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38 Bathroom Closet Ideas for a Clean and Clutter Free Space

If you have ever organized a messy cabinet or junk drawer, you know just how life-altering it can be. When it comes to a bathroom closet, a tidy display can do wonders since products in the bathroom as used quite often. The most important first step to organizing a bathroom closet is decluttering. Once you’ve figured out which items are worth keeping, separate each product by category and sort them into organizers like bins and turntables.

Spacious white master bath features a white linen closet with a frameless glass door, a walk in shower with a frameless glass door and a large rectangular mirror over a white washstand that boasts large drawers and a nickel faucet.
Photo Credit: HW Interiors

In the article, we will give you ideas for a clean, organized bathroom closet layout and some organizational necessities that can make the most out of your closet space. Say goodbye to a cluttered bathroom closet because after reading this article and implementing these ideas, nothing will go missing in your bathroom closet again!

Bathroom Closet Organization Tips

Purge and Clean

This is the most time-consuming part. You don’t want to keep everything. You want to purge and throw items out that you no longer use or will never use. You will want to take the time to sift through everything and ensure that you aren’t keeping unnecessary items.

organized linen bathroom closet with wire baskets and plastic totes paper towel toilet paper
Photo Credit: Our Perfecting Manor

After you purge and go through everything empty out the closet and give it a thorough cleaning. Wipe down all the shelves and the back of the closet.

Assess Your Mess

After you have purged, categorize each item and set them in piles. This will help you see the type of storage you need for this project.

If you’re unsure how or where to begin your bathroom organization, start with some simple categories: hair, makeup, lotions, etc. Divide your products up into groups, then sort them into labeled bins for easy access.

Product Selection

You will want your closet to be fully functional and easy to find exactly what you need in little time. It’s also nice to have a closet that aesthetically has some decorative flare. You will want to get a variety of bins/baskets. It makes it easier to ensure you capture all your item needs.

organized linen bathroom closet with folded towels and linens weaved baskets and totes
Photo Credit: Dear Lillie

A quick tip to up your bathroom’s aesthetic is to store everything, and we mean everything, in baskets and bins. Especially for homeowners who need an open shelf to accommodate all their toiletries, place your belongings in a decorative basket or a practical organizer before setting in on the shelf.


Regarding the placement of your bins and organizational totes, this will differ for everyone, but it’s ideal to place the baskets/bins of items that you use every day up front and center. You can make a layout template to design your closet or place them as you go.

close up of inside of bathroom closet wicker basket wire toilet paper
Photo Credit: Waiting on Martha

If you want an appealing bathroom closet, think about making it symmetrical. Matching bins with labels will bring a balanced look to your closet and make it more cohesive rather than random sizes bins everywhere.


Sometimes when you organize, it can be difficult to remember where you moved everything. To help in this regard, it is wise to label everything. It is so helpful in finding the things you need in the shortest amount of time, too.

white bathroom closet organized with bins plastic totes weaved baskets with labels
Photo Credit: Neat by Meg

Go for Cohesion

One of the reasons bathrooms can so quickly become cluttered is the myriad of products they’re meant to store. Simplify the space with a set of matching storage baskets or bins. If you can find an option with a lid, it will be even easier to keep your bathroom closet looking tidy.

linen closet with open door glass apothecary jar white folded towels hanging towel on hook wicker baskets wire basket on wheels
Photo Credit: Bless’er House

Choose a Color Palette

Your bathroom closet may feel like a cluster of expired toiletries and long-lost bobby pins, but even this space merits some cosmetic attention. Before organizing your closet, select a color palette to keep the look clean.


Don’t Overcrowd

Just because you have room doesn’t mean you need to fill it. One of the easiest ways to minimize mess is to allow empty space on your shelves. Instead of cramming your lotions and soaps altogether, try to leave a little wiggle room.

linen closet with white towels and sheets candles and a wicker basket
Photo Credit: Julie Blanner

Everything Should Have a Home

Bathroom closets can feel cluttered when homeowners use the space as a catch-all for everything from vitamins to bath salts. To keep your closet neat, give every stored item a suitable home. Dividing your products into baskets and bins is an easy way to ensure everything in your closet is put there on purpose.

bathroom closet linens baskets with storage containers wallpaper backing toilet paper towels
Photo Credit: The Ginger Home

Stack Items

A great to maximize your storage area without overcrowding is to buy a set of stackable storage bins. You can purchase options that are minimal and practical, and plastic material makes for easy clean-up in case of any leaks or spills — so keep that in mind.

wire shelving in bathroom closet with folded towels apothecary jars wire baskets with toilet paper
Photo Credit: interiorsbylisette via Instagram


For many of us, the bathroom closet isn’t a space worth splurging on. Instead, adhere to a budget and opt for basic storage solutions. For example, this affordable bathroom closet, organized by the team at A Fresh Space, required nothing more than a few white plastic bins and some attention.

wire over the door closet with bathroom toiletries
Photo Credit: Kelley Nan

Use Short Bins

For the products and lotions you know you’ll often use, pay attention to the height of your storage containers. Choose organizers that won’t take up the whole height of your closet shelf, so you won’t have to pull out a bin full of toiletries to grab the item you need.

