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The Magic Three Home Library Design Ideas

Books are our way to travel through time, space, and different worlds. Avid bookworms well know how important it is to have your very own home library that holds all of your most precious books.

Organizing books quickly becomes something of a ritual, where every single one of them has their special place and only you know the key to how they’re sorted. Having a home library is, therefore, something that will enrich your home, so we’d love to share three magic home library designs. Take a look!


1. High Ceiling Home Libraries  

If your home is blessed with ceilings that stretch up high, utilize them for your home library and create an endless space to fill with books! Granted, you’ll need a ladder to get to the highest shelves, but that just adds an unexpected element to your living space!

Photo Credit: Livabl

A great big white bookcase paired with a black ladder seems to be a match made in library heaven.

Photo Credit: Home Designing

A home library will wonderfully contribute to the warm atmosphere of your living room!

Photo Credit: Outside Looking In

Your personal library can even blend into your room like a literary chameleon, as seen by this example, like it was always meant to be a part of the interior!

Photo Credit: Dornob

This is a high-ceiling library on another level! Adding a lifted hammock to your library will create a unique reading nook that will surely become one of your favorite places in the entire home!

Photo Credit: Slay Girl Slay

This library almost has a royal look to it! Whatever your preferred choice of decor is, a high-ceiling library will fit right in!

Photo Credit: BlazePress

If you really have a large collection of books, you can dedicate a special place in the house solely for the library and still build it all the way up to the ceiling!

Photo Credit: Archi Capital

Here’s another special library, set up like a true reading room. This one has a stunning wooden interior that gives us a feeling of a true, traditional library!

Photo Credit: A Cup of Jo

Have a limited selection of books but love the idea of a home library? Hold onto that idea! If you look closely, this home library also has other elements to it, such as boxes, files, and even a showcase!

Photo Credit: Decoholic

The number one benefit of high ceilings, other than opening up the living space, is that they are really convenient when we’re decorating and give us a ton of freedom. Just look at this library that is so neatly placed above the TV!

Photo Credit: Home DSGN

This home library almost looks subtle. It’s there and you absolutely notice it, but it is so non-invasive that it allows the room to retain a calm look.

Photo Credit: Kitchn

Any room can benefit from a home library; there are no rules against it! If you look at this great example, you will see that even a dining room can have a lovely high-ceiling library!

Photo Credit: BookBub Club

Behold the highest ceiling of them all, and it has a marvelous library built right up to it! When you own so many books that you need a whole stairway to lead you to the top, you absolutely deserve a “Bookworm of the Year” award!

2. Hallway Libraries 

Hallways are often an unused space, and what a shame that is. Ignoring such an important piece of your home, one that leads you from one beautiful room into another is something to reconsider. If you are on the hunt for ideas of how you can utilize your hallways or just want to build your library somewhere special, you’ll love the ideas below!

Photo Credit: Decorating Your Small Space

Two bookcases opposing each other create a passage filled with books and the stories they hold. We’re willing to bet you’ll always be stopping on your way through to pick out your next read.

Photo Credit: Metalocus

The longer the hallway, the bigger the library! What makes this one especially amazing is the natural light!

Photo Credit: Rebecca Alasdair

Even a smaller hallway can work with its own library! The size shouldn’t be a limitation, it can always be used as an advantage.

Photo Credit: Homedit
Photo Credit: Homedit.

You can see in the two pictures above that a wooden home library always works. Depending on your choice of wood, you can make it warmer or cooler, but either way, you are in for a treat. It looks classy and elegant, just like a proper library should!

Photo Credit: Robertaebasta 
Photo Credit: Décor Pad

These two hallway libraries seem almost endless. The first one is decorated in black tones, and the other one is the opposite, decorated in white. Both carry a mysterious feeling, leaving you wondering what is at the end but compelling you to stop at the wonderfully organized bookshelves.

Photo Credit: Postris

Round hallway, round library. What a lovely addition to an already dynamic hallway!

Photo Credit: Sweatpants & Coffee

Sometimes, your rooms are connected by the smallest hallway. We can’t think of a better way to decorate it than with a library that holds your collection of favorite books.

Photo Credit: Home Designing

Just because your library is set in a hallway doesn’t mean it can’t instantly be turned into a reading nook. All you need is a comfortable armchair!

3. Libraries Above The Doorway

Speaking of unused spaces, how does the space above the doorway of any of your rooms look like? Is it empty? If so, here are some amazing doorway libraries that will surely inspire you to upgrade that empty space into literary excellence!

Photo Credit: Patina & Paint

Notice how peaceful every single wooden home library looks. Craving some peace and quiet? This one is just the one you’ll want to go with!

Photo Credit: Architectural Digest

If your small living space is already decorated to be contemporary and you think you couldn’t possibly fit a library into it, this picture speaks volumes!

Photo Credit: Inspired by The Edge

Dedicating a special corner above the doorway solely to your books will completely transform the entrance to a room and you’ll never regret it.

Photo Credit: Summit Daily

When a home library is done like the one we found here, it serves as an instant motivation to take a few hours each day and devote them to reading. Who wouldn’t want to spend time in a room like this?!

Photo Credit: Vintage Industrial Style

The beauty of a library above the doorway is that it can always retain a small and cozy feeling, perfect for people who like to live in smaller spaces!

Photo Credit: Homes To Love

If you are thinking ahead and already know in the beginning stages of decorating that you want a library above the doorway, opting for custom-made recessed shelves is a really cost-effective move!

Photo Credit: DigsDigs

This library design is perfect for an office or a home study, creating an academic ambiance! Books are an endless source of knowledge!

Photo Credit: Daily Dream Décor

When you have a big, bright, open space, it’s hard to imagine not decorating it with books. True bookworms always have too many books, so make use of even the smallest place above the doorway!

Photo Credit: Coco Lapine Design

Look at this example of how your library can benefit from being a mix of books and personal items, not to mention how lovely it makes the doorway look!

Photo Credit: Nook

Whether you build a special reading nook or just intuitively turn your room into one, a doorway will look rather empty without any books. Don’t make that mistake, and get inspired by this efficient bookshelf design.

Photo Credit: The Captive Reader

Building a home library above the doorway gives you more space in the room itself to decorate it as you wish, for example, making a window seat to complement the library!

Photo Credit: Home Life

The final doorway library is this stylish example, and its simple look instantly inspired us, which any home can benefit from!

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