Easy Tips To Help Create The Perfect Basement Bedroom

Basement Bedroom Design Ideas

All of us at some point start looking at our homes and hoping there were a little bit of extra room around so that we could organize it in a better fashion. If you can find a whole new room, then even better! With space becoming such a premium in the modern world, it makes sense to fully utilize every inch that is on offer….

Exuberant English Home Delights With A Colorful And Original Interior

Little Venice by DOS Architects, London

It was just a couple of weeks ago that we featured the audacious and exciting Souldern Road Project that showcased a grand extension for a classic Victorian house. It seems the folks from DOS Architects are pretty fond of giant glass boxes, as they have come up with another cool project that features a similar style residence. Little Venice is a refreshingly charming English home…

Three Fabric Patterns That Are Making A Splash In 2014

Diamond-pattern pillow

The spring collections have been in stores for months now, and for many major retailers, the summer collections have already arrived–it’s a great time of the year to reflect on the top trends of 2014. Today’s post is dedicated to three popular fabric patterns that are modern, eye-catching and cutting edge. Check out the prints that follow and see what captures your attention. We think you’ll…

Trendy Trio Of Side Tables That Are Versatile And Sculptural

Stylish Martini Side Table in Antique Brass

How many times have you turned your attention to the finer things that make up your home’s interiors? Side tables and accent tables might not always top your shopping list, but they might be that one last missing piece you need to truly complete your home. A gorgeous side table can uplift the ambiance of the room and bring together practicality and aesthetics with effortless…

Posh Private Residence In Singapore Oozes Contemporary Class!

Stylish Contemporary House in Singapore

Most of the homes in Southeast built in the late ’70s and early ’80s seemed to have embraced a cubicle design philosophy that clearly segregates rooms with distinct walls. But with changing times and trends, the region is seeing a natural shift toward the open floor plan. The 67 Jalan Binchang is one such structure that was in an urgent need of not just a…

Elegant Designs For A Complete Zen-inspired Home

Zen inspired bamboo bathhouse

Harmonizing your surrounding environment is more than just matching the furniture with the curtains. Instead, it’s about finding the balance among the three so-called “invisible forces” within the home, which feng shui masters believe to be the universe, earth, and man. Once these three legs of Zen living meet at a point, your mind, body, and soul will feel renewed. Whether you believe in natural…

Remarkable Apartment In Moscow Combines Minimalism With Frugality!

Minimalist apartment in Moscow

Often, we marvel at stunning minimalist interiors that have been carefully and meticulously crafted by top-notch designers using world-class decor and design. These homes might amaze you with their sleek sophistication and elegance, but they come with a heavy price tag as well. Located in Moscow, this striking all-white renovated apartment was crafted by Vladimir Malashonok, keeping in mind not just aesthetics but also economics! The…

The Chic Allure Of Black Bedroom Furniture

Luxury bedroom with black furniture

Remember in the ’80s when black lacquered bedroom furniture was all the rage? Deco-style curves and gold trim completed the look. While many consider this style to be outdated, I still happen to love it, but today’s post isn’t about me! It’s about the power of black bedroom furniture in today’s design world. While certain furniture styles may come and go, black is still a…

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas: A Splattering Of The Most Popular Colors!

There is nothing more charming and appealing than a beautiful kitchen backsplash that stands out the moment you walk into the space. While there are many functional advantages of adding a backsplash to your kitchen, homeowners are now starting to look at this feature as an aesthetic addition that enhances the aura of the kitchen. One of the reasons for trendy and hip kitchen backsplashes…

Egyptian Sandstone Repurposed for Elegant Home Flooring

Flooring in simple shades of brown

Are you tired of seeing the same flooring options recycled again and again? While most of us are looking to find the silver lining when choosing between real hardwood or cushiony carpet, there lies a third option that could dissolve the mundane flooring designs before your eyes. Though I am not one of the lucky few who owns a home that features sandstone flooring, that…

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