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10 DIY Projects for the Perfect Picnic and Backyard Staycation

Yes, you have been wrapped up under a cozy layer of garments for more than a couple of months now and it feels like you need to break out of it all. You look outside the window and the layer of white has mostly disappeared and the chill in the air is starting to relent. Evening feels much more tolerable, pleasant even, depending on where you live. The first signs of fresh life are starting to make their presence felt and you just want to go out and have that fun picnic that you could not for so long. Yes, spring is on its way and we are here to help you with everything you need for a perfect picnic!

Mudcloth-Inspired Picnic Blanket

For some reason, every time I say the word ‘picnic’, I cannot seem to think of anything but Yogi stealing the baskets! DIY picnic crafts come in a wide range of forms. Today though, we are sticking to the basics of it all – the lovely picnic blanket, a delightful picnic basket that you cannot wait to open and a few other outdoor accessories to make the experience a whole lot more enjoyable. Check them out and start falling in love with the outdoors again –

Perfect Homemade Picnic Blankets

Do not take your crafting so seriously; no matter how skilled you are at it. Sometimes it is just good to let go and experiment with things a bit. Picnic blankets give you a great opportunity to do so. They let you try out new patterns, colors and prints. If you happen to love any, you can easily bring them to the DIY rug, mat or even the homemade blanket. Maybe it is giant fruits and flowers that does the trick for you or you might be someone who enjoys modern, abstract patterns with a dash of color. Feel free to express your personality while embracing the colors of the season. You will quickly see how fun it is!

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DIY Picnic Blankets made Out of Drop Cloths

The DIY Embroidery Picnic Blanket that says “Let’s Picnic” can be modified to shout out a message of your own while the Pocketed Picnic Blanket is colorful, snazzy and also comes with a pretty handy storage space. We bet your kids will enjoy this one immensely.

DIY Embroidery Picnic Blanket
DIY Pocketed Picnic Basket with Festive Look

Everyone Loves a Picnic Basket

From picnic blankets we move to the next essential part of the perfect picnic day – the picnic basket. You can start with an idea that is as simple and elegant as the stunning floral DIY picnic basket. It should go well along with your fruity picnic blanket that you just made above! The chalkboard picnic basket allows you to deliver a personal message while an upcycled picnic basket made from an old crate or discarded wooden slats says you care as much about the planet as you do about having a good time. When you are trying to take in the best of nature, why not go green!

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DIY Chalkboard Picnic Basket Idea
Creating the perfect Picnic Basket
Gorgeous DIY Floral Picnic Basket
Easy DIY Picnic Basket Idea

An Extra-Special Picnic

You already have the picnic blanket and basket in place. It is now time to go the extra yard and add something much more unique. Maybe you are finally having a great staycation and your backyard is the place for fun and relaxation. A small picnic table definitely brings better ergonomics to the whole setting and it can even double as a stand for your smart gadgets and your books. And the final piece of the jigsaw is the DIY cooler box – a contraption that will give you the most joy as you once again start to appreciate nature at its beautiful best!

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Fun Cooler Box for a relaxing picnic outdoors
DIY Mini Picnic Table Idea

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