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25 Cheerful and Breezy Beach Style Kitchens for the Efficient Modern Home

It is that time of the year again when we gleefully look forward to the many delights of warmer months that await us ahead. And in doing so, we look around our house for ways in which we can invite in both spring and summer charm. It is not surprise that once style that shoots up the trends charts and tends to stay there for long this time every year is the gorgeous and easy-to-create beach style. The best beach style interiors are those filled with an innate sense of minimalism and a whole lot of natural light. Today we take this cheerful bliss into the kitchen as we take a look at the best beach style kitchens and how you can recreate them without much fuss.

White and gray modern beach style kitchen with beautifully woven bar chairs [From: Timber Trails Development Company]

The most impressive beach style kitchens are those that feel inviting, smart and modern and yet wrap you in that unmistakable summery charm that one cannot ignore. They feel fresh and with ample ventilation, there is never a dull moment in here. From the classics that embrace blue and white to more modern variants that are entirely draped in white, this is a collection of the absolute best beach style kitchens along with a bit of advice on how you can draw from their amazing inspiration –

Blue and White Beach Style Kitchens

If there is one color scheme that you cannot go wrong with in the beach style kitchen, then it is undoubtedly blue and white. If you are thinking of turning your modern kitchen in white into one that has a more beach-inspired look, then all you need to do is turn to a bit of blue for that additional magic! This can come in the form of coastal accents, decorative pieces, bar stools or even a new backsplash that draws the attention of your guests almost instantly. In the open plan living, this gives you an opportunity to change the color palette of the living space as well and do so without worrying about it being garish.

Gorgeous modern beach style kitchen in blue and white [From: Rebecca Lu Photography]
Lovely beach style kitchen with brick walls and wooden ceiling beams
Polished beach style kitchen of Palm Beach home with acrylic bar stools [From: Courchene Development]
White subway tiles and blue kitchen island for the becah style space [From: StyleQ Construction]
A bit if blue never hurts in the beach style kitchen [From: SLC Interiors]
Bar chairs bring pattern to the all-white kitchen with relaxing beach style [From: JLV Creative]
Bluish gray is a great color for the beach style kitchen
Custom blue island for the beach style kitchen in white [From: Caleb Johnson Studio]

Wood Adds Elegance to the Setting

Natural finishes feel perfectly at home in the smart beach style kitchen and you can enhance the appeal of the kitchen with décor in rattan and bamboo as well. If you are a bit worried about those audacious rattan pendants or even bamboo bar stools, then try out simpler wooden accents and finishes first. If your kitchen already has wooden flooring, then the process becomes even easier. Nature and beach style go hand-in-hand with ease and you will not have to try too hard to make things work here.

Blend the kitchen with the style and theme of the living room [From: DeBu Studios]
Pendants with organic, natural materials make a big impact in the white beach style kitchen
Softer wooden tones and natural materials are perfect for the beach style space
Space-savvy design that rolls the kitchen and laundry room into one! [From: Blakely Interior Design]
Wood adds warmth and elegance to the modern beach style kitchen in white and gray [From: Caleb Johnson Studio]
Wooden island with stone countertop for the spacious beach style kitchen [From: Meridith Baer Home]
Beach style kitchen in white with organic finishes and wonderful use of rattan pendant lights [From: Madison Modern Home]
Black and white kitchen with smart modern beach style [From: Desiree Burns Interiors]

White all the Way!

Not a big fan of bold color in the kitchen? Happy with a kitchen that feels cheerful and modern even while offering you ample design flexibility? Then the all-white beach style kitchen is one that you need to try out today. Instead of turning to colors like blue, use organic finishes and textural beauty to usher in contrast. It might seem a bit monochromatic at times. This is when you can use a vase or fresh flowers to add just that pinch of color; one that can be changed with ease at a moments notice. Full of life and perfect for the ergonomic modern world, these white wonders serve you well for years to come.

Marble brings class to the white kitchen that is well-lit
Multiple windows bring ample natural light into the stylish beach style kitchen [From: Oak Hill Architects]
Perfect bar stools and sitting options for the beach style kitchen
Small beach style kitchen with ample shelving and lots of natural light
Subtle use of pattern adds class to this beach style kitchen
Vertical room on offer gives the corner kitchen a more spacious vibe
Bright orange refrigerator adds color to the white beach style kitchen [From: Rochelle Mort Interiors]
Exquisite and bright beach style kitchen in white

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