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Teenage Girls Rooms Inspiration: 55 Design Ideas

Decorating a room for a teenage girl is not an easy task, but with enough inspiration from Decoist it’s going to be a fun job. There are a lot of things you should take care of — from choosing a cool color theme to deciding what furniture makes it to the room, you should listen well to your pretentious and stylish teenage girl before deciding on the final product.

modern teenage girl room design Teenage Girls Rooms Inspiration: 55 Design Ideas

Our advice for decorating young girls’ bedrooms is that they need to be practical, yet cozy at the same time. Having a desk is not a bad idea considering that your teenage girl will do homework in her little crib.

Also make sure there are plenty of cabinets or shelving systems where she can hang her stuff — there’s a saying that you can never have too much storage space, even if we’re talking about a girls’ room. And lighting is important as well, she’ll need plenty!

An Amazing Girl Needs an Amazing Room

Young girls bedroom design with white and blue bedding
Inspiring Teenage girls rooms ideas
Lavish teenage girls bedroom idea

Think of playful details, use lots of bright colors and make sure the whole decor is age-appropriate for your little girl to be happy while hanging out with friends, during her long hours of study or when she’s killing time. Bottom line: the decor for teenage girls’ rooms need to be highly appealing and visually aesthetic.

Which one is your favorite?

Black and white girls bedroom design
Large bedroom for a young teenage girl
Young teenage girls bedroom with purple bedding
Teenage girls room design with fancy vanity
Teenage girls bedroom with blue wall and vanity
Relaxed teenage girls bedrooms
Teenage girls bedroom design with colorful bedding
Pink teenage girls rooms inspiration
Elegant girls room design idea
Blue inspired girls room
Bohemian teenage girls rooms
Bloom Beadboard Teenage Girls Bedroom
Colorful young girls rooms
Flower-inspired teenage girls rooms ideas
Bright and airy teenage girls bedroom
Suspended bed for teenage girls rooms
Tropical inspired teenage girls bedrooms
Cool teenage girls rooms
Girly bedroom ideas
Young girl bedroom ideas with colorful bedding
Patterns galore: teenage girls bedroom ideas
Modern yellow balance for teenage girls bedroom
Colorful bedding for a girls room
Princess Girl Bedroom Design
Minimalist teen girl bedroom
Minimalist young girl bedroom design
Purple teen rooms for girls
Green bedroom for teenage girl
Red bedroom design for teenage girl
Blue bedroom design for teen girls
Modern teen girls bedroom design
Teen girls bedroom designs
Bright teen bedrooms
White and red teen girls bedroom
Green inspired teen girls room idea
Purple inspired teen girls bedroom design
Teen Girls Rooms Design With Purple Italian Furniture
Orange teen girls rooms
Edgemere Teen Girls Lounge Area
Young Girls Bedroom Idea
Study corner for teenage girls
Blue inspired young girls bedroom
White lavish young girls bedroom idea
Floral inspiration: teen girls room
Grape red teenage girls room idea
Red stripes walls for teenage girls rooms
Luxury bedroom for a teenage girl?
Trendy teenage girl bedroom design
Beautiful teenage girls bedroom decor
Cool teenage girls room idea
Playful girls bedroom design
Pink den for a teenage girls room

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    If your interested in teen room decor. Can I just mention HL Carvings. They carry LED lighted wall art. You can find something for boys and girls of all ages. Please take a look.

  • HL Mom

    HL Carvings carry LED lighted wall art for all ages. Please take a look.

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