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Vertical Subway Tile Backsplash in the Kitchen: A Bold New Look!

The kitchen is the heart and soul of the modern house with its expanded role as the social hub and a place for interaction. It is the engine that drives your home and also a perfect place to bring everyone together; friends, family and guests. In open-plan living, the kitchen is an integral part of the living space. This puts a whole new aesthetic spin on the space and modern designers have altered many basic kitchen features to fit into this profile seamlessly. When you plan for a new kitchen with more significant functional features like the worktops, appliances, cabinets and an island, it is time to switch to the aesthetic part of design. And this is where the backsplash comes to the forefront.

A closer look at the modern green-blue kitchen tiles used for the backdrop [From: Fireclay Tile]

When it comes to backsplash tile arrangement, there are plenty of options to choose from. The classic subway tile look is still as popular as ever with chevron and herringbone patterns holding sway after a decade after making their debut on the trends chart. Then there are 3D and hexagonal tiles that are super-chic and you also have tiles with Moroccan and floral patterns making their presence felt in a few modern kitchens. But nothing currently holds up to the popularity of the vertical tiled backsplash! Surprised? Check out this new kitchen backsplash trend that is just too good to miss out on –

Slim and Vertical

If you’re wondering about the details of this kitchen trend, it really is nothing complicated at all. You simply take the traditional tile, turn it to be vertical and then proceed to create the backdrop! This works with pretty much any tile you can think of and you can even opt for slimmer, more patterned tiles for a really unique backsplash. Flipping the tiles vertically is so very simple and yet it is something that has not been tried in kitchens extensively till the last year or so. And if you were curious about how much of a difference it makes when compared to the traditional horizontal layout, let us assure you that it is enormous! The inspirations below should easily convince you.

Bluish-green tiles used for a vertical backsplash in the spacious, eat-in contemporary kitchen [From: Fireclay Tile]
Deep brown vertical tiles on the wall are elegantly combined with dark wooden cabinets in this kitchen [From: Howells Architecture + Design]
Different shades of blue brought in by the vertical tile backsplash make a big visual impact [From: Houzz]
Eye-catching kitchen in pink and black with smart vertical tiles (From TU Casa Ceramica]

A Vertical Pattern

So, what benefits do you actually get with this look? For starters, a small kitchen can seem much more spacious with a vertical tile backsplash. Vertical lines naturally create the illusion of a higher ceiling and the presence of more space. This is also a very affordable way of giving your kitchen a unique backsplash. All you are doing here is changing the orientation of the tile and that costs you almost nothing extra. Beautiful and chic, this instantly alters your kitchen vibes.

Understated and classy use of light blue subway tile in a vertical arrangement for the kitchen backsplash [From: Houzz]
Fabulous mid-century modern kitchen in white with blue vertical tile backsplash [From: Houzz]
Slim blue tiles create a beautiful backdrop in this stylish kitchen [From: Houzz]
Tile with vertical pattern in blue adds a vibrant focal point to this kitchen in neutral colors [From: Brio Interior Design]

A Look You Love

Those with design commitment issues will be much happier trying out a trend like vertically tiled backsplash instead of those that involve chevron or herringbone patterns. It also results in much less waste of materials compared to such elaborate patterns and offers something special without disturbing the color palette chosen for your kitchen. Mix and match the look with other cool kitchen trends of 2022 to find your dream kitchen makeover.

Tile with vertical pattern in blue adds a vibrant focal point to this kitchen in neutral colors [From: Brio Interior Design]
Vertical and horizontal tiles are beautifully combined to create this modern kitchen backsplash [From: Next project Studio]
Colorful and captivating use of vertical tile backsplash in the modern eclectic kitchen [From: Houzz]
Contemporary kitchen with vertical tile backsplash in a glossy finish [From: DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen]


Can you run subway tile vertically?

Yes, absolutely! Running subway tile vertically is a creative way to add visual interest and a sense of height to your space. It can also elongate the appearance of walls, making the room feel larger and more spacious.

Is a vertical subway tile backsplash too trendy?

While vertical subway tile backsplashes have gained popularity in recent years, they offer a timeless aesthetic that can complement various design styles. Whether it’s a classic or contemporary look you’re aiming for, a vertical subway tile backsplash can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your kitchen or bathroom.

Should backsplash tile be vertical or horizontal?

The orientation of your backsplash tile ultimately depends on your personal preference and the design goals you want to achieve. Both vertical and horizontal orientations can create stunning visual effects. Vertical subway tile backsplashes, in particular, can draw the eye upward, making ceilings appear higher and rooms more spacious. Horizontal layouts, on the other hand, can emphasize width and create a sense of continuity.

Does vertical tile make a room look taller?

Yes, indeed! Vertical subway tile backsplashes have the remarkable ability to visually elongate walls and make ceilings appear higher. By drawing the eye upward, they create the illusion of added height, which can be especially beneficial in smaller spaces. So, if you’re looking to enhance the verticality of a room, vertical subway tile backsplashes are an excellent choice.

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