea. A red door invites in prosperity, green is for growth, blue offers relaxation and brown stability. Irrespective of the color you pick, make sure that its always painted well and evenly.

Clutter-Free Homes

Once again, this is an interior design mantra that works irrespective of whether feng shui is your thing or not. No space ever looked good with a clutter of décor and accessories. Keep only the bare essentials on display and create as much free space for the flow of positive energy. Replace anything that is broken or damaged as this indicates bad chi. A similar approach to your wardrobe will also help you a lot in creating new shelf space with ease.

Stylish seating space looks fresh and uncluttered

Light bulbs that no longer work are simply a no-no in the feng shui manual. Also, never keep around a clock that has stopped ticking. Doing away with mess and creating order is the best feng shui revamp you can give your home and is definitely the place to get started.

Color Scheme That Reflects Taste and Mood

Color is an integral part of home design, yet there is no absolute ‘one-solution-fits-all’ here. Feng shui suggests that you use soothing, light and tranquil shades for your bedroom along with hints of natural greenery to uplift the space. The living room and the public area can obviously incorporate bit more vivaciousness. Irrespective of the room, the best thing would be to employ a combination of 3 colors at the most. Beyond, it visual fragmentation leads to the feeling of congestion.

Green accents add vitality while while creates a harmonious look

What colors you exactly choose should fit your own personality, moods and the purpose of the room. While some find pops of orange pleasing, others find them a touch disturbing. The central idea though is to keep things as natural as possible.

Do away with Distractions and Compulsions

Do not place any décor items that can be distracting and a bit too gaudy. Feng shui is all about going with the flow of positive energy. That means you work with things and accessories you love. If you are not too fond of an art work or if the photo display takes back you into a time you are not too fond off, off with it. Happiness is the key to positivity and you should never feel forced to surround yourself with stuff that is contrary to your nature.

Iconography plays an important part in feng shui

The feng shui trick to this is pretty simple. It is all about building self-respect and honoring who you are. If you cannot be bold enough to let your home reflect that, then it will be harder to ascertain yourself outside. Fashionable trend in feng shui is all about what you set!

Invite Inside Natural Greenery

This is probably one feng shui rule that is known universally. Indoor plants, herbs, hanging gardens and living wall ideas are all a welcome addition to your home. If you are blessed with a beautiful backyard, make it an integral part of the visual of your house. Potted plants and little herbs on the home office desks can instantly lift positivity. From a scientific standpoint, the advantages of greenery in any setting are pretty well known by now.

Plants breathe life into the home office space

Living with nature obviously does not limit things to plants alone. Anyone who ever owns a pet will tell you all about the array of joyous moments they offer. Also, using materials such as bamboo and birch around the house adds to the freshness of the space. Never underestimate the healing power of a simple plant or a gorgeous blossom!

Music in the Air!

Most of us are already hooked to iPods and smartphones while doing household chores. All feng shui asks you to do is share that joy with the world. If constant streaming music is not your thing, then a few wind chimes will do just fine. Add them around your house to create a harmonious setting that keeps away silence. Much like nature, music has an ability to heal, turn bad days into good ones and bring people together.

Add a wind chime or two for a relaxing vibe

Open your windows and let the sounds of a bustling garden flow into your home. Water also has an ability to create soothing sounds and this is precisely why a simple waterfall or even a lovely fountain can help incredibly.

Flowing Space with the Right Balance

Anything that has sharp edges and could serious harm in case of a slip is out. Feng shui demands round edges and sensuous curves. If you have kids, then this probably is the first feng shui advice that you must take home. Beyond the sharp edges, a flowing space and balance of materials helps in the circulation of positive force. A combination of fire, wind, water, earth and metal is the best scenario. In a modern world, each of these can be brought in with various design elements.

Employ different materials in a balanced fashion

Glass often represents water, ceramic additions bring in earth and a fireplace or lovely candles usher in the fire element. Do not overwhelm the room with a single color or material.

Statues and Good Luck Charms!

Most people tend to believe that a feng shui tortoise or a Buddha statue is the only way to go. But that is barely the truth. The idea of these statues is to remind us of life’s larger meaning, its philosophy and their own cultural representation. The tortoise, for instance, is considered one of the guardians of feng shui in Chinese culture along with the dragon, tiger and the phoenix. You can always pick something that is equally positive and uplifting from your own cultural backdrop.

Buddha statue in the backdrop lifts the ambiance of the dining area

A good luck charm that you think works well for you can be a part of the display. A guarding angel or a work of art that is uplifting can take the place of a traditional feng shui statue. It might not be a classical approach to the art, but it is most definitely a practical one.

Relaxing Bedrooms and Vibrant Workspace

Placing the bed directly opposite to the bedroom door is considered bad. Arrange your bedroom in such a manner that you have good view of the entrance. Not only is this good for a peaceful sleep, but it makes evolutionary and anthropological sense. Since our homes have not always been secure, we are always sub-consciously a lot more peaceful when we have good and comfortable view of the entrance!

Color scheme of the bedroom achieves balance between energy and harmony

Use colors in the bedroom that achieve a balance between positivity and calming effect. All gray and white bedrooms are not always the best. Check out this guide to soothing bedroom colors, for more inspirations. Put the desk in your home office in an elevated position and away from windows that might cause the chi to flow out. A lovely collection of paperweights and a smart lighting help anchor the area.

Lighting is the Key

Finally, we get to lighting. Not because it is the least important of all the feng shui aspects, but because it is one thing that you should never forget about. Perfect lighting eliminates all dark corners in the room. Darkness is negativity and bad chi. Natural lighting is the best source of positivity and a vibrant atmosphere during daytime. Apart from great natural ventilation, a smart combination of recessed and focused lighting should take over after sunset.there is simply no substitute to quality air and quality light in creating a refreshing home.

Let there be ample light!

If you look at all the feng shui suggestions, you will realize that there is really nothing ‘supernatural’ about them. In fact, it seems like an ancient interior design manual that might have been altered and manipulated by a few over the last few centuries for personal gains. Strip away the unnecessary connotations and feng shui reveals its true charm.

There are no magic stones and astrological calculations here. It is simply about common sense, ergonomics and aesthetics that create a perfect home.

Sherry Nothingam

Sherry is a blogger who loves to live her life to the fullest. She enjoys everything associated with design, décor and stylish modern trends. Born in California, Sherry has grown up on open ranches and in a wild setting, which has defined her taste for design and developed her interest in examining how structures and homes interact with the beauti[...]

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