Bathroom features small linen cabinet with glass door over vintage penny tiled floor.
Photo Credit: Twin Companies

Roll Your Towels

If you’re looking for innovative ways to make your bathroom closet a little more aesthetically appealing, try playing with the towels. You can fold them, roll them, or try a combination of the two. This is an easy and affordable way to beautify a commonly cluttered space.

Chic master bathroom boasts a space between a walk in shower and a water closet filled with white built in linen cabinets accented with mirrored doors.
Photo Credit: Elizabeth Kimberly

Ditch the Busy Labels

Not every bath product needs to be stored away. However, if you’re struggling to decide which products to put in the closet and which to display on an open shelf or counter, keep products with loud or colorful labels hidden. Instead, set out simpler items like towels and toilet paper.

Groups of Two or Three

A good rule of thumb for interior design is to group decor in twos or threes, and this same concept can be applied to your bathroom closet. If you have open shelving storage in your bathroom, separate items like hand towels and bath salts into smaller groups to create an eye-catching display.

open shelving closet in bathroom with wood shelves beadboard backing baskets folded white towels toilet paper
Photo Credit: familyshiplapanddunn via Instagram

Refresh with a Coat of Light Paint

Lighter shades of paint not only help light things up but also make it more effortless to see everything that’s in your linen closet. Stuff won’t go missing as often.

Open closet shelf in bathroom with towels neutral and cleaning accessories shampoos and lotions
Photo Credit: joanna_organize via Instagram

Toss Packaging

If unsightly, bulky packaging clashes with your bathroom closet organization, try replacing them with more appealing storage solutions. For instance, cotton swabs, cotton balls, and the like can be stored in smaller containers like glass apothecary jars to save space and add some visual interest.

Close up of farmhouse style closet with folded black and white towels toiletries and wire basket
Photo Credit: homesweetspaces via Instagram

Create Drawers Within the Closet

Smaller items like lipsticks and travel-sized toiletries can easily become lost in your bathroom storage. Create space for these smaller items with a set of clear, petite drawers. Instead of searching through a basket of hairsprays and leftover lotion bottles, you’ll be able to spot what you need quickly and move on with your day.

closet shelves in bathroom with folded towels and storage containers
Photo Credit: curtishousetohome via Instagram

Keep Things Folded

It might seem obvious, but making sure everything is neatly folded before putting it back in the closet can make a huge difference. Just learn how to fold them the exact same way every single time.

folded grey towels on wire shelving close up bathroom closet
Photo Credit: Little Glass Jar

Make DIY Labels

Customize your baskets with cute DIY labels! All you need is a hole puncher, card stock, clear label tape, and a label maker.

diy bathroom labels for linen closet baskets and folded white towels
Photo Credit: Polished Habitat

Use Shelf Liners

If you have wire shelving in your bathroom closet and are tired of small items slipping through the gaps, shelf liners are the perfect solution—and they’re super easy to install, too.

shelf liners on wire shelf with white rope baskets and rolled blue towels
Photo Credit: Making Lemonade

Make Space for Laundry

If you have extra room, slip your laundry hamper into the bottom of your bathroom closet. A multi-parter like this makes it easy to keep things sorted ’til laundry day.

inside of bathroom linen closet with baskets and laundry separated hamper
Photo Credit: The DIY Playbook

Add Wall Hooks

You can add wall hooks right inside your bathroom closet. This will give you extra space to hang towels and free up some shelf space.

close up of interior of linen bathroom closet seagrass baskets hooks on wall wallpaper floral folded white towels
Photo Credit: Home and Fabulous

Use a Variety of Containers

Buy a variety of baskets and containers in various sizes that best suit whatever you store in them. For example, bigger containers are better for linens and towels, while smaller baskets are perfect for shampoos and lotions.

