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The Ultimate Dream: Red Brick Houses

Red brick houses are something we simply don’t see every day. They are very special and have an almost fairytale-like character that is both charming and intriguing. The red brick instantly creates a homey look, making a house truly a home.

Just looking at a simple picture of a red brick house makes you fantasize about the family memories you could make within, anything from cooking meals together to reading books by the fireplace in the evening. The true charm of red brick homes is that they have the power to make both modern and old-fashioned houses look marvelous! Indulge in the inspiration below!

The Cozy Red Brick Family Home

There is a certain coziness that comes with a house built of red bricks. It’s perfect for a family home, where you can set roots and watch your children grow up, having your masterpiece of a house always in the background of every picture, like a compass always pointing towards home.

Resembling a cozy vacation house, this red brick home carries a classy and traditional look, perfected by the black windows. See it at Liz Marie.

This home has a truly remarkable entrance, one that draws you in and makes you aware of the dance between the softness of the cream-colored windows and pillars and the roughness of the brick. Take a look at Mountain Photographics.

Wrapped in ivy, this red brick home can’t escape its mysterious, fable-like appearance. The house fits right amongst the plants as if it has always been a part of them. Admire it at Vintage Home & Garden.

The perfect cozy little red brick home, found at The Oregonian, has an air of familiarity and homeliness, supported by the enchanting garden surrounding it.

Resembling a super-sized cottage, this red brick house by Mountain Photographics is one we would surely love to call home.

What is this bright brick house seen on RealHomes, if not truly dreamy? It’s perfectly fitting among its green surroundings, working complementarily with the colors of nature.

For a conservative-looking home, let the red bricks be the main decorating factor. Idea found on Medium.

This family house is built dynamically, incorporating a small balcony and arches, radiating in the glory of the red bricks that it’s made of. The picture is courtesy of Greenwood Property Photography.

Suburban Red Brick Perfection

Even the suburbs can have a red brick house, but it will easily stand out. That, of course, is a good thing, seeing as you want your home to be special and one of a kind – unless you are lucky enough to live in the suburbs of a place where all houses have a red brick theme, in which case you win by default!

Suburban homes have the tendency to look repetitive, so a red brick house is an obvious choice if you want to avoid monotony. Picture by Apple Glass Company.

We can easily say that this beautiful house, found at Thornhill Woods, is the “poster-boy” residence for the ultimate family home.

Dim colors and darker bricks are a wonderful combination, as you can see at Atlanta Home Improvement.

A darker shade of red brick can create a mystically looking home, especially if you choose to pair it with neutral colors, such as black and grey. Picture by Carmen’s Chronicles.

A charming house that stands out in the snow works like a muse for anyone with a camera. This one draws all the attention to itself with the specific red brick look. Photograph by Michael Penney Style.

A minimalistic landscape is the perfect setting for this outstanding brick house, wonderfully done with dark window shutters. Admire it at America’s Home Place.

A red brick house will help you bring an element of traditional styling into even the most urban environment. See the result at Kolbe Windows.

Even modern houses can do with some red brick! Look at this example by Contemporist, where contemporary architecture meets classic brick.

The threshold of the house is an important part of it, and here’s a lovely example, found at McClure Architecture, of how enticing the whole brick home looks when the threshold matches it as well.

This aristocratic home comes from Samantha Kayla and it’s worth noting that the way the red brick surface is positioned in the center, with white pillars on each side, is absolutely brilliant.

Red Brick Mansions

If you love the grandeur of a big mansion, imagine how prestige it’s bound to look when fully made out of red bricks. While mansions sometimes lack the feelings of homeliness, the ones you can see below are the complete opposite. The red brick instantly gives them a feeling of tradition and familiarity, making them less intimidating and more homely but just as grandiose as ever!

Matched by its driveway, this red brick house is like something straight out of a movie. Magnificent in its size and complemented by its surroundings, it really is a dream home for many. See it up close at Dustin Peck Photography.

Yet another home with a matching driveway, clearly showing you how important consistency is, even when decorating the outdoors. Picture found on HomedIt.

Red bricks look marvelous on this remarkable Victorian mansion. The dynamic architecture of the house is simply captivating. Visit Home Stratosphere for a closer look.

Red bricks have the power to give a grand mansion an even more prestigious and unique look, as seen at Julian Bicknell & Associates.

Red Brick Townhouse

Townhouses can so easily blend in with their surroundings that it’s hard to notice them sometimes, especially since people are busily rushing past them every day. But a red brick townhouse is one that nobody will be able to ignore due to its exceptional, bold appearance!

Add a neutral element to your red brick house to lessen the contrast between the bold bricks and white windows. Inspiration by Beautiful Foundations.

A simple townhouse, featured at A Cup of Jo, that is bound to catch the eye of anyone who passes by, thanks to the noticeable red brick.

Red brick house with large windows on the second story.

This townhouse, photographed by Paige Miller, has a distinctly old-fashioned look, made even more appealing by the prominent brick exterior.

Almost hidden by the greenery, the red brick home we found at Elle Apparel even has window shutters in a shade of dark green, creating a consistent color palette.

Faded Red Bricks

If you are dreaming about a brick home but don’t find the bold look appealing, you can opt for a faded-looking red brick house that is just as distinct as others, except a bit more subtle, gentle, and less pompous!

A villa like this is a true treat for the eyes! Perfect for all who love the countryside and don’t want to give up comfort, this home with faded-looking red brick exterior seen on Home Decor Bliss is one to be inspired by!

Anyone who adores the subtle appearance of the house will appreciate the fact that cream-colored bricks always do the trick! The picture was featured on Photon House.

A magnificent red brick house with big vertical windows, like this one by Missouri Gallery, feels like an open and inviting place.

This simple and straightforward red brick house is ideal for lovers of smaller, cozy houses. We are in awe of the gentle tones of the red brick exterior; it truly gives the house a calming vibe. Even though it’s small in size, its serene look makes it grand. Peak this home posted by Michelle Grant.

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