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Accentuate With Freshness: 52 Modern Neutral Interiors With A Splash Of Green Goodness

Green is a color of abundance, richness and prosperity. With modern interiors opting for a stylish look that largely employ neutral colors such as grey and toned down browns along with black and white, accent colors become all the more essential. In many cases the difference between a bland home and one that seems inviting and warm is the gentle kiss of color in an elegant and delicate manner. Green is one accent color that truly works well with such tasteful contemporary backgrounds.

Cube dresser stool and the rug offer visual contrast in this clean bedroom

Green comes in such versatile hues, shades and values that the choices on hand are abundant and at times even overwhelming. With the color being such an integral part of nature, we also tend to accept it far more easily as part of our home than many other secondary shades. Here are a few gorgeous and sparkling inspirations that should help you make a choice on using the appropriate shade of green as an accent hue.

Elegant modern living room with various shades of green spread around

by Daniel Sheehan Photography

Fruit, plants and vases add green to this living room in neutral shades in an understated manner

by Leclair Décor

Grey living room with pops of soft color in yellow and green

by Found Design

Right shade of green can be as soothing and relaxing as any other neutral color

by Gacek Design Group

Slender modern kitchen lit up gorgeously with a gentle shade of light lemon green

by Alterstudio

Using the accent color in more than one place lends a sense of balance to the room

by Prestige Builders

An accent wall in green is still the most popular way to add the color to a contemporary setting

by Panache Interiors

Chic entrance with greenish-yellow interior door

by Intexure Architects

Contemporary living room in white and grey with potted plant for contrast
Apple green decor set against a white backdrop in the living space

by FrontPorch

An Air of Novelty in the Living Space

Green as an accent color in the living room is a bit rare. While using green in the form of an accent wall is not all that common, there are other ways in which you can bring the color forward. Accent fabrics are an easy and aesthetic option in this regard. The couch cushion, lovely light green drapes, a picture frame in apple green or even a potted plant in the corner will help break away from monotony. If you can manage you add a chaise lounge or a glass vase in the shade, then all the more better.

Drapes and couch in accent wall color highlight the light moss green in the living space
Vivacious living room employs green and blue along with white and grey

by Tara Bussema

Soothing shades of blue coupled with stylish green accents

by KannCept Design

Let the natural green outside be a part of your interior green accents through gorgeous windows

by L K DeFrances & Associates

When it concerns design and color, the best way forward would be to tread the path inspired by nature. Green is the color that stands out and leads from the front in this aspect and deservingly so!

Accessories and decor are a wonderful way to introduce color with ease!

by Tobi Fairley Interior Design

Turquoise blue and lovely green cushions provide the accent shades

by Niki Papadopoulos

Vase, pillows and wall paint combine green and yellow accents seamlessly

by Martha O’Hara Interiors

Accent green couch and cushions provide freshness to this living space in neutral hues
Notice how the lime green in the wall art complements the green of the pillow cushions

by Carlyn And Company Interiors + Design

Functional and traditional family room design with green furnishings

by J. Hettinger Interiors

Green accents appear far more appealing with the right lighting

by Heather Kleim

Yellow – Green accents are both subtle and contemporary

by Anderson Design Studio

Open floor plan uses orange and green along with white

by Alan Mascord Design Associates

Soothing and Relaxed Bedrooms

As we talked above, adding green to a bedroom setting is the ‘in’ thing. Since some of the lighter tones of green are calming and create a peaceful ambiance, they are good choices for the bedroom. But stay away from the darker and brighter versions of the color when adding them to places of relaxation and rest. Remember that the more neutral a setting is, greater will be the impact of accent colors. If you wish to create an inimitable and cool bedroom think of mixing two accent colors using pillows or rugs. Orange and purple seem to work surprisingly well with hints of green.

Bedroom with beautiful tufted headboard and plenty of natural green

by ON Design Architects

Decor and furnishings bring in green accents without demanding major revamps
Delicate use of the light green shade in the bedroom

by Maria Killam

Bertoia Diamond lounge chair brings green to this bedroom in grey

by Dijeau Poage Construction

Despite all the color on the wall, it is the print on the pillow that steals the show

by mark pinkerton / vi360 photography

Black and white bedroom with green fabric accents in green

by Nico van der Meulen Architects

Perfect example of using fabric accents in the bedroom

by Crisp Architects

Simple additions in lime green stand out at an instant thanks to the muted background

by Legrand

Perfect for the Modern Kitchen

One of the hottest color trends of 2013 is to use green in both the bathroom and the kitchen. Not that we are stopping you from making it an integral part of other rooms in your house! There are several different options available here. But do remember that there is a distinct difference between a kitchen that embraces green and once that uses it as an accent shade. Plenty of contemporary kitchen models offer shaker-style cabinets that come in various hues of green. Set against a pristine white backdrop, these look dramatic and dashing. In case you do not wish to go down the extravagant lane, then simple addition of a shrub or two along with some green apples works beautifully in a kitchen with muted tones.

The green outside accentuates the tinge of apple green inside!
Dishware, painted window frame and fresh veggies add green to the kitchen subtly

by Vendome Press

Pendant lights above the kitchen island and some fresh apples bringing the green!

by Matarozzi Pelsinger Builders

Green is the prime color of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises. Combine this with natural textures and organic elements and it is the perfect fit for a healthy and remarkable contemporary kitchen space.

High gloss flooring in green presents a unique way to splash the kitchen with color!

by Merzbau Design Collective

Painting inside of wall niches in green gives even a neutral space a bright appeal

by NOA Architecture Planning Interiors

LED lighting in green used as accent shade in an open living room and kitchen

by BJ Armstrong Custom Homes

Stylish pendant lamps are an ideal way to add color in the kitchen
Couch cushions and potted plants on the dining table used to add subtle touches of green

by Sabal Homes

Beautiful yellow-green wall turns the staircase into stylish sculpture that draws attention instantly

by Chelsea Atelier Architect

Tall green arrangement on the table in a glass vase becomes the focal point of the space

by MusaDesign Interior Design

Best of the Rest

Bathrooms, dining space and the lounge are all great places to add a dash of green. Green looks especially alluring in the bathroom and you can incorporate it with something as simple and basic as the tiles. If you are not too keen on redoing the tiles, then simply add some gorgeous green towels to an all-white bathroom and the difference in appeal is almost instant. And though it can be added in many different ways that range from paint to décor, plants are still the best and arguably the most popular option when it comes to walking down the ultimate green path!

Add drama to the entry way with a green door set in a neutral background

by Feldman Architecture

Lime green tile wall and the mirror accentuate the appeal of this bathroom

by Rossington Architecture

Rug in bold green makes an impact visually

by Amoroso Design

Touch of green in breathes freshness into a white bathroom

by Divine Kitchens

You can change the accent color in this modern bathroom by simply switching the towels!

by Within Design

Art work on the wall is a chic and fashionable way to bring in an accent hue

by Theo Flamenbaum Interiors

Brilliant and beautiful way of adding green above the fireplace!

by Leclair Décor

Give your interiors a makeover with furniture that is bright and bubbly

by Artistic Designs for Living

If it is not the floor, then a ceiling in lime green will do just fine as well!

by Mona Ives

Towels and carpet offer a simple way to add green accents to a bathroom in muted tones

by USI Design & Remodeling

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