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20 Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Romantic Valentine's Day decor from A Beautiful Mess

With Valentine’s Day less than a week away, it’s time to think about gift ideas for your nearest and dearest. Whether you’re planning a Galentine’s Day party for your gal pals or you’re in need of the perfect gift for your true love, today’s post is filled with interesting Valentine’s Day gift ideas. In fact, each one puts a creative spin on tried and true…

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Luxurious Lakeside Cabana: Relaxing Retreat with Scenic Splendor

Sandy sitting zone with colorful chairs and a fire pit next to the lake

An escape that opens up a world of comfort, tranquility and a panoramic landscape that leaves you spellbound with its vibrant sights and sounds does seem like the perfect backdrop for a dreamy holiday home. But how about revving up the luxury and style quotient of this dream vacation home by adding a lakeside cabana that combines breezy beach style with modern ergonomics and plenty…

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11 Fabulous Staircases that Exude Shabby Chic Panache

Staircase wall filled with family photos

Having captured the imagination of homeowners across the globe shabby chic is a style that promises to top the trend charts when it comes to interior design and decorating in 2016 as well. This is a style that combines comfort, elegance, a celebration of the past and modern overtones with seamless brilliance eve as you create a relaxing and ravishing home. From floral prints and…

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Arne Jacobsen: A Perfectionist Modernist

Stacking chairs by Arne Jacobsen

A virtuoso and champion of Danish design, Arne Jacobsen was an architect, artist and designer whose works continue to be both relevant and prominent in today’s fast-paced, consumer-driven world. Arne Jacobsen. Image via Beginnings Born in 1902 in the affluent Østerbro district of Copenhagen, Arne Jacobsen would grow to enjoy an illustrious career as both architect and designer. As a child, Jacobsen pursued varied artistic…

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20 Creative Ways to Display Photos

Record frame photo wall from A Beautiful Mess

If you’re tired of tabletop frames, today’s post is for you. When it comes to displaying photos, there are many interesting ways to showcase your favorite snapshots. From DIY wall hanging options to unique purchases that will add personality to your grouping of pictures, the possibilities are endless. Below you will find 20 of our favorite techniques for getting creative as you display photos. Enjoy……

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Tadao Ando: The Self-Educated Architect

Clark Institute; Stone Hill Center; Williamstown; Massachusetts; Tadao Ando Architect

Japanese architect Tadao Ando is a master of his craft. Ando’s reverent approach to each architectural commission is, in many ways, commensurate with Japan’s unique heritage: from the samurai ideals of respect, discipline and honor to the manners and customs governing Japanese society, Ando accomplishes his work with an innate artistry. Tadao Ando. Image © Christopher Schriner / CC BY 2.0 via ArchDaily. Early Beginnings Born in 1941 in…

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7 Door Painting Mistakes to Avoid

Bright green front door

Are you preparing to paint your front door? There are many things consider with a project like this, such as selecting the right paint and ensuring that it goes on smoothly. I painted my front door this past weekend, and I learned a lot along the way. In fact, I nearly avoided a door disaster (or a door-saster)! On that note, today I’m sharing a…

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Clouds, Stars, Sun and Moon: Celestial Nursery Motifs

Moon, star and sun crib bedding from The Land of Nod

There’s something dreamy going on in the world of nursery design, and it involves a bit of heavenly style. Whether you infuse your nursery with clouds, stars, suns or moons, a celestial motif is a great counterpart to more clean-lined modern elements. In fact, you can regularly find clouds, stars, and sun and moon patterns on many Scandinavian-style nursery bedding options, as well as on merchandise…

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The Designer Look for Less: Trendy Decor on a Budget

Tropical draperies and pillow from H&M Home

Shopping for decor can be an expensive pastime, especially if you enjoy changing the look of your interior to reflect the latest design trends. Luckily, nowadays it’s possible to get a designer look on a budget, thanks to a growing number of brands that offer quality products at great price points. In other words, you can get an upscale look for less! Below we highlight…

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15 Striking Wreath Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Cupid's arrow heart-shaped Valentine's Day wreath made from yarn

If you’re the type of person who waits as long as possible to take the Christmas decorations down, you’ll be happy to know that Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to dress up your home all over again in an effort to ward off those dreary winter blues. Now is about the right time to take that Christmas wreath down from your door and replace…

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