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Comic Strip Decor Inspirations For The Contemporary Home!

Picking up the newspaper first thing in the morning is quickly becoming a thing of the past. With the smartphone and tablet revolution hitting us pretty hard, who really has the time for the newspaper? Yet, comic strips remain one of the most loved and cherished part of the newspaper experience. There are still many Saturday mornings when you sit at the breakfast table and quickly flip over to the comic strip section before trying to master the crossword for the next hour or two! Old fashioned, as it they might seem, comic strips are an integral part of many of our nostalgic childhood memories.

Beautifully framed comic strip images that tell a story by themselves

by Eunice Fernandes

A trip to the comic book store for a more elaborate adventurous experience is also something many of us have enjoyed for long. Why not translate this love for our brave superheroes and at times, wacky evil geniuses (thinking of the Joker at this point), using comic strip and books-inspired décor? Here is a collection of murals, furnishings and a whole lot more that usher in this alternate universe –

Comic book-inspired wall mural in the dining area

by Jeff Jones Snap It Photography

Virtual living room wall art creates more visual space!

by Kanner Architects

Add color to your contemporary living room with a bang!

by Laura U

Adventures of Tintin played out on your basement wall

by Cody Anderson Wasney Architects

Modern bedroom with mirror shaped to mimic a dialogue bubble
Google Dublin Campus displays Comic Strip-inspired wall

by Camenzind Evolution

Colorful and Nostalgic

Nostalgia is an important reason why you might be tempted to opt for cool comic strip inspirations. With most modern homes opting for a stylish, sleek and contemporary look, colorful additions from the comic strip world bring in vibrant pops of color. In case you do not want to bring in the bright yellows and the tangy oranges, then simply use framed black and white comic strip images. They are not all that hard to find and you can create one yourself without too much of a difficulty.

Kids’ bedroom with a Batman theme

by TRIO Environments

Comic book canvas steals the show here

Irrespective of the style you have going for your home, a Superman inspired coffee table or a wall mural portraying the adventures of Tintin seem to slot in effortlessly. Adding visual freshness and contrast they are drive away any sense of blandness.

Bring a bit of fun into the bathroom

by Fine Focus Photography

Colorful and funky wall art in the lounge

by Tamara Bickley Design

Home gym with framed comic pages

by Cynthia Bennett & Associates

Wall art coupled with yellow steps bring in the comic punch

by Praktyczne i Piękne

Interesting comic strip inspired additions to the eclectic Houston bedroom

Perfect for the Kids’ Room

One of the easiest places to bring in some much needed superhero inspiration is the kids’ bedroom. Since, most little ones will be more than glad to have décor and furnishings that sport bold comic strip styled iconography; it seems like a natural fit. The idea though should be not to overwhelm the place with color. Follow an uncomplicated and flowing color scheme and if you can add superhero-themed bedding that goes along with your wall mural or furnishings, then it looks all the more appealing.

Contemporary kids’ bedroom with a hint of minimalism
Nursery room with bold comic strip wall mural in black and white
Superman flies in to make a great save on your kids’ bedroom wall!

by pirateheist

There is a unique way to send the message across to the kids!

Star in your own Comic Strip!

Retro pop art is a trend that is catching up in homes across the globe. This allows you to display your own personal collection of images in a way where they seem to mimic a page out of your favorite comic book. With both colors and imagery that is as close to the real deal as possible, it is pretty easy to frame and display those few unforgettable moments in a snazzy and unique manner. Hang one of these in each room of the house to create a sense of continuity throughout even while adding a hint of brilliant color.

Turn those memorable moments into comic strip inspired wall art
Retro pop art allows you to star in your own comic strip inspired image

by AllPopArt.com

Décor, murals and framed wall art inspired by comic strips and books is not just for the diehard fans alone. Everyone can get a piece of the action and since most of us do have a favorite superhero or two (even if it is Catwoman or Supergirl!), it just is the perfect way to bring in some fun in modern settings that can otherwise seem sterile.

Black and white comic book upholstery for the chairs

by Imagine Living

Cool table reminds you of Superman’s icy layer of solitude up north!

by Jeffrey Brooks Interior Design

Simple wall decal does the trick here

by Isolina Mallon Interior Design

Scandinavian styled attic bedroom
Framed comic strips in black and white

by Shelley Gardea

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