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11 Fabulous Staircases That Exude Shabby Chic Panache

Having captured the imagination of homeowners across the globe, shabby chic is a style that promises to top the trend charts when it comes to interior design and decorating in 2016 as well. This is a style that combines comfort, elegance, a celebration of the past and modern overtones with seamless brilliance as you create a relaxing and ravishing home. From floral prints and fine antiques to flea market finds and sparkling chandeliers, shabby chic truly has it all! While we’ve already featured some of the best bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens that embrace this style, today we turn our focus to staircases.

Even though most of us overlook the aesthetic aspects of staircase design and largely focus on their functionality, a stunning staircase can completely transform the room in which it sits. From shaping captivating entry rooms to lovely living rooms and secluded home offices, a gorgeous staircase can make a big difference indeed. And today we take a look at the best ideas that help you with styling and decorating the shabby chic staircase.

A Stunning Staircase Wall

Obviously, the style of the staircase is defined as much by the materials used and the finish as it is by the décor and accessories that surround it. While it is harder to transform ultra-sleek, contemporary stairs in glass or polished stone into a shabby chic-inspired setting, traditional staircases can easily fit in with this look. Even your existing stairway can be altered with some subtle touches to ensure that it becomes one with the shabby chic living room that you have just redone! A great start here is the staircase wall filled with antique frames, vintage artwork and distressed décor.

Wall art adds to the shabby chic style of the staircase in white [Design: Alison Kandler Interior Design]
Staircase wall filled with family photos [Design: Kasey Buick]

Creating shabby chic-style staircase walls is not always expensive, and you can do something as simple as picking up old photo and mirror frames from various garage sales and thrift stores. Just give them a common distressed finish, and you are good to go. Even empty frames can be used as stunning decorative pieces, and you can fill them up with DIY artwork over time. Remember that shabby chic is all about celebrating imperfection draped in inviting warmth!

Smart storage unit next to the small staircase [From: Mary Ann Shaklan]
Thrift store and flea market finds with common hue create a beautiful staircase wall [From: My Romantic Home]

A Hint of Color

One thing you will notice about shabby chic is how this is a style where everything leads you toward a lifestyle that is less complicated, far more tranquil and devoid of the excesses. Color is a big part of this transformation, and it is often shades of white, lighter tones of gray, and of course the ever-present pastel hues that dominate the landscape here. With pastels becoming a big deal in the world of fashion as well, homeowners are now more than happy to try them out.

Vintage runner design for the shabby chic staircase [Design: Shannon Kaye]

Whether it is custom wallpaper decoupage or just a lovely runner with a smart pattern, a bit of color adds to the aura of the shabby chic staircase. Do stay away from excessive pattern, though, as it leads to visual clutter and takes away from the serenity and simplicity that the style echoes.

Wallpaper decoupage adds color and pattern to the wallpaper [From: Aesthetic Answers / Regis Vogt Photography]

Setting the Ambiance

Does a spiral staircase have a style of its own? Absolutely! While some stunning spiral stairways seem distinctly contemporary thanks to the use of glass treads, others tend to veer toward rustic or Mediterranean style, as they predominantly use stone. But most traditional spiral stairs in wood are perfect for the shabby chic space, and it is by simply altering the space around them that one can automatically alter the style of the stairway as well. In the inspirations below it is antique décor, vintage accessories and wallpaper that get the job done, while the space-saving staircase is left completely unaltered.

Space around the spiral oak staircase defines its style [From: The Iron Shop]
Stylish spiral staircase leading to a chic home office [From: Mirotex]

All About White

One aspect of shabby chic that can quickly polarize opinion is the amount of white that it often relies on to weave together the aged, upcycled, revamped and modern elements that it showcases. Some of us absolutely love this part, while others strongly detest it. If a white stairway wall seems a bit too boring for you, add a hint of pastel pink, gentle blue or even calming coral to the mix. Walls finished in Venetian plaster are a smart alternative as well, as they bring texture to the space without altering the color scheme or the aura of timelessness.

Decor, artwork and vintage accessories create a cool, shabby chic style [From: Mina Brinkey]
Closer look at the narrow staircase

As you might have realized by now, a shabby chic staircase is a blend of the right materials, finishes and a setting that allows you to express its beauty in an unabated fashion. Classic chandeliers and a healthy dose of natural light are the final ingredients that complete this delectable style that allows you to move away from the mind-numbing boredom of the urban jungle!

Plaster finish and shelf for the staircase wall create a cozy and fun ambiance [From: Chris Snook Photography]
Antique empty frames are a perfect way to decorate the staircase wall [From: Julie Ranee Photography]

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