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25 Disney-Inspired Rooms That Celebrate Color and Creativity

Colorful and creative Mickey-themed kids' bedroom

Having a kid really changes your perspective on life, and in more ways than one. There will be plenty of times when it will seem all too hectic to handle, and then there will be those moments when you are captivated by their every little move! With their active imagination and ingenuity, kids often end up building their own worlds inspired by their favorite movies,…

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15 Summer Clearance Sale Items You Won’t Want to Miss

Yellow jute rug from West Elm

Everyone loves a good summer sale, but this year the clearance prices are nothing short of amazing! That’s why we couldn’t let summer clearance season come and go without pointing our readers in the direction of bargain deals featuring some of today’s top trends. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or stocking up on gifts for others (it’s not too early to stockpile Christmas gifts, right?),…

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16 Beachy Surfboard Decorating Ideas

den surfboard stood up 9

Who said surfboards are only for extreme water sport enthusiasts? If you ask me, they look the most stunning when incorporated into a home’s decor, regardless of whether that home is situated on the coast or not. In fact, you don’t even need to have an overly beachy or nautical theme going on in any room to make it work either. You can get surfboards in…

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Dorm Room Ideas for Design Lovers

Dreamy bedding from Urban Outfitters

No matter what you think about back-to-school season, most would agree that the design is always amazing! That’s because interior designers, product designers and retail brands are a little more adventurous as they try and appeal to college students, a young and trendy demographic. The result: some truly interesting and fun pieces that can be enjoyed by people of all ages! Whether you’re planning your dorm…

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15 Impressive Wall Mural Ideas That Bring the Outdoors In

Exquisite and rustic, nature-themed wall mural

Wall mural art can really make a big impact in a room if you do it right. In fact, there’s probably nothing more striking than a big mural on a wall you can use to create a really big and eye-catching focal point. And when it ties in together nicely with the furniture, accessories, and overall look you’re really going for, anyone who steps into the…

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Room Design Made Easy: Effective Updates

A living room update from Old Brand New

Today’s post is dedicated to the art of the room update. We’ve all been there—needing to breathe new life into a space, possibly on a budget. Today we’re sharing four rooms that take design to the next level! Some of the updates involve more work than others, but whether you’re looking to knock out a tile backsplash or to simply find that one perfect accessory to…

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25 Creative Geometric Tile Ideas That Bring Excitement to Your Home

Concurrent Constellations concrete tile from KAZA

The use of neutral color palettes for contemporary interiors often leads to another set of unique challenges where you are left searching for ways that you can give a room a vivacious, unique personality. It is this search for new ways to enliven modern interiors that has seen a resurgence in the use of gorgeous geometric tile. Going beyond the kitchen and bathrooms, geometric tiles…

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Summery Swimming Pools with the Most Unusual Shapes

Gorgeous fish-shaped pool si perfect for the tropical backyard

Ah, summer. The perfect time for some poolside relaxation. You’re probably aware that most inground pools typically come in relatively simple shapes — often rectangular, oval, kidney, L-shaped, figure eight, or some other varying geometric form. But have you ever seen a pool shaped like a guitar? What about a painter’s palette? From a bird’s eye view, the shape of a pool can truly look like a…

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Lawn Alternatives for the Modern Yard

Manicured hedges provide a maze-like focal point

Water conservation, drought-resistant plants and low-maintenance upkeep are all growing priorities in the world of modern gardening. Having trouble keeping a lush, green lawn? Looking for a creative way to landscape your outdoor space? The featured yards and gardens below are about much more than green grass! Whether they opt entirely for gravel or they find creative ways to integrate sections of lawn into unconventional…

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50 Modern Wall Art Ideas for a Moment of Creativity

It is the art piece that sets the mood in this dining room

What defines ‘art’ is a question that comes up with a wide range of answers, and almost no two people in the world ever entirely agree on the same thing. Yet, we all instantly recognize a beautiful canvas painting or a brilliant sculpture as soon as we see it. It captivates us, holds us with its uniqueness and beauty, and fills our hearts with joy….

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