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Audacious And Uplifting: Bursts Of Refreshing Orange Accents For Stylish Interiors

For the past few seasons, orange has been the ‘hottest’ color both in the world of fashion and interior design. The trends seems to be on the up as more home owners are now willing to take a shot with this playful and dramatic color. An overdose of orange can instantly transform your lovely home into a shady set of a poorly made 70’s flick. But get it right and orange will give the interiors a new lease of life. Warm, bold, brilliant and energetic, orange is a color for those who approach life with optimism and glee.

Swan chair by Arne Jacobsen in Orange is a modern design icon that adds color with elegance

by FORMA Design

With designers and home owners currently using neutral tones and muted colors for backdrop, accent colors have become an absolute must. Using orange accents brings some much needed liveliness visually to a setting that otherwise borders on blandness. Striking the right balance between poise and passion, orange can be inspirational in more ways than one!

Accent wall next to the staircase is indeed a popular choice among home owners
Airy white kitchen employs skylights with orange blinds along with chairs in similar hue

by Velux

Beautiful strawberry pink and white coupled with orange in a contemporary bedroom

by Jessica Lagrange

Contemporary kids’ bedroom in white and orange
Cube ottomans bring along with them both color and contemporary style!
Cushions coupled with lighting are a wonderful way to add orange without much fuss

by Chad Jackson Photo

Dash of orange in the kitchen to complement the white backdrop

by Tracy Hansen

Eclectic kids’ room uses orange in a pleasant and stylish fashion

by Lovejoy Designs

Notice how the inside of the pendant light contributes to the orange accents

by The Couture Rooms

Many Moods of Orange

Orange is a secondary color obtained by the mixing of yellow and red. While we will not bore you with a class of primary and secondary colors, it is important to realize the presence of these individual elements. Before going in for orange accents, try to pick the exact hue, shade and value of orange that suits your home best. Red signifies energy while yellow brings in warmth and tenderness. If red hues dominate your orange, then expect an intense and vivid output. Larger presence of yellow promises a more mellowed and deep aura.

An orange couch draws your attention no matter where it is placed
Bathroom in muted colors comes alive with a bold orange lining

by Digital Properties

Wall art brings in a powerful punch of orange to this gorgeous bedroom

Interiors of most homes work well with the softer and more sober shades of orange. This is especially true while you are using them for the living space and other public areas. In case of orange there is a real danger of the accent color taking over. Ensure this does not happen by using stronger shades of orange sporadically.

Splashes of orange you employ become more distinct in a completely neutral backdrop

by Catlin Stothers Design

Simple additions like wall art and dining table mats can bring in orange accents

by Jason Ball Interiors

Pop of orange spread throughout the living room with a high ceiling

by Pangaea Interior Design

Perfect way to bring in orange accents for those with color commitment issues
Orange is an ideal choice for rooms that largely employ grey and white

Enliven the Bedroom with Orange Zest

Recent studies on sleep patterns have shown that contrary to popular belief, bedrooms with an ‘all-neutral’ look are actually not ideal for sound sleep. In fact, grey and white bedrooms have been found to induce depressing and gloomy thoughts. Experts suggest that choosing colors like blue, green and orange for your bedroom interiors is the best solution to the problem. While having an ‘orange themed’ bedroom might not always work, fabric accents in the form of rugs and drapes are a nice touch that drive away the monotony. Orange cushions and an odd chair or two can also cheer up a dull bedroom setting with ease.

Studies show that warm tones of orange in the bedroom help improve sleep quality

by Amy Renea

Orange accent chair set against white and pale blue backdrop is a chic and trendy choice

by Incorporated

Bursts of orange in the bedroom create a playful vibe

by Patterson Construction Corporation

Orange says I am fun. Orange says that I am bold enough to embrace the audacious and the extravagant. While the 70s largely contributed in scaring people away from orange, it is a color that allows you to embrace your inner child. No wonder a more liberal world is warming up quickly to this hot hue.

Green and blue in pale hues blend beautifully with balanced bursts of orange

by Urban Dwell

Bedroom bench in orange adds some much needed color here
Kids’ bedroom adds vivid color in the form of orange accent wall and accent fabrics

by McCroskey Interiors

Lampshades in orange light up this modern bedroom beautifully

by A-Interiors

Warm and inviting bedroom in grey with orange accents

by Catherine Sands

Décor and Furnishings to sneak it in!

Though an accent wall is still one of the most popular ways to add color to a room set neutral tones, it might not always be the best idea. This is especially true in case of those who have commitment issues with color combinations. You do not want to realize that ‘orange’ is not the color for your home after spending all that time and cash on painting a wall. A better way to test the waters is by using décor, furnishings and fabrics that bring in plenty of orange. This strategy works for pretty much every room in the house.

Blue and orange color scheme with a touch of yellow- Cheerful and lively!
By using orange couch cushions one can easily switch the accent color at will
It is best to repeat accent colors as it lends more visual balance to the room

by Sutton Suzuki Architects

You can introduce accent color using a couch, chairs, a rug or two in the bedroom, pillows, cushions and even neatly placed towels in the bathroom. Once you have made up your mind on the color and its hue, you can take it a step further in the form of painting an accent wall.

Couch in orange makes for an interesting visual when placed near a fireplace

by Last Detail Interior Design

Unique pendant lighting in orange steals the show in this living space
Towels and accessories are a simple way to add accent color to a neutral bathroom space

by Jaque Bethke for Pure Design Environments

Sometimes nature can bring along with it gentle orange tones that are perfect for the kitchen
Using more than one accent color can often lead to a cluttered space visually

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