Choosing The Best Indoor Plants For Your Interior

Zee zee plant in a colorful pot

It’s no secret that I’ve been a wee bit obsessed with plants lately. After taking a good look at my interior and realizing that multiple areas of my home are a bit bare, I’m convinced that a few houseplant purchases will help breathe new life into my living room, bedroom, powder room and home office. I’m fairly good at keeping plants alive, but when I…

Rozzi’s Italian Canteen Serves Up Tasty Delights Draped In Serene Ambiance

Rozzi’s Italian Canteen by Mim Design in Melbourne, Australia

Contemporary diners and restaurants are quickly turning toward design and architecture to achieve a sense of individuality and style that appeals to their customers. The cookie-cutter model of repetitive chains of cafes that all look the same is a trend that is thankfully going away slowly, but surely. Located in the iconic city of Melbourne, Australia, the new Rozzi’s Italian Canteen created by Mim Design…

Contemporary Kitchen In Sydney Blends Cutting-Edge Style With Savvy Design

Contemporary Kitchen in stylish Sydney Residence by Minosa

There is absolutely no doubting the fact that homeowners are increasingly becoming interested in making the view outside an integral, and at times pivotal, part of their home’s design. Located in the exclusive neighborhood of Dover Heights in Sydney and overlooking the surfing paradise that is Bondi Beach, this fabulous kitchen is all about integrating smart space-saving solutions with sleek, contemporary design that is simply…

Try These Easy DIY Decor Projects For A New Look At Home

DIY rope vases

Sometimes the biggest changes can come from the smallest statements. Sure, giving a room in your home a floor-to-ceiling makeover is one way to turn heads, but an eye-catching piece of decor can make all the difference on a high-profile piece such as a console table. And if your minimalist bathroom needs one special countertop accent, an item of smaller proportions will do the trick. That’s why…

Stunning Silhouette and Spectacular Landscape Define The Black Desert House

The Black Desert House

When you have a distinct and spellbinding landscape that surrounds a house, it is obvious that the appeal of the entire residence gets elevated instantly. Located in the heart of the desert of Joshua Tree in California, the Black Desert House seems like a perfect spot for that next big science fiction series on the Syfy channel! Surrounded by a rock desert terrain that must…

10 Rooms Featuring Sliding-Mirror Closet Doors

Mirrored barn door in a contemporary bedroom

Whether you’re renting a place or you’ve bought your home, perhaps you’ve come across sliding-mirror closet doors. In fact, often this feature is seen as outdated–a holdover from the glory days of ’80s design. As someone who loves adding 1980s touches to my interior, I’ve never shied away from mirrored closet doors. And I’m not the only one. Yes, folks–they’re making a comeback! Today’s post features 10…

Gorgeous Tiny Project House Woos You With Its Ingenious Design

Tiny Project House by Alek Lisefski

The sustainable and affordable housing movement has been picking up pace in the last few years with many innovative folk turning towards tiny, mobile structures for their housing needs. Just a couple of months ago we stumbled upon the fabulous Tiny Tack House which left many of our readers spellbound. Today we take a look at the uber-cool Tiny Project home that was almost entirely…

Stylish Nuvolone Sofa From Mimo Brings Together Comfort And Class!

Nuvolone Sofa in contemporary white

Picking the right furniture for your house is all about bringing together form and function in an effortless manner. Designed by Rino Maturi way back in 1970, the Nuvolone reflects the spunk and the style that was so typical of ’60s and 70s designs. Yet, the comfy modular sofa also has a certain contemporary appeal that is undeniable, making it relevant even today. Restyled and revamped…

Have a Seat: 10 Floor Cushions That Will Make You Want To!

Modern graphic floor cushions.jpg

I don’t know about you, but I happen to absolutely love me some floor cushions! Additional seating is important regardless of the size of your home, and floor cushions may just be the most stylish, most comfortable and more versatile way to add that extra seating to basically any room of your home! Today I’m going to share with you 10 of my favourite looks for…

Old Office Building In Boston Transformed Into A Grand Multi-Family Residence

Interior of Hayden Building in Boston, Massachusetts

Renovation projects often present you with challenges that are far more complex and unique than those encountered during a brand new project. This expansive family residence in the heart of Boston, Massachusetts was crafted out of an old five-story office building that was destroyed by a fire back in 1985. The project was carried by CUBE Design + Research, and with a budget of $4…

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