Use an Extra Storage Cabinet

If you’re limited on closet space but have room to spare in a bathroom, add a storage cabinet for extra towels and toiletries. Attach a hook on the side, and voilà! Yet another place to hang towels.

storage cabinet with towel hanging on the side walnut light wood white walls bathroom
Photo Credit: Emily Henderson

Don’t Be Afraid to Show Your Own Style

If your style is a little more diverse, don’t be afraid to use a blend of storage solutions for your bathroom closet. For instance, this adorable cabinet doubles as a bathroom cabinet and linen closet and features a blend of wicker and wire storage containers, with products stowed away and on display.

open brown cupboard full of towels and wicker baskets
Photo Credit: A Bowl Full of Lemons

Go with the Essentials

As you are ready to organize your bathroom closet, evaluate each item’s use and frequency. Specifically for bathrooms with minimal storage space, prioritize your essential, everyday items and toss or hide away the rest.

corner closet in bathroom with white shelves and full of toiletries
Photo Credit: tidyfox via Instagram

Make it Your Own

Just as is the case with interior design, not every organizing tip will appeal to every homeowner. Evaluate the ideas presented above and give yourself license to pick and choose what works for your space and your style.

The Best Bathroom Closet Organizers

When it comes to the actual organizing of your bathroom closet, what are the best tools and materials to use? We have compiled a helpful list of some of our favorite organizational items that work great in the bathroom closet.

Glass Apothecary Jars

If you’re after a little elegance in your bathroom closet, look no further than a glass apothecary jar. These see-through canisters add a bit of class and style all while keeping your toiletries organized and easily accessible.

product photo of glass apothecary jars with cotton swabs cotton balls makeup brushes
Photo Credit: Amazon

They look so stunning inside the bathroom closet!

white linen closet in bathroom with white folded towels wire baskets with toilet paper soap apothecary jars q-tips cotton swabs
Photo Credit: gracethisspaceinteriors via Instagram

Plastic Bins

Plastic bins are a perfect organizational tool for the bathroom closet. You can use these for lotions, shampoos, or even hair tools. Storing hot tools can always be challenging. These containers easily fit hair dryers, flat irons, and extra towels, vitamins, and soaps.

product photo of plastic bine with colored shampoo bottles
Photo Credit: Amazon

The open top also makes it easy to see what’s inside and quickly grab what you need.

plastic storage containers in linen closet weaved basket on shelf
Photo Credit: flourishorganizingcompany via Instagram

Interlocking Towel Organizer

Slide Out Storage Bins

When it comes to your bathroom closet, you want to make the most out of vertical space, so these stackable slide-out storage bins are great for storing smaller items. The best part about these is that they slide out, so you can easily access them.
product photo of slide out stackable storage containers with soap and scrub brush
Photo Credit: Amazon

Over the Door

When it comes to the back side of your closet door, you can cleverly use this space — just get yourself an over-the-door storage solution. This one here comes with hooks and lots of shelving, providing you with tons of extra options for storage.

over the door storage black metal mesh with hooks hanging on white door
Photo Credit: Amazon
over the door wire rack wicker baskets in white linen closet
Photo Credit: Liz Marie

Tall Shelf Dividers

Go For Beauty With Open Closets

Sometimes, your bathroom closet may not have a door so you may feel the forced need to be organized and decorated. Using pretty baskets to store toilet paper is a great idea. Who knew toilet paper could look so pretty?

open bathroom closet with basket folded towels toilet paper glass apothecary jars
Photo Credit: joanna_organize via Instagram

An open-shelf closet is a perfect spot to display your toilet paper in a fun way. For instance, this bathroom closet uses a gorgeous rattan basket in the space pictured here. This tip will spare your guests from searching for an extra roll.

Frequently Asked QuestionsFAQ

What do you put in a bathroom closet?

A bathroom closet can accommodate essentials such as towels, toilet paper, soap, and other toiletries. More room could mean space for other linens, hair tools, cleaning products, and anything else that's relevant to the tasks that take place there.

Should a linen closet be in the bathroom?

The majority of home buyers (78%) have expressed that a linen closet in the bathroom is a desirable or an essential/must-have bathroom feature, putting it in first place in the most wanted bathroom features list.

Where do you put towels in a bathroom without a closet?

A cloth or wicker hamper in your bathroom is the perfect place to store clean, folded towels. Just ensure your guests know it isn't meant for items that need to be washed. Alternatively, you could add a storage cabinet or washstand or even install shelves. 

Is it better to store towels rolled or folded?

The trifold, bifold and deep fold methods will save space on your closet shelves. However, the best space-saving towel folding method is the spa-style roll. Rolled towels take up significantly less space than flat-folded towels. Rolled towels can be stored easily in other places if you have limited storage space.

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