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Stone Slab Kitchen Backsplash: 15 Ideas to Move Past Subway Tile

The modern kitchen is a space that offers a wide range of design possibilities. You can alter everything from the countertops and the backsplash to the cabinet color and the floating shelves in the backdrop much more easily now than at any time in the past. For some of us, this opens up a fun new world where trying out new trends and ideas is that much easier. It also ensures an easier kitchen renovation or makeover that still leaves the existing dining area or living space in the open-plan living largely untouched. As we break away from the last remaining influences of 2021 and start embracing 2022 fully, today we explore a kitchen backsplash trend that is an absolute must-have – the stone slab!

Captivating stone finishes fashion both the island and the backdrop in this kitchen [From: Dana Benson Construction]

Natural stone slab backsplashes in the kitchen have become an eye-catching trend in the last few years. Even if you are worried about natural stone, composite stone surfaces offer a much more durable alternative that is equally captivating. The stone slab backsplash can easily alter your kitchen aesthetics and it is definitely not a look that is relegated to modern kitchens alone. From the traditional to the contemporary and eclectic to farmhouse, this is a collection of some of the very best stone slab kitchen backsplash ideas along with a basic guide on what it takes to make them work –

Replacing the Subway Tile

It is subway tile that has been a popular option in homes across the globe when it comes to tasteful kitchen backsplashes in the last few years. But those wanting to move away from this monotonous look and willing to try something much more stoic should consider adding a stone slab backsplash. The stone slab creates the visual of a single, continuous backsplash, giving the modest kitchen a more spacious appeal. It can also be a cost-effective option when compared to fancier tiles if you choose the right stone. Most importantly, a stone slab backsplash paired with the right countertop creates a wonderful sense of continuity in the modern kitchen.

Beautiful stone slab backsplash for the traditional kitchen in white and gray [From: Interiology]
Bluish-gray stone backsplash in a white kitchen, with bar chairs in blue [From: Geometra Design]
Choose a stone slab backsplash for the kitchen that fits into your budget [From: Fraley and Company]

Discover the Right Stone

Moving away from the subway-tiled backsplash and toward a stone slab almost immediately uplifts the style quotient of the kitchen. This is not a knock on the subway tile look, but rather a nod to the sense of sophistication and ‘air of luxury’ that the stone slab ushers in. The look is just so very perfect for contemporary kitchens that want to lean towards minimalism, but with a hint of restraint. Yet, add the same stone slab to the traditional or farmhouse kitchen and it still shines through by providing the ‘it factor’ to an aging kitchen.

Minimal modern kitchen in stone and wood with a dark backsplash [From: Two Hills Studio]
Repeating the stone used for the backsplash in the kitchen to create smart countertops [From: Matter Design & Make Pty Ltd]
All-white kitchen with stone slab backsplash [From: Houzz]

Be it granite, marble, quartz or quartzite, the stone slab you choose for the backsplash depends as much on your budget as it does on the style and color palette of the kitchen. A stone slab with large veining and bold pattern can be the showstopper of a modest kitchen, even if it is generally much more at home in larger spaces. You can also choose a small area between the range and hood for the slab backsplash; this is a smart way to reduce cost without compromising on overall aesthetics.

Stunningly beautiful marble stone slab backsplash also covers the hood in this kitchen with green cabinets [From: Whitehall Homes]
Stone slab backsplash with matching counters and island top creates a minimal look in the kitchen [From: Plain & Posh]
Dashing kitchen with stone slab backsplash combined with natural edge countertop [From: Selman Kazanci]

Decorating Around the Backsplash

So, you have your stone slab backsplash in the kitchen all sorted. But there is still the matter of bringing it together with the other elements in the kitchen! Start by trying to choose a slab of natural or composite stone for the backsplash that is same as your countertops. If you can repeat it for the kitchen island, even better! Slim floating windows above of the stone slab along with the hood help define it better while windows next to the backsplash aid in cutting down on the renovation costs. It is not that hard to get the look right once you settle on a style and color scheme in the kitchen.

Gorgeous New York kitchen with stone slab backsplash that matches the island countertop [From: Steph Gaelick Designs]
White is not the only color choice when it comes to stone slab backsplashes in the kitchen [From: Dan Rak Design]
A white stone slab backsplash is just perfect for this lovely white and wood kitchen [From: Lars Remodeling & Design]
Floor and stone slab backsplash complement one another in this small contemporary kitchen [From: Arrel Arquitectura]

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