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Rustic Bedrooms with Pattern: Ideas that Combine Modernity with Comfort

If you would have told anyone a decade ago that rustic would be a popular decorating style in the near future, then it would undoubtedly have produced a chuckle or two. Yet, here we are in 2020 and rustic style interiors are a hot trend in pretty much every room that you can think of. Maybe it is because we are all collectively tired of the constant urban rush that surround u. Maybe we want to once again take refuge in the shelter of nature at it beautiful best. Maybe we want to integrate our urban lifestyle with simpler, rural touches and elements to get the best out of both worlds. No matter what your reason is, rustic is here to stay!

Walls in plaid are a classic that never feel out of fashion in the rustic bedroom

The best place to start trying out rustic touches in your home is undoubtedly the bedroom. Rustic bedrooms offer a cozy and beautiful refuge that, at times, reminds us of a vacation in the mountain cabin. Some are more rustic than modern and others are more chic than rustic – no matter which side you prefer; rustic bedrooms are perfect for all seasons. Today, we flip through some of the best and most beautiful rustic bedrooms with a dash of pattern thrown into the mix. It is a world full of comfort, textural charisma and uniqueness that you will love –

Wood Brings More than Textural Beauty

In the rustic bedroom, wood is often an element that is associated with visual warmth and just that. But you can go beyond this and use wooden surfaces and accent walls to add much more than only a sense of coziness and vernacular charm. Wooden planks in chevron or herringbone pattern grab your attention instantly and they can shape anything ranging from the headboard and accent wall to the floor of the bedroom and custom décor pieces. Reclaimed wood also has little imperfections and nicks that go on to create a pattern that is unique and this also improves the eco-friendly appeal of the room.

Repurposed wooden wall in the backdrop of this rustic bedroom captures your attention with unique pattern
Wood adds pattern to this beautiful modern rustic bedroom without even trying!
A blend of different patterns in the bedroom with a relaxing rustic chic style
Chevron pattern accent wall for the rustic bedroom in wood along with bedding that adds ample pattern to the bedroom [From: Lyn’s Design Style]

Fabric Makes a Difference

If wood is not your choice of material to bring pattern into the rustic bedroom, then turn to fabric instead. This is an easier and more cost-effective way of changing between different patterns in the bedroom. Start off simple with bedding that has modern geometric prints or nature-centric motifs before you change the drapes or rug in the room as well. Plaid is absolutely perfect for rustic rooms and is a classic that never fails. Modern rustic rooms are places where you can explore triangular or hexagonal prints with much more freedom even as rest of the room remains traditional.

Cabin style bedroom with colorful bedding that adds much more than just bright hues [From: Lands End Development]
Headboard, pillows and bedding ensure there is no shortage of pattern in this Victorian-rustic bedroom
Rug and headboard combine to bring color and pattern to this cozy little space
Turn to accents pillow and bedding to add pattern to the rustic bedroom in a cost-effective fashion
Beautiful modern rustic bedroom in white and wood with bedding that adds checkered pattern
Black and white modern rustic bedroom with mountain style-inspired motifs feels cheerful and classy

Combining Patterns and Styles

Yes, we are talking about rustic bedrooms, but pattern can also add a different element to a bedroom that is largely rustic. Contemporary patterns allow you to find a balance between the old and the new in here while subtle patterns in the room can link different finishes and textures without much fuss. Try finding the pattern that suits your rustic bedroom this summer and you will enjoy it in fall and winter as well!

Exceptional wallpaper adds checkered pattern to this small modern rustic bedroom in style
Finding that perfect balance between modern and rustic styles in the bedroom
Minimal rustic bedroom with cool pendants and bedding, accent pillows that bring in a bit of pattern
Reclaimed wood and custom wallpaper bring ample pattern to this spacious rustic bedroom [From: Bear Mountain Builders]
Accent chair and bedding along with framed wall art make the biggest impact in this rustic bedroom [From: Conrad Brothers Construction]
Bespoke art work makes the biggest impact in this small rustic bedroom with lovely views

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