How To Decorate With A Neutral Color Palette

Decorating with a neutral color palette

The latest trend in interior design and decorating has seen a grand and at times vibrant use of colors that dazzle with energy and playfulness. The modern homeowner has become far more accepting of brilliant colors in the last few years, as designers have moved away from the 90s trend of beige and cream. Yet, with this trend comes the risk of overcompensating on the…

Dramatic Views And A Snazzy Interior Shape Loft-Style Apartment In Vancouver

Dining space and kitchen of the Vancouver Apartment

Part of a 1906 heritage conversion building, this fabulous loft-style apartment in Vancouver was redeveloped and redesigned as part of a larger project way back in 2007. Over the years, it has undergone further changes, and spread across 975 square feet, it offers a stylish and relaxing hub in the heart of the city. The penthouse loft promises some amazing views of the Vancouver city…

Contemporary Austrian Home Combines Sculptural Design With Inviting Ambiance

Stunning Dining Room of House LK in Austria

We are often so focused on interior design and decorating that we tend to ignore the exterior of our home. The façade of a building is what gives it a sense of identity and lets it stand out visually from its surrounding structures. And contemporary architecture is all about crafting the perfect silhouette that not only offers a sense of individual style, but also effortlessly…

Make A Stylish Statement With DIY Throw Pillows

DIY felt cushion covers

Decorating on a budget? Throw pillows are often the icing on the cake when it comes to decor, but finding the right pillows for your interior (or exterior) can be tricky, especially if you’re trying to keep costs down. Not to mention, you may have a specific style in mind, but once you begin your search, it becomes impossible to find the design of your…

The Best Outdoor Plants For Shaded Areas

Ferns on the front steps

Finding plants that tolerate the summer sun can be a tricky challenge, but what about plants that can tolerate the shade? Did you catch my post on choosing the best indoor plants for your interior earlier this spring? Kate here, and today I’m shifting the focus to the exterior of your home. Below you will find some of the best outdoor plants for shaded areas such as…

Yelp Headquarters Amazes With An Eclectic Blend Of Modern And Vintage

Yelp Headquarters in San Francisco

When it comes to restaurant and business reviews, the name Yelp instantly comes to mind, and much like the tech giants Google, Yahoo or Facebook, Yelp has decided to give its employees in San Francisco a headquarters to brag about. Taking inspiration from what they like to dub the “collegial spirit of Silicon Valley”, Studio O+A has come up with a sparkling new vertical campus…

Exquisite Kitchen Faucets Merge Italian Design With Elegant Aesthetics

Stainless Steel Kitchen Faucets Ideas

When we think of the kitchen, the thing that first crosses our mind is often its style, color scheme or the design of the kitchen island in relation to the rest of the space. Then we start to worry about the kitchen cabinets along with the appliances and the lighting. But one part of the kitchen to which we pay little attention is the faucets,…

3 Refreshing Summer Party Themes

Pink balloons set a festive tone

With summer in full swing, it’s all too tempting to entertain! Do you have any parties or gatherings planned now that the weather is warm? In the spirit of the new season, today we present three summer party themes that celebrate today’s biggest design trends. Even if you don’t plan on hosting an event in the next few months, be on the lookout for the motifs…

Tripod Lamps For A Brilliant Interior Design

Tripod Floor Lamps ideas

The world of lighting presents an amazing and often overwhelming array of choices that bring along with them the problem of plenty! And while most modern homes are turning towards pendants and wall sconces to save up on space, those blessed with some room to spare should seriously think about bringing home a cool tripod floor lamp this summer. Not only are tripod lamps currently…

Chic Sydney House Extends Its Living Area With A Cool Glass-Roofed Pergola

Modern Sydney house with a glass roof pergola

There is nothing more refreshing than an outdoor lounge that presents a wonderful balance of elements and offers a tranquil retreat. Located in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, the Coogee Residence showcases how to make the most of the available space while creating a beautiful interplay between the interior and the outdoors. But instead of just focusing on the interior, the house designed by Tanner…

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