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Staying Safe and Indoors: Decorating Tips for a Perfect Summer Staycation!

The world has been struggling with a pandemic for months now on a scale that has not been seen in over a century. It is a time when we all had to put non-essential things aside as we focused on staying safe and healthy. Yet, with summer already here, many of us also want to take a time off from the usual chores and daily grind and enjoy some of that warm weather. Usually summer brings with it trips to the local, a day out on the beach or even a longer holiday that recharges you till the Holiday Season rolls along. But this year things are much different and a staycation is probably your best bet for a great holiday.

Awesome covered outdoor dining room with ample space for everyone in the family is perfect for staycation [From: Rose and Partners]

Most people might frown upon the idea of a staycation because it means you are not really moving away from your day-to-day life. But that need not always be the case as your house can be turned into a fabulous retreat that gives you an experience as close as possible to your relaxing vacation. A perfect staycation is about giving everyone in the family something they want even while revamping your home for a few days to create a less taxing and routine-filled lifestyle. So, why not join in on the fun?

Move Away your Everyday Stuff

You might think that this goes without saying, but getting away from your usual chores when you are a home can be difficult. There is routine and you are pretty much used to it. Start by removing any devices that might tempt you to get back to more mundane tasks – your laptops, television or even your smartphone. Hide them for the few days you want to turn your home into a setting for staycation. In the living room, switch out the old accent pillows with new ones and maybe even remove the rugs for a while to create a brand new setting.

Say no to work during your staycation by putting away your laptops and work files
Fabulous reading nook that takes you away from daily living environment is perfect for a staycation [From: Lord Design]

Say No to Work

We have personally experienced this before. Even when the home office is shut tight and the idea of disconnecting firmly embraced, a simple text message or email can tempt us back to getting a few things done. This inevitably ruins the staycation experience! Make sure you are firm on keeping work away from personal life on these days.

Find refuge in DIY projects to turn the backyard into a lovely picnic spot that the family can enjoy

Taking Breakfast and Dinner Outdoors

This is a major part of your staycation experience and even if you happen to live in an urban environment with a small balcony as your only escape, do try it out this summer. Rooftop dinners and breakfasts are also equally appealing while those blessed with a porch, small backyard or even patio have much more space to work with.

Outdoor dining coupled with a lovely hammock and comfy sofas creates the perfect deck for a staycation
Finding the right outdoor decor for your summer staycation

Add Style and Glitter to Outdoor Spaces

Before you start having your breakfast and dinner outside, it is time to firs give this space some much needed makeover. Those who want an intimate and Romantic dining space for two can add a small table coupled with two chairs and some string lighting and candles thrown into the mix for a beautiful evening. A family staycation demands a larger outdoor dining table, some relaxing chairs and even a few floor cushions that add color and comfort. Let your home dictate the approach that works best.

String and lantern lighting turn this small wooden deck into a beach style hangout for staycation
A pool house next to the main house along with outdoor hangouts and dining areas are perfect for a fabulous staycation

A More Relaxing Bedroom

Staycation is not just about a laidback day, a lovely evening and dinner outside as darkness takes over. It is also about rest and rejuvenation and the bedroom plays a big part in this particular aspect. Replace the old bedding with something in white for a more hotel-themed look. Also, switch out the current accents in favor of pieces that are far more understated and have a summer-vibe about them. Use new toiletries and maybe even get some help on a daily basis so that you do not feel like you are still doing all the heavy lifting.

Embrace beach and shabby chic styles for a more relaxing bedroom that serves you beyond staycation [From: Dragonfly Designs]
Bring in new accent pillows into the bedroom for a setting that is much more cheerful

A Fireplace for the Camping Experience

Some of us already have a fireplace outdoors and that is indeed great. But even those who do not can embrace the ‘camping around the fireplace’ experience with a DIY fire pit that save space and is easy to make. Nothing epitomizes a holiday like gathering around the fireplace as star-studded sky gazes upon you!

Create a cool and space-savvy fire pit with custom seating around it for a great fun-filled evening
Rooftop hangout with fire pit, grill and ample sitting space with Tuscan style

Time for New Fabrics

We already talked about this when we discussed the bedroom makeover for staycation, but this can and should extend into the living area and bathrooms as well. Bathrooms with new towels in white, maybe a luxurious new bathrobe and beautiful drapes all around that add a whole new pattern to your house are all little elements that combine to maximize the staycation experience.

Replace old bathroom towels, toiletries and stools with more upscale stuff during staycation! [From: Jamie Herzlinger]
Give the dining room a holiday vibe with chic, beach style decor and a neutral backdrop in white [From: Matthew Bolt Graphic Design]

Plug Off and Relax

We cannot emphasize enough on how important it is to unplug if you want to have a good staycation! Put in mails at work stating you would only be available to take calls and respond after your little staycation. Schedule all your must-do tasks a week earlier and also ensure there are no last-minute repairs and changes that are needed in your home as you start your vacation at home. We also suggest you use the smartphone as a fixed-line phone – something that might sound radical for the young ones out there. But it sure helps in making life calmer, simpler and more connected with things and people in our immediate vicinity.

Move away from your smartphones for just a few days! [From: Sadro Design Studio Inc]
Poolside deck connected with the bedroom is perfect to host a great staycation any time of the year!

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