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Nap Pods In The Office: Our Favorite New Workplace Trend

Napping on the job…what was once grounds for getting fired is now being actively encouraged in some offices, many of them techie! In fact, companies such as Google and Zappos are installing nap pods so employees can rest and rejuvenate during the workday.

The belief behind this growing “power napping” trend is that naps actually increase productivity rather than limit it. In many cases, EnergyPods from MetroNaps are the sleeping spaces of choice. After you check out the range of nap pods in today’s roundup, you just might be inspired to build some nap time into your work schedule! [photo from EnergyPod via Inc.]

An EnergyPod awaits its next napper
An EnergyPod awaits its next napper

Nap Pods to the Rescue

Let’s start with a sampling of different nap pod styles. As shown at the top of the post, the C-shaped pod is one of the most popular. [photo from Wellbeing Workout]

two rows of c-style nap pods
Napping at the office is encouraged in some workspaces

Sometimes a simple bed will do! The napping room of HootSuite in Vancouver features cots with blankets and pillows. The environment is calming and cabin-like. [photo from CTV News Vancouver]

A HootSuite napping room
A HootSuite napping room

The Google office in Sydney features pod-like compartments for quiet work time. There’s also a nap pod for solid sleep time. But if you’re somewhere in between work and sleep, the “work” compartments below might be the perfect spot to get a bit more done, then drift off into a peaceful sleep away from the noise of coworkers. [from Playing Holidays]

woman sleeps in nap pod in Google Sydney office
The Google office in Sydney

Sometimes the nap pods are more like capsules. Here’s a photo from a London company that has purchased three of them. The napping pods have been installed in a room featuring softer lighting and soothing hues so they gently wake you.

The space also includes a kitchenette, small lounge, shower, and lavatory. These features are ideal for those who use the nap pods as overnight sleeping. Overnight sleeping, you say?! More on that later in the post. [from Podtime]

Napping pods in a London office
Napping pods in a London office

Here’s another shot of Podtime’s pods, which are polycarbonate tubes equipped with mattresses, pillows and other features that make your sleeping experience a peaceful one. [via Tales of Interest]

stacked napping pods from Podtime
Napping pods from Podtime

Nap Pods As Quiet Capsules

Since we’re on the topic of capsule sleeping, let’s highlight a few of these cylindrical pods, starting with a shot from Facebook’s Seattle office. A pillow adds comfort to this napping compartment. Business owners: would you put your company’s logo on your employee nap pod?! [from High50 Health]

Nap pod in the Seattle offices of Facebook
Nap pod in the Seattle offices of Facebook

Here’s another sleeping pod with a logo, and this time the pod belongs to the Australian rules football club rather than an office. Say hello to the sleep pod of the Sydney Swans. In fact, the change rooms boast two of these capsules, which give players a chance to recharge as needed, especially when there’s more than one practice session a day. [from The Daily Telegraph]

Nap pod from Podstyle with Sydney Swans logo
The sleep pod of the Sydney Swans

For a different approach to “sleeping on the job,” consider employees who may have difficulty getting to and from work at certain times of the year. During the 2012 Summer Olympics, London-based data services provider Interxion installed space pods (the above-mentioned capsules from Podtime) so employees could sleep at work to avoid a difficult commute during crazy Olympic traffic times. [photo by Robert Aberman via Daily Mail]

Space pods at the London-based Interxion
Space pods at the London-based Interxion

On that note, in Japan, capsule hotels are used by businessmen who work late and don’t have enough time to run home before the start of the next workday. Would you rent a capsule hotel for an evening to get a better night’s sleep, or would you rather sleep fewer hours in the comfort of your own home? More on capsule hotels in our next sleeping pod post. But for now, back to the napping pods… [photo from The Tokyo Times]

Businessman works inside sleeping pod at Japanese capsule hotel
Japanese capsule hotel

Using Nap Pods at the Library

School libraries are even jumping on the nap pod bandwagon. Here are some nap pods in the library of Australia’s University of Queensland.

Students don’t have to push the library chairs together to form a bed anymore! It’s top-notch technology from here on out. [from the Twitter feed of David Cowan]

C-style nap pods in the University of Queensland library
Napping pods in the University of Queensland library

Here’s another shot of sleeping pods at an Australian university, this time at the Edith Cowan University library in Joondalup. Students are more likely to experience sleep deprivation so this is a great solution. [via ABC News]

Male using sleeping pods at Edith Cowan University
Sleeping pods at Edith Cowan University

We end this section with a student library nap pod photo from Wesleyan University in Connecticut.

Notice how EnergyPods seem to be the sleeping pods of choice? No wonder they are! They feature reclined seating, soothing sounds and rhythms, an adjustable visor for privacy, and more! [from Wesleyan University]

Woman sitting in EnergyPod at a Wesleyan University library
EnergyPod at a Wesleyan University library

Unique Napping Spaces

Time to showcase offices featuring unique sleeping spaces that demand a second look! The San Francisco office of Capital One Labs includes elevated sleeping nooks that you can access via ladders. Each nook is like a built-in bunk bed you can enjoy at work! [via Endy]

Man reading book in sleeping nook at Capital One Labs
A sleeping nook at Capital One Labs

At Google Pittsburgh, a naptime nook meets a ropes course. The result is nothing short of an epic sleeping experience. [via Flavorwire]

Man sitting in net at Google Pittsburgh office
A chill-out area at Google Pittsburgh

Sometimes the best sleeping space is the one you create within. In other words, if your office lacks a sleeping space, get yourself an Ostrich Pillow. Create a micro-environment by blocking out light and sound.

Sure, it looks kind of funny but if it gets the job done, who cares? We predict that your co-workers will order their own in no time when they see how effective this pillow can be.

Man wearing Ostrich Pillow over head to nap
Nap time is just an Ostrich Pillow away

If your office doesn’t have a convenient nap pod at the ready and you really want a quiet nook where you can recline and catch a few z’s, you may be able to pay for a short nap at a nearby establishment. For example, Singapore is well equipped with a variety of locations where you can nap during office hours.

Below we see Natureland, which offers foot reflexology sessions. While you sit in a large recliner! Yes, you get a spa-style treatment along with a nap. And yes, other locations in Singapore offer actual sleep pods that you can rent for daytime napping!

Natureland in Singapore
Natureland in Singapore

Not wanting to pay for your nap? Perhaps an air mattress in your office or a quick 20 minute stop by your house during the lunch break will do the trick!

Hope you’ve enjoyed today’s roundup. Now get some rest and come back for a fresh set of Decoist posts tomorrow! Here’s one more napping shot for the road… [via Bit Rebels]

C-style nap pod in dark room
Napping on the job
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